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SEA Players VS LA/SA Players - IMC Treatment

Can you explain to me why you prefer iTos to brTos?

There is no brTOS. IMC announced a partnership with a well-known game company in Brazil. On the announcement they said the company( Level Up Games or just LUG) would handle game translation, portuguese customer support and TP sales as an intermediary. And IMC would still run the server, have the GM’s and direct business in what concerned the server administration. But the lack of Brazillian or LA server so far got everyone worried that they would just hand over the game to LUG administrate. Every single BR had it with LUG server administration, they just can’t handle it. The games were a mess with corrupt GM’s, heavy lags and servers down. Moreover, LA, in general, speak spanish. Brazil is the only portuguese speaking country. So LUG handling both publics would be an epic disaster. So yeah I just would like a Miami server to LA and Brazil. We can share the same international space if IMC runs it.

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Well… we are ■■■■■■, imc cant even respond us. We are just ghost. :frowning:

There is no brTOS.

Then what would you prefer to call it? LUG is running a separate game from itos, even when IMC already state being responsible for LUG tos game server.

So what exactly do you want? A server located in your region run/handle by IMC(but game is LUGtos. brtos or whatever you want to call it) ?

Or do you mean you all DO NOT WANT TO PLAY under LUG? And is requesting IMC to let you play itos with a server in LA?

In case my question isn’t clear enough, here it is.
Do you want a LA server handle by IMC, or do you want a iTos LA server?

There isn’t a Brazillian TOS server, LUG isn’t running anything. It was announced a partnership between LUG and IMC. So far there are Klaipeda, Orsha,Fedimian, Telsiai and the korean servers. There is no server dedicated to LA region, may it be for all LA or just for BR.

I rather have a server located in LA but IMC already said there were problems with regional server companies and stuff. So yeah, I want a Miami server for LA and BR. Considering most internet sea cables pass throught it, it would be the best place to have a LA server.

I couldn’t care less for LUG, if i have to pay more in $ for TP i will. And will not support a bad partnership, even if it’s only comercial and support oriented.

Yes, like me many BR TOS players do not want LUG to run this server. And as a former player of many games at LUG I ensure you all LA wouldn’t want the company running a server for them as well.

Considering the announcement made by IMC a LA server handled by IMC would be the same as a iTOS LA server. Since, according to them, they would deal with everything server related. But the lack of a LA server so far, just point out to a the possibility of a TOS server run by LUG.

Otherwise, what reason would they have to make a SEA and EU server and not a LA one? ((Considering I already discarded the money contribution with simple math in an older post))


Otherwise, what reason would they have to make a SEA and EU server and not a LA one?

Didn’t you answer yourself already?

I couldn’t care less for LUG, if i have to pay more in $ for TP i will. And will not support a bad partnership, even if it’s only comercial and support oriented.

As for this

Considering the announcement made by IMC a LA server handled by IMC would be the same as a iTOS LA server. Since, according to them, they would deal with everything server related.

LUG will be the publisher, and the tos LUG published will NOT be itos. The sever will be somewhere in the region, and IMC said they be handling the server. But the important thing is it will not be itos.

If you are asking for a server in your region(and also run by IMC), you will have it soon once LUG release their game.

If you are asking for itos to offer a server in the region, well you answered yourself in the above already. Stealing majority of the costumers from your partner doesn’t speak well of a partnership doesn’t it?

Hey everyone,

First of all, we apologize for the delay in addressing this issue.

We’ve been discussing this and we thought we should let you know some of our reasoning behind our service in South America.

To start, by opening a new server in SA, we would face the problem of having to support two entirely different platforms in the same country (Steam’s and Level Up’s), which is something we would like to avoid.

Some players have also hoped or suggested that we allow server transfers from Steam to Level Up but, as it turns out, this would be a rather complicated and risky procedure, one of which we have no prior experience.

We would also like to note that, as a big part of our South American audience is Brazilian, we opted to open the SA server in Brazil. With the support of Level Up, our hope is that this will have the added advantage of providing a more convenient platform for users with localized billing and support, things which IMC cannot offer.

Meanwhile, what we can and will be responsible for are things like server updates, patches, balance adjustments, pricing, account restrictions, service infrastructure maintenance, etc.: the most basic aspects of the game itself, which we can guarantee will not be treated with any less attention than our Steam version.

