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[Feedback] How do you feel about recent IMC events?

i’d like to add that the event talt can be put into storage. but i’m a bit paranoid about why item description says it doesn’t

i still enjoy this game as much as i did the first time i played it. while i do admit the events are usually a hit and miss for me. i’m looking forward to the new R9 stuff ‘w’

though if i were to place myself in other people’s shoes, i do kind of feel that it’s kind of unfair to have cheaters get away from it.

We have considered how to properly deal with the rewards in a way that would satisfy our players.
As we informed with our official announcement, we have decided that not handing out or changing the Certified Trick-or-Treater rank prizes would go against the promise we made in the initial event announcement and this would be unfair to our player base.
We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during this event period.
We also thank all the players who took the time to wait our big rank updates with more intense balancing.
We’re currently working on new classes,intense balancing series with another round of general combat and also class-specific changes as our top priority.
Once again, really sorry about that and thank you for your feedback.
Please wait for our next major updates soon.

Link :


Did you really??? :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


n e v e r

Only the bullies and abusers are satisfied. Everyone else is just fed up.
Not too hard to see here in forums what will satisfy the players, tbh

Link : [Vote] Shall IMC remove Solmiki as halloween event major reward?


Have you ever thought that giving out Solmiki weapon to someone who just abused (or farmed legitly, maybe) after 4 weeks is absolutely unfair to players who have spent 3 months going from 20F to 40F, no skip floor symbols, can be crashed or DC anytime as well as alot of silver to reroll 40F cubes?

The event itself is unfair from the beginning, changing or removing it is the way you make players feel fair again. They DO make a thread and vote for it, didn’t you see?

I just…have no word to describe my disappointment. That’s enough…


They don’t know how much the dismay the players have now…


But you changed the diamond anvils to be only 3 per team after some people had spent two days farming and buying as many as they could, you went against your promise of the initial event announcement there didn’t you.


Well, we don’t have already.


Please just stop doin this, u guys dont know how to run game…We support you and what we got? Nothing.Please just dont answer topics.


Did you really think about it?
Have you considered making solmiki players yourself?
Have you consulted a lot of players?
You just feel OK and don’t care about most of the players.

This post has shown that the majority of players, looking at other servers and looking at the Itos, are tragic.

This is the result of the vote,
The IMC of so many people chose to ignore it,
Finally, choose the worst outcome, make some people happy, let everyone else down, and then leave TOS.


I didn’t care much for the Solmiki weapon reward :unamused: because for me its a far away goal and by the time I would start grinding for a solmiki weapon they would have already dumb down the difficulty of ET. :wink: But I know a lot of people are already grinding 40f way before this event even started so I can understand why they would negatively react to it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:On IMC’s side I guess they were thinking, “:crazy_face: Since we are going to dumb down ET in the coming future, it’s not bad to give out solmiki to a handful of players.” not really thinking that a lot of players who grind ET will feel which is sad. :confused: I would have probably been better if AFTER lowering the difficulty of ET… say after 1 week or a month they would give out solmiki weapons. They also didn’t consider the fact that a lot of people will try to cheat their way to a solmiki box in order for 1.get the weapon or 2.sell the box for profit in real life money.

Anyways I’m just rambling… I wish next time before they do any event, they should send out a GM 1st to ask the players what they think about an upcoming event’s prizes and mechanic and stuff.

I think one of the most important issues in TOS that need to be addressed is the lack of communication between the @staff and the players.


No. Please CANCEL the current tamer event and honestly preferably remove the handed out Solmiki rewards from halloween. This is beyond ridiculous at this point. No one wanted this.

The events are broken and players are receiving an extreme amount of rewards. You just gave out the best weapons in the game to 12 players per server for doing a stupid buggy trick or treat event. Not only that, the rules of the event changed multiple times during this “contest”, and even in the end it didn’t work out how you explained it would. Only the last week mattered and 12 players from EVERY SERVER were rewarded. On one of the servers the majority of the winners were all from the same guild.

The tamer event is breaking the server economy due to the ludicrous number of oversights and bugs. There’s no point to even actually playing the game anymore, the events give out more rewards than anything in the game. You can just grind events all day long every day. The majority of players aren’t even aware yet of how much players are exploiting the current events to receive rewards, and it only gets worse every day.

I love Tree of Savior but I’m hitting my limit.


They already gave it out. I already saw someone selling a solmiki box in the shout box.

I know. I’m asking for them to remove them. It may be cruel, but the notion of them giving out Solmiki weapons was ridiculous to begin with.


Poll’s choices are kinda meh, but i’m between the first and the third options.

1-It’s clear we have no space for dialogue, i’ve the impression the section “suggestions”, “feedback” and the polls created on this forum are a waste of time.

With all the arguments and the reasonings written in this forum, IMC simply decided to cover their Eyes and continue their nonsense. Other version of Tos in the world removed Halloween event, because they care about players’ opinion.

2- look, i have 5 characters and 2 pets, level around 330-317, i’m not motivated to play this game. Events are not appealing at all

  • survival is plain bad and boring
  • Monster tamer: high level monsters don’t drop monster energy frequently so i can’t invest in it
  • anvil is just giving out a scroll and some gem abrasives, 5 minutes a day to do it
  • Halloween was so fun being killed by invisible guys or teaming players, with changed rules on the last week

There’s no endgame when your class isn’t meta for Solmiki or you don’t like PVP, the real endgame is here in the forum speaking of nothing because of your illogic decisions and inability to listen.


The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment unlocking different Solmiki weapons, IMC version

I couldn’t care less about these weak events you guys decide to make, all I want to know is when you people will fix the attribute bug from maps/channels and corsair flag + certain skills combo that freeze or crash the game client?

Have you people take a look at the charts? Your game is dying right in front of you, if you people gave up on our version because the sales aren’t going well, it’s entirely your own damn fault for ignoring important stuff and adding useless things to the CS.

Our game culture is pretty different from you guys in Asia, your company at least should know that.