[Mechanic] Fireball + Joint Penalty


Hi guys, today I’ve tested one of the most interesting mechanic namely “Fireball + Joint Penalty” for Pyro-Link builds.

As many people have already figured out that using this combo, the damage is unusually high which might be due to the new JP mechanic. In this context, I would like to carry out some tests to quantify how many hits does this combo produce.

So the simplest case is hitting 1 FB to a target = 1 hit/tick as expected

Interestingly, if we link the FB with the target it produces 2 hits/tick (1 from hitting the target + 1 from the FB hitting itself and share the dmg via link)

Now, let’s have a look when we have 2 fireballs:
For 2 FB with no link => 2 hits/tick (= 1 + 1)

For 2 FB with 1 linked to the target (by making 1 FB then link the FB with the target then make another FB) now it becomes 4 hits/tick (= 3 + 1)

For 2 FB with all linked to the target = 6 hits/tick (= 3 + 3)

For more details on the 3 and 4 FB, click these:

**3 fireballs**

For 3 FB with no link = 3 hits/tick (= 1 + 1 + 1)

For 3 FB with 1 linked to the target = 6 hits/tick (= 4 + 1 + 1)

For 3 FB with 2 linked to the target = 9 hits/tick (= 4 + 4 + 1)

For 3 FB with 3 linked to the target = 12 hits/tick (= 4 + 4 + 4)

**4 fireballs**

For 4 FB with no link = 4 hits/tick (= 1 + 1 + 1 + 1)

For 4 FB with 1 linked to the target = 8 hits/tick (= 5 + 1 + 1 + 1)

For 4 FB with 2 linked to the target = 12 hits/tick (= 5 + 5 + 1 + 1)

For 4 FB with 3 linked to the target = 16 hits/tick (= 5 + 5 + 5 + 1)

Finally, for 4 FB with all 4 linked to the target = 20 hits/tick (= 5 + 5 + 5 + 5)

That means with linker c2, JP lv 10 (100 hits) will break with only 5 ticks of FB, producing 100x the damage (if FB is dealing 10k per tick, this combo will do 1M damage)

Let’s theory craft => for pyro3 linker3; the max damage of combo “4 x FB lv15 + JP lv 16” would be 20x8 + 4x7 = 188 hits which translate to 1128 times of MAtk with Agni and max fireball attribute (assume MAtk = 3000 and MDef = 0 will translate to 3.4M damage).

Anyway, 1 key message to all Pyro-Link fellow: “don’t just put naked FB to the boss!” by linking them, you will do 2x to 5x the damage of your FB.

For old guides that I created about pyro-linker (might be outdated); see
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Pyro2, Linker2, Thauma2 or Pyro3 Linker3?
Up to date best solo PVE build suggestion for wiz-pyro
KTEST] New Fireball

today i found an awesome mechanic between pyro 3 and linker
it almost like icewall+PP
what you do, is you cast fire balls, you link the fireballs to the target and use hell breath
hell breath damage gets multiplied by the number of fire balls linked, up to 5x damage if you link 4 fireballs.
pretty awesome tbh that synergy maxes insane damage
the more links and fire balls you have the better
might be a great synergy of pyro 3 link 3 and sage, multiply the balls and have more links.
this hell breath combo is great for both aoe and bossing, for aoe you’ll have to have a high lvl JP, lvl 10 minimum probably but for bossing even link c1 works with this combo

Which of the following pyro build it's the best IYHO?

Wow, thank you so much for this. I just started a Pyro going Pyro3 > Linker2 > WL1 > Sage1 because I want an actual magic DPS that isn’t cleric or elememe.

Would going Linker3 instead of Linker2 > Warlock1 be better in this case?


if you aren’t planning to go warlock c2, seems better to go linker 3 tbh


This carried my Pyro1Linker2Chrono3 all the way to Enchanter.

On a boss fight or againts several monsters, just do the following:

STOP > Fireball x 2 > Pass > Fireball x2 > (stop finishes) > Link and HK

It’s so awesome, and could carry, the usually Full Support Chrono3 with no equipment at all!