Now, we hope you can understand why we have faith that our Level Up server will not be in a disadvantageous position in comparison with other servers, and why this is discouraging us from opening another server in South America.

We know this may not be the response many of you hoped for, but we wanted to communicate our thoughts on this and share the reasons behind our plan of action with you. We are still aware of your opinions and we do value the feedback we receive from you.

IMC Games


Hi, I’m from chile (Latin America) and started playing on the server in Europe due to traffic opening and now I see the server europe was moved and do not allow any kind of transfer to kalpedia and Orsha, we do not know if there will be transfer when you open the server in brazil.

Will we have to be playing with high pings for now?
Do any transfer will be done later?



I do not understand much about it , but qua would be the difference between transfer accounts from the existing servers (and migrate them to EU or SEA) and migrate the same accounts to a LevelUp Server?

Do it before F2P becouse if all peaple from LAS start to play in orsha when F2P hits, later when the server will realese, all will start over again i think a lot will left the game or will stay in orsha.

So if you will do it, do it now before F2P. And the game not necesarily needs to be in PR lenguaje. Start it with english and later give the option to player to chance the lengauje, but realese the server before f2p.

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Why not blocked the game for SA players since the start then? We spend money and time on the Steam servers and you guys really think that we will just delete the game from steam and start again on LUG server for better ping?

You guys knew that the SA community was big since iCBT², IMC even opened an server only for us, why not questioned the SA community what would be better?

And for all LA players outside Brazil, an Level Up Staff member already said that the BR server will be BR ONLY.


Hi, argentinian here. Just so you know: Brazil != SA.

Most of the players from the other countries will play the steam version. LevelUp is known only in brazil, most likely due to their games being localized in portuguese (when not one single other country in the region speaks that language, all of the rest either speak spanish or english).

Payment options aren’t an excuse either. LevelUp will most likely offer local options for brazilians only. Steam, on the other hand, offers local options for multiple countries, like Chile and Colombia for example, while also including Brazil. And for those without specific ones (like Argentina), we at least are guaranteed to be able to pay via PayPal, or buy a gift card which is already available on our country.

If you could afford including a SEA server, when there are way less players than in SA (even when you don’t include BRs I mean), then a SA server shouldn’t be that big of an issue, and there are methods you could use to motivate brazilian players to use their local server. But please, don’t drag the entire spanish-speaking community with them.

EDIT: While I maintain this opinion, I must cross out the “less SEA than SA” as you never split Brazil and Latin America in your sales charts, so I cannot really hold to that specific part. Still, the non-BR latin american community is big, and it most likely is big enough for a server. If you could provide us with a split percentage, it would most likely prove this.


I’ll try to find a source for this, but this looks like another proof of the complete ignorance on non-brazilian SA players…


You can translate the last question, or just wait to IMC confirm this info.

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Hi Ines, we really appreciate a response, but again, many things are left in the air…

for an example, you call it brazilian server in one place, south american server in the other. Will other south americans be able to play it?

But LUG will have to translate everything, which they are pretty slow at. So, we will always get updates weeks later than iToS, or will you hold from other regions to launch both english and portuguese versions altogether?

Steam is doing exactly that for you, better and with more options than LUG does. :confused:

Fine, I understand. But unless you have something under your hands - aka letting the server be hosted by LUG itself instead of AWS - the procedure is exactly the same.
Edit: actually there’s a small difference related to the login associated to the account

This is great for obvious reasons, I just thought you would do it through AWS, as blizzard did for their latin servers. :slight_smile:

Another thing is that people are spreading in the forums IMC will manage the game, but LUG says THEY will have GM’s ingame. They have a history of corrupted GM’s which people are afraid of.

I will leave a final note here. As an “old gamer”, I really appreciate the work that has been done so far to make the game better. Be it with changes to founder’s, new server for other regions, game content improvements, etc. Even seeing hkkim around is something that makes me happy and shows some care from IMC. This all is highly appreciated and it’s unfortunate that you have to come here to talk about problems and more problems.
All people want are some answers, because we are in the dark for a long time. You certainly remember, for an example, how europeans spammed topics every single day asking for an answer on their server, don’t you? Communities are impatient :stuck_out_tongue:

After that, I want to say that we may like or not some things, yet most of them can be understood. What really bothers, at least me, is not being able to transfer our progress. If you can, would you discuss this possibility, or at least evaluate it to give us an answer later?

