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New Font does not allow the use of Spanish words (EspaÑol)

With the new change in typography, Spanish-speaking players and others cannot communicate properly in the game, as the letter Ñ and accents are not included.
I hope you can correct this error and keep in mind that there are not only English-speaking players in the game


Con el nuevo cambio en la tipografía, los jugadores de habla hispana y otros, no pueden comunicarse correctamente en el juego, ya que la letra Ñ y acentos, no están incluidos.
Espero puedan corregir este error y tener en cuenta que no solo hay jugadores angloparlantes en el juego


We are suffering from this since ages with hungarian letters but with this patch we also lost the other half of our unique letters that actually worked before… xD so it still got worse for us too…

I wish this time they would care as it affects more ppl now…