Tree of Savior

Only 90’s kids remember

  • Scout army farming dun 145
  • Dina bee infested of afk necro
  • Evacuation and Maven
  • Avidity, flanflan, huekynyau, imc is greedy

What else do you remember?


-idreamy guide to scout3
-nikola turn to darkside buying every token in market
-jstch32 1st practonium guide and salty rivalry with barechest boy (forgot the name) who always exaggerating the number
-falconer c3 dark soul ordeal
-manamana, virtov set, arde, karacha


Oh yea, when the gear was unique. I hate how the gear system works now.

  • Having the perfect quest route to level to rank 7 in like a week because grinding before Alemeth sucked and tomes didn’t exist
  • World GVG before neutrality ruined it
  • Having it take more than a couple hours to get to a high level so people actually cared about their characters and had to learn how to play them
  • Workers Lodge warlock leeching
  • Content actually being hard in early rank 8
  • The DPK revelation/drama

I will say though, the most interesting thing about Tree nearly 3 years later, is that there are still so many things which are available to learn and secrets that have never been found out or are only just getting discovered now.


That was a good one. If i remember correctly all the thing was discover due to some hat that infrocktors drop.


Getting stuck because you didnt save exp cards


Having to manually install add-ons.


The endless dex vs str discussion. At least we will never discuss things like that anymore.


LFM > Alemeth/Storage Grind Party, need healer (NO MONK)


I wish there had never been such equipment with stats “99 int - 85 dex - 84 str etc …” This leaves the game very appealing. But this is the subject of a topic that I intend to create in the future.


@Fenatte Does that actually happen? I’ve heard of people getting stuck around level 130-180 ish back in 2016. Does demon prison not exist back then?


  • flat skill damage
  • blessing with hit count
  • when C1 rank7 is end game (seem godly to me back then)


The exp drought was after demon prison due to the lack of quests and very narrow level range for getting optimal exp.


Hype for this game by watching trailers. Hype for this game while playing it for the first time.



That feel when finally got a key


I remember that playing priest before it got Spr scaling was not fun…emoticon_0009


It was actually impossible to “run out of cards.” You could run the 170 dungeon and there were still quests all the way up until like level 220.


I think that is probably after Q4 of 2016. I remember reading a guide called “grindless road to rank 8”.

Again, I wouldn’t know. Back in 2016 I don’t have any characters that reached rank6.


You actually had to grind to the end of rank 7 in the beginning, there were literally no quests after 220 until rank 8 was added. The quests in Grynas and Kalejimas were added much later. (edit for clarity)


Using reversi to get ez rank 1 and let the rank system bugged.

Only 2 parties can get cubes.


surprised nobody has mentioned commander load fail