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Known Issues - June 1st

Greetings, Saviors.

We are aware of the problems some of you are experiencing while trying to log into the game. For the following known issues, please try the solutions we suggest. This thread will be continuously updated.

  1. SKILL - Bug: Druid’s Shapeshifting
    We are fully aware of the Druid’s Shapeshifting skill being able to get the unattainable skills from the monsters. We are in the process of fixing that issue.

SKILL – Error: Gravity Pole
The reports of the skill causing the game to crash has been noted.

SKILL – Bug: Chronomancer’s Reincarnate
Despite the previous fix, we have received reports claiming that when using skill against world boss mobs, the problem persists. We are re-investigating the problem thoroughly.

Please let us know if you are experiencing other problems. When reporting issues, please be as detailed as possible. Screenshots, character/Team/server/class details, and timestamps would be greatly appreciated. That way we can have more information to work with on a more specified problem allowing it to be resolved faster.

IMC Staff


I think it’s “Gravity Pole”?

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It destroys all gravity in the vicinity causing your character to fall out of the game client




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Um, yeah… What about Astral Body Explosion? It always gives positioning errors for sadhus… It’s been reported numerous times…any comment on that?

What about a high level Out-of-Body? When walking far away from your body while using Out of Body enemies and other objects won’t be rendered anymore…so, yeah.

What about sadhus Transmit Prana? When you use it but it doesn’t buff another player u are still stuck with the full cooldown.

What’s up with enemies running away and coming back after running away? Is this intended? It’s incredibly annoying…

What about FADE? When using it it resets the players damage count on monsters… Is this intended?

I hope I can finally get an answer on this. Thx in advance


And laima still isn’t fix or even looked at.

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I would agree IF the enemies wouldn’t come back immediately to attack you afterwards.

Can we get someone to check this one please, I am 99.9% sure its an issue

If I have 2 identical cards in my grimoire, for example 10 star templeshooter

My first summon would deal say 2500 dmg, but after morph, it will deal like 1500

I think the bug is, morph is not taking into account int multiplie for my newly transformed pet

Gravity Pole only causes a crash when attacking specific monsters.

Black Drake in Sicarius 2f

Blue Kodomor in Lv145 dungeon

There are more, I’ll post when I find them.

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Well then, what about the World Bosses on Fedimian? Some of these Bosses cease to show up for days. I just wanna know if its a wanted feature or an unwanted bug.

Actual confirmed bugs. Please take these in mind.

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Other Problems?Yes.
Femidian:Mission and Dungeon PT Finder resets every 1-2min if u got a full Party.
Im now over 1h in queue on Primetime.
We got the same Bug weeks ago.
I need Mission and Dungeons to level my Support Chars(Paladin/Chronolinker)
and i have only 4h Playtime/Day.

What monster skills you are talking about? Seriously?
Better fix Chronomancer’s Stop. It not only pass the damage into stopped player, it also negates invuls that player had.
Or Falconer Hanging Shot, that makes him full immune and from magic also.

This skill " Reincarnate " is soooo hard to work… sometimes mobs resist but sometimes don’t " hit " them… and the cooldown is insane… IF fix the skil will be nice :slight_smile:

You know mobs/chars stopped ain’t supposed to receive any dmg? it says that in the description :slight_smile: The time is stopped for them in every way.

Dungeon party Queue is bugged. Timer keeps resetting unable to queue up please check. Thank you. Eu server.


I remember when the dungeon boss did this in cbt and IMC fixed it, then why they didn’t fix normal/elite mobs on field? Can you please fix this IMC?


One of the biggest issue in this game is Swordman Uselessness.

You don’t even need one for EARTH TOWER because they are ■■■■ dps and not suitable to tank all the magic damage, 2 Healers, 2 wiz, 1 archer is the best party setup.

What is so hard about testing out in developer environments using a max geared, max level, max attributes DPS classes, place a mob with High hp like a boss, and test out the differences in DPS/min, later on taking into account the fact that melee classes have to move to avoid knockdown, getting knocked down or absorb large amount of damage because of proximity, which will affect how useful they actually are.

And from the result buff the classes in a way in which damage is more even, unless clear priority such as mob weaknesses make a particular class stand over others in certain situations.

Archers/wizards arent OP. Swordman is just plain garbage of a dps (with most of its rank classes being “dps”).

That petty .3 buff to physical damage in kTos isn’t gonna do ■■■■.

Have you also noticed that their running away speed is like double that of their normal walking speed?