Update regarding the next CBT


Hello guys!

It’s already been two months since we've had our 1st CBT (wow time flies! :open_mouth:) and I'm excited to finally share with you some updates we have for our 2nd CBT.
(please note that the following may be subject to change depending on the progress of development)

Our plan at the moment is to launch the 2nd CBT for Tree of Savior in October.
The test will run longer this time, for approximately one month, and previous testers who have joined us in the 1st CBT will be able to join us again, along with 5,000 new testers.

Further details regarding test schedules and tester selection will be announced as we finalize so please hang on for official announcements in the future and until then, thank you for your patience and ongoing support for Tree of Savior.

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Thanks for the update :yum: Glad to have an estimate on when the next iCBT is even if it's subject to change. Now to play the waiting game and hope I have time to play as much as I did in the previous iCBT :sweat_smile:


wooo, hype again bois


I would like this post if I could.


TAKE MY HEART IMC!!!!!!!! :green_heart: :yellow_heart: :blue_heart: :purple_heart: :heart: :two_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :heartbeat: :heartpulse: :sparkling_heart: :cupid: :gift_heart:


Here we go again yaaaaaaaaaaaa


ALL ABOARD!!! :raised_hands:


yo GMs !

i wanna be in on it, please :smiley:

im kinda bored of dota2 at the moment and im into mmorpgs again

perfect timing announcing a beta for this month ! so please giff me beta key ty


my only fear is the withdrawal symptoms after this 2nd iCBT ends


I have a solution to this. Don't make it end. Lol. How I wish.


here we go again boiz hype train comin


WoW ! Playing some dota , alt + tab and i see this, hype is so real.


same hahahaha

read the new bleach then checked this forum, saw this.. made my night


Hoooo Yeahhhhhhh >.<


All aboard the hype train, choo choo!


Thank you so much for the update. Hope this time I will be chosen for this cbt 2 test. Want to try out all the classes. I'm so hyped !! Can't wait to play !!!!


Wow that is good news!!!! cant wait to game on!!




Please let me in this time :confounded: