Tree of Savior Forum

Temporary Server Maintenance: Finished (04/01/2016)

Greetings, Saviors.

We will be performing a temporary server maintenance shortly from 04:00 EDT to 06:00 EDT.
The game service will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours.

Maintenance Notes :

  • Expand the capacity of our initial servers Klaipeda and Orsha
  • Stabilize servers overall
  • Bug fixes:
  1. Job advancement UI should now display correctly
  2. Shout messages will be limited to 150 characters max
  3. “Unfinished Commission” quest will be fixed

Compensation Reward :

  • EXP Tome (x2)
  • Extend ongoing Token bonus time by 6 hours

We plan on resolving the lag issues experienced by many players by optimizing Klaipeda and Orsha servers.

This post will be updated accordingly once the maintenance is over. Please note that compensation rewards must be claimed within the day, or they will expire.

Thank you for your cooperation.

IMC Staff