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There is a strange behavior with mini-pictures over head (see screenshots).
Appears sometimes (keeps permanent size per level).
Resolution 2560х1440.

There is the large distanse between person and description on the start screen. (see screenshot)
Resolution 2560x1440.

Hi everybody, i am not able to create new topic so i will post my bug here.

Date :
Nov 9th 2015

Locations :
1- Owl Burial => Boss : Corrupted
2- Poslinkis Forest => Boss : Green Woodspirit

Bug description :
The bug begins when i decide to engage particular bosses which have a precised spell throwing bullets everywhere like in shoot’em up games, when this scene begins and in my case, the fps decrease horribly from 70 to 15 and sometimes lower , so to this point so far it’s not very handicapping , but when i arrived on the bosses named " Corrupted " in Owl Burial and " Green Woodspirit " in Poslinkis Forest, and when that scene began, i had a game crash with a box message ( in the screenshot ).
Well , i tried few things to fix this bug like running with minimum graphic settings , so it was a success with the first boss , but in the second battle ( with the old green woodspirit ) , i was able to pass throw 3 sequences of the spell i mentioned, while the forth one brought the crash.
I feel like the spell in question saturated totally my memory.

Screenshots :

My configuration :
Mobile pc : Dell Inspiron 3542.
CPU : i5-4210U , 1.70 Ghz , 3 Mb L3 cache.
Ram : 8 Gb.
Graphics : - Intel HD graphics 4400.
- Nvidia 820m 2 Gb ( main GPU used when i run games ).
OS : Windows 10 pro.

Hope you fix that bug because i am giving up now with those two until you fix it.

Update ( 1 h after the last crash ) : next logging in after the last crash, i saw that the quest was validated but well, i did not killed the boss yet :slight_smile: