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Small Community survey

Imo Imc does listen to players… Korean players only tough, hence why i voted the disagree option.

Global players are left in this limbo where we know what will happen, plan accordingly, but only get the change 6 months after.


I don’t know what you’re talking about because 90% of the community didn’t like the halloween event AT ALL! Maybe you’re part of the 10%…

pics or it didn’t happen

says the newbie player, get real…

where did you get the idea that i’m a newbie? ‘w’?

ok, the newbie forum user

EDIT> here, 87% (just one of the many threads you can find) [Vote] Shall IMC remove Solmiki as halloween event major reward?

well, i do admit i was forced to interact with the community(after happily living the solo life in-game for more than half a year) eversince i got this bug

Snow Rolling(Sinking) Bug :tired:

the poll you provided isn’t about removing the event though ‘w’;;

though if you want to talk about removing the rewards. 13% is a fairly huge number to be taken into consideration. i mean, not everyone has disabilities, but there are parking spaces for disabled people ‘w’

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you can use the search tool if you think i’m wrong, have fun.

you can also just provide it to me if you think you’re right (or if you think i needed some rest, why would let me do that?) :tired:

Telling people to use search is my thing, get off may lawn kid…

and I also want those proves you speak of, and no am not going to use search with this crappy internet I already wasted too much on this post…

@skonryu [Joined Jan 24, '17] 1 year isn’t new at all…


well, 2017 is the dawn of the new era(where things are as interesting as they are buggy) as compared to my good old days in tos during 2016. rather than considering the length of time, i think manolo was aiming for salient events in the game.

though he kind of miscalculated my game time over my forum time :tired:

your problem, do not care.

The complaints were about Solmiki being given as a reward during that event and, while complaining, everyone went full tryhard on that event. IMC refused to cancel the big rewards (on iTOS), but they tried to improve the event as much as they could. To be honest, I kinda wish they’d make another PvP event with all they learned from the last Halloween event, since it was very fun (when there were no scumbag guilds using external software to communicate inside the event dungeon to attack in group). Also, here’s one of the many tickets I sent during those weeks. That was sent in the first week of the event, btw.



we do a ritual dance to know we belong to the same team (we’re a team of pacifists [i mean, players can get an average of 270 candies without whacking each other {why add stress just to get the remaining 30}])

but of course the dance is too long that it’s enough for aggressive players to whack us :'D

Dont forget, It is just a reflection of our feelings, not showing the truth in general.
Everyone who voted even could lie just to manipulate the Survey. Keep that in mind.

This is MY opinion, feel free to answer with urs.

  1. I voted for agree because they actual listen to the community but obvious wont and couldnt regard to everyone.
    After all its not our game - we can make suggestions but in the end we have to accept their decision.
    Bear this fact.

  2. I voted for somewhat dissatisfied.
    The gambling System as it is is NOT MY TASTE. But u are not forced to buy. if u disagree dont buy it… if u buy it and u do not get what u want… bear with it…
    I think for headgears on a moderate Price it would be ok…even materials wont matter that much… dont know…, i think i only would buy it for medals so i can get what i want later on - think about it.
    If u then get the Thing u wanted - better for u ;D

  3. For 3 i voted neutral because the events are…not amazing/very bad at all.

  4. What i do when i log in? Mostly dungeons/hunting ground/missions NOT saalus, because i personal dislike the transcendence System - not to mention that u get shards in hgs as well…
    At this Point i have to say that i dont like the instance System either… hgs are more my taste of advanced gameplay.

  5. Q&A with the devs - i rarely read em so i dont care about it much.

  6. The most needed Thing here in my opinion is a refining cap and a remove of the blessed shard System. The possibility of overenchanting your gear way higher than others can, results in massive balance issues.

  7. The future? Who knows? Depending on the Improvements i think. If they improve and evolve the game its good, if not… yeah then not.

I think we miss another Content balance patch.
Refinement cap, (i think around 15 should be ok)
Monster overhaul - more uniqueness (why not made em feel more badass ?)
PvP… I loved RO’s WOE it was a unique and amazing System we should at last get something similar… hope so…
Remove of the bosses in quests… rly guys…1 shotting a boss is meeeh…
Unique Bosses that not only rely on high HP…
An english speech Setting for the main quest and amazing cut scenes would be nice as well but i think that one would be just a dream :confused:

if u dont agree with me im fine with that^^

Honestly, I think a game based on the RNG system is horrible, and the AI ​​of this game is disastrous, but, I really like this game! and I think the staff is walking the right side!

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this is a bad mentality to have as a developer and consumer, the community is as much part of the game as the game creators themselves, there is no reason for them to disregard our wishes, the bigger issue is them not communicating back, they can listen all they want, but if they dont give the community any transparency or feedback, then its gonna turn into a clusterfuck eventually

but at the same time they are not going to ignore their business analytics and will milk the whales lol.


The mechanics overhaul, yes, kind of, and the rest ? I didn’t quote the mechanics overhaul, I talked about "IMC being a direct publisher, Steam, the founder’s packs, they’re all from April 2016 or before."
And that’s how I know you only take what you want from other people’s texts and make up stuff~ I can play this childish game too, you know.
[Not gonna read the rest of what you say. Your first sentence was ridiculous enough. So I have no more interest in you, thank you~]

The Diamond Anvils are part of my “Or what about the fact they listen to half of what people say and don’t actually solve the issue at heart ?”. I didn’t develop it more because laziness :sparkles: , but a lot of people complained about it even existing, and they fix “half of the issue” (then again some people like it since it’s safer, so anyway there’s no absolute solution for them, I think we’d go back to the changes on enhancements and such).

They don’t totally not listen, but it depends on the things. If they seem to not listen more than listen/fix, then yeah, people can say that overall they don’t listen.
The forum is filled with suggestions, with ideas, but the staff is barely on any of them, so it makes sense that people don’t feel like they’re listening.
And fixing a few minor things will never change the fact that there are more important things that need to be changed, and they’re what people are waiting for. Minor-ish things are all good because they will have eventually, but it shouldn’t be what they focus on.
I’m not even talking about my priorities since I don’t have any. There are too many things that need fixing for me to have any. That’s why on the poll I put the optimization because ultimately, whatever they change and add, people will need to have a smoother game.

And I agree that they might not agree (or maybe not even have the means to do something), but the lack of communication is one of the reasons why players don’t even know if they listen. It costs nothing to tell the players about more things (It’s good they started doing Q&As more again~).
For example for a few weeks several skills have been bugged, and the staff did react, report, ask for videos and such. And then - nothing. 3 weeks after people are all “Huh… the bug is still happening, you know, do something !”.
And I know that the forum staff cannot do anything, that they have no choice but wait for the devs to fix it, but that doesn’t change the fact they could comment once in a while to say “Sorry, they are still looking into it.”. It’s actually what their job is about. That’s the sadness of working as a support and dealing with the customers.


I’m not blind, I recognize that they do listen to our prayers, but sometimes I get upset with what they prioritize. For example, most of the Alchemists that I see already gave up their hopes. I feel naive because I still have hope. Alchemist isn’t the only class that needs rework, that’s a given, but it’s taking forever for them, unfortunately.

I’m aware of the future buff in their damage skills, but that’s not the issue with Alchemist. Magnum Opus, Awakening, Dig, Briquetting and even Tincturing deserves more love.

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Straight up gacha updates > This game has until MHW PC release and I’m going to quit again.