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Is this some kind of bad joke? Battle Bracelet

Do you guys think that this system is, by any means, fair? Whats the problem with you guys? 2 channels, 3 monsters per channel, almost 800 kills and not a single drop on the Battle Bracelet?


Looks like someone got a few BB’s thanks to you.

Try to stay on same channel so you have a smaller chance of not being robbed of your effort.

Welcome to DKP 101.

You got IMC’d :sparkles: !


Well, i just stayed on channel 2. Someone got the BB with me there.

This system is all â– â– â– â– â– â–  up. Its unfair. Who was the brilliant mind that came up with it?

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Nodachi - 4
Blattle Bracelet - 0

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I hate this DPK system :c !


650 Galoks on Monk
177 Galoks on PD

0 Battle Bracelets

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Nothing to do with DPK.
You basically have 0.4% chance to hit the DPK number and get a BB when you kill a Galok (that is, if you don’t have info about the current DPK count).
That’s the same as having 0.4% chance to be RNG-lucky when killing a Galok.

Then the only thing that you have to know is that if a BB dropped in front of you, you should stop farming for a while. (And since theses mobs are overfarmed, you could even roughly predict when the next BB would drop :slight_smile: )

Don’t blame the DPK, blame the bots (and imc who decided to reduce channels) for harming your killrate.


Thats a wrong thinking. If anyone in the map drop the item, I dont have anymore that 0,4% chance of drop. Its not the same thing as RNG.

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Face it…IMC is just encouraging you to bot in this game so please go ahead and bot…a few overnight grind at Tenet should get you a BB or 2…if you’re worried about getting reported and banned then be sure to make TP purchases…that way you are immune from being banned…


:sunglasses:By far, this holds some truth in a couple of games.

This one, being no exception.

Game has turned into iRO. Selective bot enforcement. If you buy, you are safe.


700 Galoks with Monk… loosing the will to play.

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dont quit, whiteknight needs you


Hit 900 Galoks. 0 Battle Bracelets. Went full retarded on this one. Not worth play a game where the drop chance of an core item is almost 0,01%. I mean i played Ragnarok back them, but 6 monsters (2 channels) per minute trying to compete with bots and other players is pure bullshit.

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they need to sacrifice galok for 7% overall improvement


Yeah, it’s amazing how the grindy ragnarok was 10x saner than this game…