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Known Issues - June 1st

Well i’m saying about that. Thy must not receive dmg. But they are.

Swordsmen need their buffs.

I don’t think STAFF_John meant this topic to be another “swordis are useless”-topic (we have enough of them already and discuss it there), more of a “if you find any other bugs, let us know”.

I’m not sure, but maybe it’s with all monsters that can not be pushed around/can not be knocked back?

Yeah they really need to fix this!!

Last time i checked, this skill definately not working properly

Subzero Shield skill is bugged, freeze his caster when he is poisoned for each venom damage. In Korean Tos this issue was fixed a moth ago. Please fix this.

This is the korean patch report:
Subzero Shield

◦28/04/2016 kTOS
Fixed a bug where the probability of freezing didn’t fit in the tooltip window.
Fixed a bug where [Subzero Shield] was unintentionally freezing the caster when under the effects of [Venom] Item.

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Pardoners selling “Level 16/17” buffs when they are actually lv 15?

About chronomancer’s reincarnate: I posted that before, but the problem i pointed is that the LOOT (Boss Cube) is dropping again after the boss Ressurect. I witnessed that some days ago again, it’s still happening.

Yes that is one of the reasons why people play chronomancer, and no it’s not broken nor a problem. Bosses resist very often and it’s not that easy to time correctly the skill, If you want to have that advantage, level up a chrono.

Another topic (still chrono related) : I heard it was possible to use Backmasking to resurrect bosses and loot YET AGAIN another cube, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore, any info on this ?

This isn’t a bug/glitch perse, rather a clever usage of the system.
Divine Might gives +1 level to all of your skills for a certain time and a number of uses, Spell Shop checks your skill leves an creates an ‘‘snapshot’’ of them upon opening it, as your skills have +1 level the shop uses said levels and those are the levels it snapshots.
You can see other examples of these situation in the likes od Sadhu being able to Transmit Prana their soul as what the soul does is creating an entity with and ‘‘snapshot’’ of the stats of the bady whicht hen the body can give to the soul via Transmit Prana.
17 is achieved via having a Monster Gem of the skill being sold on top of Divine Might.

This is an intentional feature of the skill at this point, and if it wasn’t intential and just a happy happening they left it as is due to everyone loving being able to do that. Do note that the game rolls an RNG to see if Reincarnate triggers, interestingly enough.

It seems that due to issues as of right now they dissabled Backmasking working on non-player entities?
I haven’t seen a Chronomancer test Backmasking on it’s current state to say for sure, sadly, so don’t quote me on that.

Well I tried it in the Lv 200 dungeon only to see it fail :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope it’ll come back , thanks for answering anyway : )

The fediman server EU search for party has been broken for over 12 hours and nobody can que for dungeon in party search, please fix immediately

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Energy Blast, can’t walk north east while charging it using keyboard mode.

Doppelsoeldner It has two broken skills : Double Pay Earn and Deeds of Valor.
two months ago and no correction for class

Was basically ranting about that in party chat some hours ago.

[quote=“ramonn62, post:34, topic:285003, full:true”]
Doppelsoeldner It has two broken skills : Double Pay Earn and Deeds of Valor.two months ago and no correction for class[/quote]
You should also tell them what aspects of these skills you think are broken.
Just saying “it’s broken, fix it” doesn’t tell them what’s wrong or what aspect about these skills you’re talking about.

(It’s fixed now for new players, but we never received our Part 4)

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This bug caused me a huge problem needs to be repaired urgently .

Seriously, you just had a maintenance and Dungeon/Mission queues still broken??? Are you just ignoring the problem or wtf? I cannot believe this is really happening, you’re gonna lose tons of players if you keep working that way.

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Last Time in April they needed over a week to fix this Bug.
Its always the EU Server.
We pay the most and get less service.