Tree of Savior

Only 90’s kids remember


And then somebody finally got the balls to kill him.




Guild Wars and PKing on grind spots
World Boss manipulations
Long ass demon lord hunts
Peltasta manual C block + jump mechanic
First few days of Rank 8 release
Log in queues


As an almost 2 years ago returning player, I still have a living legacy here

Willing to reset him, tho :stuck_out_tongue:


hush @Nekorin Owo;; don’t reveal our age owO;;;;


Too late I’ve already posted in the age group thread. I’m 10 years and under. :3


ees eksakli wot i mean OAo since i putte de saem replai as urs OAo;;


Kirito and Jace drama
Forum thread drama between guilds in the early days


May i ask wich costume is this ? looks pretty good, i think i’ve seen it before but i can’t remember…


Channel crash fest to reroll practo cube. STAFF John with his sentence “Stop embarassing yourself” as well.

Leticia gacha on kTOS and IMC said they had no plan for it on iTOS: Leticia's Secret Cube


How can you guys forgot this!


iCBT2 was so fun


i think it is around purple 315 practo released


thanks @Pokart you reminded me of iCoins and how easy they were to get :smile:

  • When Primeminister, aka gaman, aka the god of telsiai @ToiletMaster collaborated with several guilds and GM to host a community event.

Basically back when people literally had to make events to make the game fun.


ah thanks !



If you don’t remember people building SPR to Oblique Shot spam, don’t talk to me.


I remember the spam but not the spr :expressionless:


100/100 in ch1 hunting Cerberus. 40+ ppl in Dullahan every 2hrs.