I agree. Linker 3 would be more desirable in many cases. However, pick warlock or necro if you worry about fire resist monster.


personally im doing a pyro 3 link 2 warlock 2 :slight_smile: but for a sage synergy build linker 3 is kinda better


I heard sage’s duplicated skills are almost aways at level one, does it apply to fireball too?


there’s a good chance that it applies to fireballs too
thats why im going warlock


Hey, just found this “My fireball tick deals 900 dmg and my duplicated fireball tick deals 900 damage, also they remain the same time, so at this point I don’t know if it’s the skill which is bugged or actually is replicating the same level 15 fireball.” here >> [Official] Sage thread


Duplicated fireball done by yourself will be at the level your fireball is originally at. I cannot confirm if someone else duplicates your fireball, it will be at lv1 or not. I am too lazy to test this out


Thanks, I was planning to duplicate my own fireballs anyway xD

Can I duplicate any other pyromancer skills? Micro Dimension has 3 charges right? Then I can duplicate like 2>4>8>16??


Pyro is a very party unfriendly class. Personally speaking from experience(I’m a pyro3 link3 sage), any melee dps class in a party is like a hindrance to my dps output. Just having a cleric hitting z is enough for my fireballs to be tossed around like pinballs, doing almost 0 dps, and the worst is yet to come. At rank8, if u do get into a party with a taoist you are practically useless as all your fire spells get removed by storm calling every 24secs?, save for a 1min 35secs fire pillar. At lower ranks, ele3 rain spell does the same thing. If I were you, I would pick an alternate dps class to complement pyro.


Only can duplicate fireballs in pyro’s arsenal. You can only duplicate a maximum of 2 from the original casted fireballs per micro cast. So even if u cast 4 fireballs bunched up together and used micro once, you will only duplicate 2 max. You cannot duplicate a duplicated fireball.


Thanks, you gave me very good info.


Tell me about it. I ran the 50dg without my friends earlier, and they kept kicking my fireball everywhere. xD Even against the boss it took time to set up fireball+links together.

I understand that Pyro is not a party friendly class–I’m mostly building her for soloing stuff, especially when the Agni necklace comes around. I thought getting Linker would be nice because Pyro has good synergy with links, and Linker2/3 will always help grinding parties. I’m not sure what else I can pick up. Chronomancer?

I’m more of a Cleric player myself, but Pyro3Linker2/3Sage reminds me of my old Scholar from RO back then, with double fire bolt and Imp cards haha.


To add on, 4 fireballs linked together with a monster, even with joint penalty lv15, it will eat the 150 hit count and break the jp link before your 4 fireballs could exhaust themselves. So in an ideal setting, link3 is more of a must if you plan to use pyro3’s lv15 fireballs to it’s fullest. But with these insane limitations in place on pyro, having warlock instead of link3 would make your char a more versatile dpser.

Pyro is the only class that I see so far that is being hammered by opposing allied spells and other mechanics like knocking fireballs, it’s really ridiculous. I cannot even understand why imc decided to introduce agni necklace but decided to leave these frustrating, anti-party mechanics lying around. To be honest, pyro wasn’t even weak to begin with. I totally wouldn’t mind if imc do not implement agni at all but remove the fireball knocking and the nullification of pyro’s ground spells. If this nonsense is to stay then, going with imc’s logic, they should let fire spells melt away cryomancer’s ice spells -_-

Up to date best solo PVE build suggestion for wiz-pyro

Just play what you want to play haha. I’m just sharing how I feel at higher ranks… Whenever I do saalus or 290, and a taoist comes along, I’m mostly just pressing z and casting lethargy, talk about sad lol

For ele3’s case, you can kindly tell the person not to cast rain, I always did that in mission runs. Most eles did not know this mechanic and wouldn’t mind to comply. But you can’t tell a taoist not to use storm calling can you? Since it’s part of what makes taoist do insane dps…


Talking about warlock on it, someone know if warlock pole of agony can be duplicated by sage skill? And the invocation?


Very cool! Thank you for taking the time to make this!