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Easy... Easy... Easy... That's it

I still remember those times, where Tenet Chappel could kill the player by swarming monsters, and also those times where boss fights could take tiresomelly minutes, and also had a high chance of killing the player is the player does not beware.

But those times are now gone because they freaking nerfed it!!!
Almost bosses can be killed with ease by using Level 10 multi shot skill one or two times.

What happened to the bosses? What happened to the monsters?
Please fix it, boss fight is now something like a let it go than a challenge.


At lvl 210 this game shifts completly from a single player easy to faceroll game… to a more group oriented grind play… just get there.

I does not want to wait! I want it to be challenging from where it were!
Easy games are boring.

Even at end game the biggest challenge is game bugs and finding people or an empty ch

I have to agree with this. Dragon Nest was challenging already from the start, no facerolls. While in ToS, being low level is too easy that it’s somewhat offending as a gamer.

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Yes, that’s the point.
On CBT 2 the game were harder, you could die to the Spectre boss on Crystal Mine 1f if you did not beware, and Tenet Chapel had swarming enemies that could kill the character with ease.

On the OBT, bosses can be killed in a couple of minutes with the character not being too much injured, and monsters are stupid.

And I can definitely relate to Multi-Shot facerolling :confused: I was also baffled how they made it too easy that Multi-Shot just one or 2 shots any boss at lower levels.

They might be considering full supports on the balancing but I think full supports should have a partner or group before they even think of building a no-damage character. Most other supports at least take some ranks that can help them do damage.

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I envy all of you because you were able to play at CBT.

I don’t have any base to say this, but from what i saw 'til right now… this game is really easy.

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I played this game in CBT and it was beautiful, but extremely laggy and full of bots, so i left. Now i came back when i knew the bots and lag are gone, but i found this boring … boring easiness.
But the main problem is not that it is easy … i know they had to do it for de casual players. The problem is that i can go afk for 10 minutes with every monster in the dungeon punching my character and it wont die, it has more life regen than every dungeon’s monsters damage. And its only equip is the result from quests and im not full vit, and the dungeon suggested lvl is 5 more lvls than my char.

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go play dark souls or cuphead bro


Hauberk kick my ass everyday even though i have 330 chara and full geared, dying is normal on high lvl content, just try get there first…

its not a post about lategame content, it’s a post about low lvl content

ppl dont feel any challenge at start => ppl get bored and leave BEFORE they actually experience high end content (is there such a thing in ToS anyway? LOL)

previously, game was just very easy at low lvl, now, after all the rebalances, it is so easy at beginning it’s really offending

there was a problem with some high-end locations being too punishing for certain classes, but instead of nerfing some mobs they nerfed every freaking mob in the game for some reason… which makes no sense, really.

oh well… seen this before in other ded mmos


sigh this is what happens when the devs diluted the game for casuals

Make it too challenging and we had people complaining:

Make it too diluted (2017) and:

Generic PvE has been softened to cater to the casuals
any challenge is beyond 330
Stuff like ET/ farming /World Boss should be of some challenge. Not to mention some of the guild boss hunts


This. So much this. I am a new player and I was about to post something like this.
I mean, the game is enjoyable and you can level fast, but seriously, I’m lvl 70-80 and I still didn’t find any challenge at all.

If you say that it will become harder later I believe you, but what about now? Leveling is supposed to be enjoyable as well, and it still takes a while, especially the first time.
You can literally solo everything, even the first instance dungeon, with no risk whatsoever.

I swear, I tried 3 characters and never dropped below 90% hp (except maybe lv 50 dun where i dropped to …70%? And only because I aggro’ed groups). I don’t know what happens when you die. Did all the quests, and all the bosses, never used any pots, no heals, never had to rest. No reason to look for party, no socialization. And I didn’t even grind outside quests.

There are lots of bosses… yay, they’re just as useless as normal mobs, I highly suggest to buff AT LEAST them, to have some challenge once in a while.


I see your point, but the problem with the monster rebalance is…

It’s not bad too make early game easy, because you need to learn and know the game first without having a hard time. But make it easy all the way up is not ideal.

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Yeah that is true. R8 was frustrating and people were so worried about power creeping etc. Look at where we are now…

Well , there are newbies wanting to learn the game but…

Most of them are “boosted” so heavily by the leveling events that they have no clue about the general mechanics due to the minimal exposure they have with other classes to actually learn anything. Most of the dungeons are rushed in a sense that you dont even need to run the dungeon >3 times to proceed to the next one.

Remember how pelts were so vital in dungeons run and this in a sense make ppl understand that , oh pelt is a class that taunts. Taunting draw mobs together for better kill efficiency. There were shouts for grind parties requesting various classes like chronomancer/healer to make grinding more efficient as well


Right now its every man for himself with their overpowered sacrament/blessing buffs rocketing throught the entire dungeons.

I really miss those days where players grind maps together and have met many people from my community this way. This might be the reason why my social circle in game consist mainly of older players.

As response to mine, which was the old mission level penalty: there is a difference between challenge and 1-hit-fiesta. At the beginning the game wasn’t challening at all but broken as ■■■■.The Rank 8 maps, apart from the 300k+ HP ones, were super cool. Those were challening especially the cave. That they reduced the HP of the mobs was totally fine but the rest uh… well it’s relaxing I guess if the grind wasn’t as retarded as it is.


You can argue that 1hit finestra isn’t challenging and it leans towards to artificial challeng.

You had to do a lot of kiting and synergise team work to clear the mishekan one. Sage was like up on the must haves in every rank 8 quest line up. Those maps felt like true terror and felt really like end game. I mean like people had to plan ahead before entering those regions . World bosses were avoided there because the boss could summon packs of mobs which could wipe players in seconds .

For now , the storyline is just a theme park experience for players. Nothing to learn from doing quest. I really prefer it the old way where people had to shout for grind parties /mishekan

This happens when new players dont know how hard it was when r8 just came out. Ffs try farming the 315 wep materials way back. They hit you 6k++ and one shot you, even questing the new maps need 5 man pt

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I totally agree, and though I can understand making rank 1 content this easy for new players, even by rank 2 the game becomes… Just pressing buttons. You can pretty easily handle maps 20 levels higher than you with little issue, without bought buffs.

In my opinion, since they made klai route the intended route and force you to start there now, they should at least really increase the difficulty and exp/silver/drops of Orsha route just for fun and challenge.

Even scaling down shop buffs for low ranks won’t help at the moment.