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[Vote] Shall IMC remove Solmiki as halloween event major reward?

I couldn’t care less about the Solmiki crybabies that can’t handle losing exclusivity.

But giving a prize so good is bound to make people cheat/exploit the hell out of the event and the people who still try to win it despite everything will end losing and that’s not good for your game, imc.


I think before you say that, you should see that not everyone agrees with you.
There are many players who think the prize is good. I think it should be for everyone who participated in the event and not only for the top 3.

The results are uplifting, thought these brain-dead fanboys would brigade it.

Month of handwork rewarded to whoever exploit the most bugs… Doesn’t seem fair does it


I didn’t even state my stance on the “issue” at hand in the post you quoted, just that IMC doesn’t listen to their playerbase. I suppose that would be a bit more clear if I reworded

“no matter how many people speak out with valid points” to
"even if people were to speak out with valid points"

my personal opinion is I don’t care that much about the reward itself. Except for a couple of classes, the new 350 weapons will rival solmiki anyway. I just dislike how poorly executed the event is, in that it’s prone to exploitation (not just hacking/code exploitation, but exploitation from groups and such) and bug abuse, in which case those are likely the only people that will get solmiki things from the event.

But at the same time, I’m not surprised in the slightest because this is just what IMC does, and as such, I quickly got over it.

So I suppose in short, my issue is not with the event, but with IMC as a whole, if that clarifies anything.


This event can cause bankruptcy in the game to immediately remove these weapons because it is a shot in the foot

is a totally unbalanced event for such a HIGH award, for countless reasons!

  1. It depends on the instability of the connection and the server, we know that owner IMC does not have it here.

  2. In some servers the population of toxic players is enormous (COF COF SILUTE)

  3. An event that already has a winner, strong guild, with players who practically do not sleep, there are already ways to cheat the game or if you use repetitive techniques to get the maximum amount of candys.

This award was the most DESPAIR representation by players that IMC could do, saw that putting new players monthly did not work, hence they called to give THE BEST ITEM (so they say) of the game, so that in a desperate move the amount of player grows .

Seriously BMI, think better about the ways to bring players, because you have already ruined much of the economy and some items because of sales strategies VERY BAD THOUGHTS.

Remove because the event is bugged, ex. sometimes u can’t see the person that kills you like when you do DG 200 and you cannot see your party mates.
It is very unfair for those who spent a lot of hrs doing 40f.

Does it happen that developers listen to the opinion and desire of players !?


Well, the matter is: are you guys sure your ideas are valid? I’ve seen many gamers turn into “private server owners”, applying changes they deemed “better” to a game, and get shat on by their playerbase in an infinite tornado of karma, just like imc is currently shat on by us players. I think managing an online game is ■■■■■■■ hard, and backlash doesn’t really help that much… I think the developers, though, should start to be active in forums and discuss with us about the reasons behind their choices, and telling us if our ideas are valid or not and why. I’d rather have slower development than hasty decisions that cause a lot of shitstorms, in general.

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I can think of path of exile and grim down where the devs talk almost every day to the community on every aspect and decisions.


Taiwan is not itos. Taiwan is not operated by IMC it’s operated by X2GAME.

There is no risk of this coming to iTos unless you first see it somewhere else operated by IMC. But I agree with X2GAME’s decision to do it and give more pvp players Solmiki gear to reduce the existing brokenness in pvp and gvg.

ye in good games aka AAA titles they listen a lot and communicate outside of copypasta , this game isnt one of them but could be if they actually did.

This event is a shame. My will is to stop throwing it.

So Hk/TW ToS listen and release official voting for their players while IMC staffs just keep silence. Real shame.


Wow…just wow! Really shocked with the votes. IMC had done their best to create a fun and rewarding event and yet so many harsh criticism. To get solmiki weapon from the event, you still need to work your axx of and it is not easy at all. Only top 3 each week will get the reward. If ppl are salty about someone else having one…compete for it then…get it for your alt or destroy it or whatever. Just go in with your regular Solmiki party and you can bully your way till the end of dungeon timer…

I would agree with this ONLY if the event isn’t being blatantly exploited. do I need to remind you of how many exploits were done in this game in less than 2 years (and shockingly still counting) due to IMCs incompetence and lack of care? they aren’t even on top of this things, unless the players expose them, they won’t give a fook.

I repeat, unless the exploits are being fixed, then there’s no such thing as competing in this event.

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Hey mate. The vote was if it’s okay to get solmiki and specifically, a solmiki weapon as reward.

The major issue I can see is 2 things atm:

  1. Exploits, desnyc, and such problems.
  2. The rewards are way too good to they who claim it with method no 1.

We didn’t have this event on our server which is a shame but thank f**k that there is no slmiki rewards as well


white knight alert

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@GM_Francis & @Staff

Just can’t bear to see tos end game content and the hardest in game weapon to get and took longest time to farm every single day for 3months time and alots of silver to cut of the time to get . Finally release event give 3 per week ! TO THE EXPLOITERS. I got no idea why we should try so hard to play a game . IMC I SALUTE YOU ALL . YOU ALL IMC DON’T HAVE TO RELEASE NEW CONTENT ANYMORE . MORE EVENT PLEASE I BEG YOU MORE END GAME WEAPON

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