Tree of Savior

Only 90’s kids remember


For me

  • A moment of :tired: when full con Pel3 Squire3 doing Murm quest
  • Take 1 dmg or busted during R8 era
  • Blue Spion Archer says hi
  • Loftlems freeze me to death
  • Field boss Abomination for Rogue quest

  • When you can actually buy costumes instead of gacha.


That was fascinating


Farming Lyoni horns, swords thingy (forgot their names), and such other mats for 2 practo weapons with ff farmer because back then in telsiai they were worth 1m+ each


Abdochar? End up enhancing a +11 with 0 pot. There goes the 2 months of farming, lol.




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This sounds like the present. Nothing changed :joy:


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The annoying black hole of alemeth that you never could avoid. The other gimmick was fun though.


No love for Dungeon 160

Siauliai only mission 24/7


When enhancement didn’t mean anything, no bullcrap huge difference between +5 and +21.
Everyone was truly happy when they got their new weapons.
Those were good old days.


GM Julie

She tried really hard.


I guess nobody knows about this one, but MAngband started in 1998. We celebrate the 20th anniversary of this game this year with a new website and new features. It is not exactly a MMO nor a MUD, but an “online roguelike game”: a real-time multiplayer online game featuring ASCII graphics! You should check out the game if you want to see what it was like playing online in the 90s.

  • When each dungeons was on a different map.
  • When Sage wall was considered a very rare item. :tired_face: (now its just collecting dust in my storage)
  • Having a hard time completing quest on Demon Prison Getting pissed at all the bots. :crazy_face: (also RIP Hauberk) :sob:


Remember when Mithril was rare…

good times xD

  • the time you could see people around with Lolopanther items
  • the time you could see people around with Golden Goro pet
  • the time you killed a quest boss that actually dropped something useful for your level
  • the War Mage set for your level 170 Wizard
  • Diamond Anvils
  • having to compete against 5 or 6 other players to kill that Vubbe with the “?” symbol above his head to complete a quest
  • Dullahan
  • Lake Mission in Saalus
  • Siauliai missions
  • Guilds declaring war to each other

  • scout c3 split arrow dun145 farming

  • magburk-dullahan saalus mission

  • full crit retreat shot SR, just find a wall, and gg ez

  • aus-mels

  • alchemist c3 job change pre-r8 rework

  • dying to Gesti on one of the revelation MQs

  • dungeon queueing on maps instead of Klaipeda, and waiting for forever while your character is just standing there

  • same as above but they improved it so that you can grind in the map where the dungeon is located coz you can move around now

  • plagiarized art drama


Lv50 dungeon. Shadowgaler’s aoe wiping newbie parties. Arde dagger costs 1m or more. Fedimian was the Klaipedia of today.


Monster’s Golden Bell Shield is better than Monk’s Golden Bell Shield.

Oh wait it still is :tired: