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Rank Update Translation Project Now On Github

Do you use any CAT-tool for the job?

@sttr413 We use a CAT tool in-house to manage our translations. If participants work with a CAT tool of their own we can provide the .tmx file we’re currently using.

lets pretend everything is fine.


@Makiyuko @63scaur I deleted the off-topic posts in this thread. Only post here if you have a serious question about the translation project.

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Calm down guys, while I do agree they should listen to player feedback a bit more it’s not related to this topic.

They can and they do translate the game files for us but they wanted to give us an opportunity to help so that we could have the patch faster. (Which I assume everyone wants.)

Even if no one help they will be able to translate the files but it will just take more time.

(Sorry for going further off-topic. Feel free to delete.)


totally agree if someone can help them pls do it :slight_smile: we will get patch faster :slight_smile: <3 all

I agree. Those who can help translating the game are welcome. I cant wait to see IMC deleting posts where bugs are being reported or the automated system sending the ‘We received your report’ on tickets, while being ignored by the “solutions team”.

Sort of delaying our own upcoming patch…

Hopefully IMC give an official response to the event’s mess.

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lol at the flags



I know this buggy event irs a crappy one, but not helping the translate just punish the players base, not them.


Any info how far you are with the workings? : )))))))


Can you guys tell, how far you are in translation? And what someone without knowledge in Korean, can help? e.e @Staff

why the rush? Just let them delay it so more bugs get fixed before it comes here and i hope the bundle the level and rank update together

Why are you saying that? On this topic, i just ask…

How the translations going?

Only one person has contributed anything to help and it took a month. The translation discord has been completely silent.

So, not good.

nobody is going to contribute after seeing how IMC handled the recent events and attribute bugs.


Why are they encouraging us to help lol?
Like do your job,there is plenty of players throwing money at you left and right.Hire more people and get to work.
People aren’t helping because nothing has change with IMC work.

It’s common sense why would you help the hand that is slapping you…?