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Welcome to TOS. Where we do not give a fuck. We will leave you clueless on what is going on with the server

■■■■ you TOS for not even telling us that you are aware of what is happening right now. “Correct me if I’m wrong, I might just wasn’t able to find one”

I understand the problems, what pisses me off is they wont even post on forums/news.

At list post that you are aware of the issue and you are solving it already.


Is this for real? where is the post?

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Look m8 it’s quite clear , they got “GO” message from the publisher and management.
It’s probably not the devs fault…
They do not work on weekends , because whoever is publishing this game, no longer wants to invest in this game and wants to start making moneyyyyyzzz.

I mean who healthy in mind would release such bug infested game in a month of time? Ppl who programmed this are smart ppl, probably worried about the game and sorry that management didn’t let them have more time.
Only a person which doesn’t understand the state of the game and has complete unquestionable power over it , would release it so soon.

Probably some greedy manager who thinks, that now is the time to grab and milk the hype train.

As is the decision of EarlyFounders access, greedy cashgrab.
Let me remind you that there was a free open beta before…
To charge for the game now is like spitting fans in face.

They have made several announcements explaining that they are aware of the problems:

On Friday they also did an emergency maintenance (which honestly does seem to help, Orsha seems to be running fairly smooth since then :slight_smile: :

They also have a scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, which I expect will result in even more fixes.


till there ppl who got their chars stuck wont play?

Are you talking about this thread: Cannot log into specific character on ToS

…where Staff_John is working incredibly hard to fix everyone’s problems?

It is the weekend and they probably have limited staff working right now. You can not expect a maintenance on the weekend to fix those problems because if something goes wrong it could make things even worse.

Right now, they are doing the best they can. I expect that they will begin working on a fix first thing Monday morning.


didnt know about it, thanks for sharing =)

I completely disagree with statement. It’s the first weekend after ‘launch’, it is absolutely reasonable to expect them to have all hands on deck for fixing problems, because this is the time that the load will be the largest, and the time that any load-related issues will make themselves known.

While there’s always issues in the first 24hours, a huge portion of players have lives and jobs and don’t spend 24/7 playing - the real high populations for any game will be starting the friday afternoon/evening of the first weekend. They should know, and expect, and they even SAID they were going to be prepared, and they weren’t.

And while I saw that Staff_John was helping out, he only did so for an hour or two, in a limited capacity, before leaving. Meanwhile, I’ve been stuck for 4 hours, and was stuck last night for several hours as well.


He likely has other responsibilities.

  1. Server name: Klaipeda
  2. Team name: Remonchicken
  3. Character name: The
  4. Your starting city: Klaipeda

Then they should have hired someone to take care of these kinds of situations, end of story. They don’t even have any kind of GMs or real support, or this wouldnt be an issue for so many people - as evidenced by the fact John was able to at least TP people to town so they could go somewhere else to grind or socialize or w/e. They should have someone trying to figure out why the maps failed, or just reboot things. They should have people to communicate with the community instead of dead silence. Etc etc.

Instead, they chose to skimp on servers, and on staff, and now the steam page is filled mostly with negative reviews that will turn most players away.


Most companies “reuse” their own stuff for minor chores such as this. There is no real GM aka bot-catchers as they are mostly the ones in charge on the game itself so they have other crap to handle other than acting like a “customer services counter”.

But seriously, they plan to explore the NA market through Steam yet screw it up… bad move I say.

Any developer that can’t be bothered to work on the weekend of their game’s launch isn’t worth giving money to.

Its been going bad again yesterday. Hopefully that was a one time weekend thingy.