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[Vote] Shall IMC remove Solmiki as halloween event major reward?

Hi all,

As topic title, the Halloween event gets complained by players due to buggy and also unfair for hardcore players who farm Solmiki especially for those solmiki weapon makers! Lets take example from a ‘cheapest’ effort in term of time and silver which is offhand weapon. Each 40f require 1 hours(fastest time i could seen so far), 2 runs per day, each reroll requires 900,000 silver. One offhand weapon requires 95 essences and average essence you coulld get from a cube is 2. So its 1.8m silver(reroll cost per cube) x 2 runs x 23.5 days (assuming everyday is a successful run of 2 without crash or failure :wink: ) = 84.6m silver!

Another reason is the event is too buggy and some players are abuse the event just for the reward. This is unfair for others.

For you guys information, HK/TW server official website already release a link and let all the players there to vote whether Solmiki reward should be included as major reward.
Here is the URL of the poll:

CC: @Staff & @GM_Francis

PS: I am not being salty or whatever, just a poll for players here to vote since there is quite a lot of argument here and also information that I gotten from HK/Taiwan TOS site.


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Feel free to bump and leave your comments and flames as well. :wink:


IMC didn’t consider the feelings of making solmiki by players, they spend a lot of time and in silver, which still has a lot of crushing carsh and DC, this activity is to tell the players now, you are a fool.


It ok to be solmiki but not solmiki weapon.



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Yes, Its okay for Solmiki but not weapon.
Unstable event buggy lag blablabla
Its not fair to other players who hard farming Solmiki weapon too

I’m okay even with Solmiki Weapon. Really, who cares? In no time they will be on par with orange 350 weapons, and most probably way easier to get with updated ET…


Please think about the feeling of 40F runner
a 2hand weapon need almost 2month + 200m silvers for reroll
is that really fair for who running Solmiki everyday ?
and yet , this event still has bugg
already dont know the prize is for someone who lucky or who using bugg ?


No solmiki. Not a single piece. Nothing.

This event is fun. But its buggy. Not fair.

So they should remove solmiki prizes.

Give some random tradable hair costume. Not a solmiki item.

Come on imc. Do you eat crap??


Instead of giving solmiki for random abusers, exploiters, they should just confirm to us the rank reset event!

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i spent 6000 candies to get the bear hat


not a single piece. don’t be IMonkeyCase

Don’t not give the top items as reward when there is no integrity and fairness of environment,
when IMC can’t promise the legit and integrity of fair environment, don’t simply put such extremely high efforts item to bait players, the Solmiki weapon is what triggered everyone to be serious and full of negativity.

The game is fun, but the gap can be dragged too fast.
I for few times with 200+ candies got gangbang / attacked in last few minutes and leaving with 5-20 candies at the end, this is devastating and not fun, i almost feel like want to quit this game because of the blink negativity. I think many peoples will feel the same.
Or, change the game rule to drop maximum of 25% candies when got hit to avoid 1 hit KO regardless of candies, a 200+ candies can 1 hit KO with any 100 candies player, and 300 candies guy always remain OP and unchangeable, unless you have super good ping to hit/avoid like a roach.

Please consider it asap on tomorrow, before it is too late.
Even someone got the reward at the end, it can be

  1. Hacker/Cheater selling the item in USD
  2. Legit winner showing off gears, but it raise large public arguments, it is more than a curse than blessing to get the reward itself.
  3. Community will be dividing, angry players will be leaving.

It is damaging the gaming environment itself as well as IMC own reputation, not to mention it fall in blink of R9 release, forums will raise lot of chaos and newbies will be worried to join.
Why is it so hard to prevent tragic happening? just changing the Solmiki Any Item
to 2 Practo Orange Weapon Or any Solmiki Armor. Or it is still okay for Solmiki Weapon 30days


I dont exactly understand what going on as I didn’t participate.
But holy crab IMC whatever you doing it now please throw it out.

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I don’t feel good with these event.


I do not know how much time anyone spent to make Solmiki. You did it because you wanted to.
And with respect to players who abuse bugs … it has nothing to do because everything that is done in ToS-Silute is always full of players who abuse game failures. Including the Solmiki Set that many today have set, they took advantage of the Bugs of Taoist and the infinite invincibility combo of Meltis and Auserine.
In addition to refined weapons with channel crashs.

I think even IMC should give Solmiki to everyone who completes a certain number of exchanges and not only for the first 3 of each week.

Just to mention, I’m not even doing this event because I do not have the time and I know I will not be in the top 3. If it were for everyone who achieved a certain goal, I would probably be doing it.

I already have Solmiki the 7 parts, I just do not have the weapon.
But I think I should give Solmiki to everyone. 90% of those who have set Solmiki today took advantage of some gaming failure at some point. My guild has even used the bug several times (Meltis / Auserine).

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IMC… Why don’t you try 40F for a week and tell to us your feeling?


@IMC why dont u try to run solmiki 40flr like a normal player :slight_smile: . . So that you know the real struggle. .then in just 1 week with bugs all over the event. .


I like this idea, but it should be a better prize IMO. Maybe a box that lets you choose between an untradable Premium Hairstyle voucher and a tradable Rank Reset Voucher? It would be a reward worth competing for and that wouldn’t affect the server balance nor hurt Solmiki runners’ feelings.


To be honest, I think that IMC should put Set Solmiki to sell in the TP Shop.
Why do I say that? Simple, because there are a lot of people who do ET and sell the set Solmiki for real money.

It’s the famous “Pay To Win” people buy the Solmiki Set without doing ET.
And those players who make and sell for real money are making money, and the company (IMC) who manages the game is not making a profit.

If the IMC placed the parts of the Set Solmiki on sale by TP players buying from the RMTs could buy from the IMC and help support the company that manages the game.

EVERYTHING that the RMTs sell the IMC should put to sell in the TP Shop.

My sugestion!

@STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Ethan @STAFF_Yuri


350lvl content haven’t release got free the end game content and also the event no fair to player all are abusing the event and lag . I everyday when in 40f that take 1hour per round 2 entry per day . This event make me speechless , for what i go so hard while those ppl abusing the event get it easy. Won’t it give those not equipment like limited edition custome make us look more cool cosplay effect won’t it be better called event prizes .

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Doesn’t matter. I think they have proven time and time again that they won’t listen to their playerbase no matter how many people speak out with valid points.