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Battle Bracelet. IMC are you even trying?

Prepare for battle bracelets to inflate again.

So how did you address your issues about battle bracelet IMC? Having a temporary event? A temporary solution? Before you say im exaggerating. This is almost essential to any physical class. Already had countless debates. Some of the solution is to put this on the level 50 cube

The new event is stupid tbh. The halloween event is the best. The scavenge is decent because of the tp and stat reset. This thanksgiving event is the worst. Thanks IMC.

Nope no miko or agni necklace.

I’ll hope the 1 hp bug in fedimian gets fixed.

Do you think the event is good?

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You’re preaching to the choir.


Small reminder

Feels a bit like DPK again… someone works for it, random passes by and gets it


Yea the whole farms will be infested by bots who steal your â– â– â– â–  pretty much.

We know.

It’s gonna suck.

People will just eat their seeds.


This event is like NTR hentai. Your girl is stolen by this kind of guys

just like your seeds


The only things that I dislike/disappoint me about this event is the fact that people are limited to plant on specific maps and that the prices and buff kind of sucks (my opinion)…

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I don’t see the connection between the new event and the price of BB’s… Is the drop table known for this new event? Does BB’s drop form it?

IMC why are you trying to deflate the value of my pool of BB’s? In which I no doubt never swim in like scrooge mcduck because that would be ridiculous…

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What would do for an event?

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I would love an event that everyone can do, with prices everyone can enjoy and that promote cooperation instead of competition…

I would have loved the previous event if it wasn’t a lvl 70+ instance dungeon :expressionless:

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If not lv70+ what would you suggest? Even as a very causal player I was able to make 2 other characters and get them to lv70 within a few days of the event starting.

And for everyone complaining about the queue - I honestly have no idea what you are talking about… On Klaipeda longest I had to wait was about 10 minutes for a lv80 run at 5am EST (Complete off hours…)

I think they nailed the Halloween event. The only problem I have with this even is that since I am a casual gamer I cant sit around for an hour waiting for my damn plant to grow…


I was kind of partial to the level up events. But I think a lot of players just want to focus on their mains.

Re-leveling/gearing/attributing and probably the biggest offender now is the attribute system. I honest would have fixed that awhile ago by putting in the same system we have for making alts level faster… But for attributes…

Where you get “team expertise” level and where the game tracks your total silver spent on attributes and your training becomes discounted by a flat rate based on silver spent(not including discount obviously).

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not everyone can, I for instance cant enter dungeons cause of my low spec…

but I guess it would have been as annoying if not worse if it was on the field

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Seems an event to promote the anger with each other.

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I wonder if it’s possible to see how much other peoples’ plants has grown… and if so… how to write an addon to highlight those plants so your scout 3 can stealthily steal them…

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Well this plants wont bloom for me maybe i steal the plants from someone else…
My rl plants bloom fantastic xD
But they give better rewards anyway :smiley: :smiley:

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store all the seed until the last day of the event, log in when there is no one online like 5AM, plant all seed, watch the sunrise for 1h, then get all your plants!
best event


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Why plant your seeds when you can harvest other’s.
You get exp bonus and multiple item rewards in just a day’s worth of the event.

the thread

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One more thing would make this better is limited plots.

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War of Emperium.

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let look at the event on the bright side, you can use it as a douchebag detector and mark the names of every soulless bastard that come steal from you :smiley:

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