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Screen error / bug

I’m just started play tree of savior and when the game finish patching this happen

Any suggestion?

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Hey, I have the same issue did you manage to find a fix?

Can someone help me on this one

I have no idea how this all started. I thought it was just a plain bug that can be dealt with restarting the game but it did not fix it. Hard to play because it’s like my character is walking on a thin ice and every thing unnecessary is still seen on my screen.

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i also have this bug on my PC
anyone know how to fix it?
as far as i know
it will be worse if i activate the auto rather than low performance
here are the SC of both screen with auto and low performance

my PC spec are

Hey bro, please go to your AMD Radeon Software and set all the settings as “use application settings” rather than “override application settings”.

Apparently it’s a common issue with us AMD users. Hope it helps!

yep, already tried it, and i can confirm that its worked
and i spend my time to re-download everything…

Other than that I suggest that you update your driver manager. I did the redownloading for like 5 times this week trying to fix the game. Hope everything goes well with you mate, cheers!