Thank you!


So don’t open a Level Up server here. Its a consensus that we all hate LUG, specially considering what has become of previous games such as RO. Its a lot better to use the international forum to give feedback directly to you, to receive game updates at the same time as the rest of the World, and to be able to play with other Latin countries without restriction to Brazil. Really, ask anyone here if we would prefer Steam LA Server vs LUG and 100/100 would say Steam.

You could also open it in any other country besides Brazil. There’s Chile, Argentina, Peru, etc.

I understand your point of view, but it makes no sense to not be able to transfer accounts, from the player perspective. The bigger guilds are already playing, and as soon as F2P starts a huge chunk of the entire brazilian playerbase will start playing iTOS.

It would make sense if LUGs server were to open simultaneously, or even close to the international version, but seeing how they are yet to announce anything, and the “need” (which could be left for the community, as was before) for a portuguese translation means its gonna take awhile. Without server transfers no player who invested a big amount of time will transfer, and that applies to every big guild and players who support the game and bought founder’s pack like myself and many others. I already have 200 hours, which I don’t intend to waste if there will be no transfer feature. I also have 10 other friends playing with me, so without a transfer we won’t be leaving anytime soon, and every player we invite, we will invite to play iTOS with us, and not LUGs.

Its not really a South American server. Its a Brazilian server, since LUG does not support other countries outside of Brazil. Steam offers billing options to us just fine, the same as every other country, and the same applies to support. I don’t see any French/German written post by staff, so I see no need for a portuguese one either. So Europe doesn’t needs a babysitter translating every possible language to english but somehow we do?

But it must certainly will be. For one, its late. And its always gonna be late, cause it will need to translate new texts to portuguese before patching, so its always gonna be behind iTOS.

The reason why theres not gonna be a Latin Server, is because you don’t want it to compete with LUGs, because quite frankly NO ONE would play LUGs versions if there were Steam SA Server, and you probably have some arrangement with them that forbids competition.

1/3 of your population isn’t satisfied with your response.


@STAFF_Ethan @STAFF_Ines @Staff_Julie

the is right in everything he says, should consider more options and be more open minded about this. + 1

one more thing

Brazil is South America ??? comeeee on guys.

i really hope IMC reconsider this. Brasil isn’t LatinAmerica… is a country in southamerica and they are the only country portuguese speaker, THE REST OF THE SOUTH AMERICA AND CENTRAL AMERICA COUNTRIES(FIGURE HOW MANY COUNTRIES ARE) SPEAK ONLY SPANISH!!!.. and lvlup server??? How many people know that server in LatinAmerica? Nothing!! Only brasilians. Is a very very bad decition to do the ToS LA in that server… More specific, i dont think is a LA server at all, i think is a Brasilian server :S. With all my respects to the brasilian communty but i dont think is this the right call.

And now iToS got VAC, something that brToS will never have, and since it’s the only anti hack so far… let’s say that this doesn’t really look like:[quote=“STAFF_Ines, post:441, topic:162360”]
our Level Up server will not be in a disadvantageous position in comparison with other servers

So… correct if i’m wrong


  pros: VAC
        payment methods including Steam wallet
        up to date server
        Steam overlay*
        Steam community
        Steam controller support*
        worldwide community

  cons: 100~200ms ping
        english client**



 pros: 5~50ms ping
       portuguese client and dub***
       payment methods***
       portuguese support****

 cons: no Anti cheat
       smaller community
       no Steam wallet :(

*games with launchers usually can’t be added as a non-steam game shortcut
**not really a problem imo
***like japanese audio and korean language, I think anyone could just change their language to portuguese
****still waiting for an answer from a support ticket sent to LUG, fifteen years ago

oh, I think I already mentioned it, but i don’t see a problem doing it again


Also, steam already offer a really great deal for brazilians, without steam wallet support I don’t really see any LUG payment options being better than Steam


edit: removed regional prices, what a choice we got now huh…


And the rest of latin america suffer with this position…