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What was your very first post in this forum?!

Just had a idea on looking mine up, you can find yours on the profile page: - username - /activity/replies

I was hoping to get a iCBT 2 key xD

Cringes at the build

Cringes harder


Mine was a wall of text apparently lol :disappointed_relieved:

I’d rather not link it cause it’s soooo long. Makes me sad tho remembering how quest bosses used to be more fun back in cbt before they were heavily nerfed.
I would have loved to have some challenge with them cause there is a lot of bosses! But instead all the quests are just fast pass throughs now cause the bosses are so trivial. :sob:

I’m just rambling again but I was really excited by this game originally cause there were so many bosses and during cbt it still looked very promising.
Now all those quest bosses that could have posed hours of entertainment and maybe even make rerolling fun (lol who knows) but I guess thats too much to ask. :cry:

My feedback on linear progression and other stuffval

Edit. Added it anyway lol, I stand by what I said about linear progression I don’t mind it at all and I think they have given more variety with ways to progress.
At least they did something right. :smile:

Uh, I guess I became doomy soon enough.
Pretty fair if you ask me, since I was a new player and I get this kind of behavior coming from the GMs as a welcoming.


When I had hopes in a fair server.
I do not care now

Sorry if this violates the rules of this thread but I felt like this post deserves a mention.

Member of the Yearval

Oh god such a throwback that forum goer was so toxic and I can’t be happier that he is not active anymore.

It was so funny he took my sarcasm seriously I’m laughing too much at this. omg. :grin:

Anyone remember him? :wink:

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I was going to look for mine but, screw it lol, I’m here every single day, I at least post 3 times, I would guess my average posting is 15 per day and I’m here since Jun 2015 you can guess how much I’ve been posting lol.

Can’t find it, so sorry I can’t participate into the fun.

Here you go Niri, lol. You weren’t kidding about the amount you post jesus. :frowning:


Freaking stalker LOL.

Thanks Val.




No rules! Anything goes! I just thought it was fun looking at my old posts and “oh…” thought it was a fun idea to make this topic.

To be honest I actually wanted to see how my posts are compared to past and felt bad about it because recent posts.

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^about the beta tester mensage, omg… lmao.

Yeah it was a fun idea imo lol I like throwbacks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lmao vini.

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i know right hahah this forum is so funny xD

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You actually cant even see my first posts any more because the forums got changed.

They don’t even show up in my posts list past a certain point.

First topic found it.

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Time to scroll like a madman :yum:

@ophiuchu I and many others will prob have the same proble, just post your first post that appear on the list… or is it the last :confused:

Updater - full white screen / SOLVEDdrrm

I was plague with problems since the start :pensive:

Phone r make things hard.

First post was a tech post…

My actual first post was about me giving away a beta key, and I told someone to sing Oingo Boingo Little Girls and someone actually delivered and got the key. I swear, I’m not lying and the thread was deleted. If there was a way to see archived threads I would show you.

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This makes me remember the old days for when I tried to get people to use my terrible thought out builds (I seriously thought it was good, until I got better etc.) Even had people talking about me on other sites

2 years feels like a long time ago for when I started playing

Also remember the time I got my username warning, even made a thread about it. Now I’ve got a more appropriate name by IMC’s standards

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