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Known Issues: October 24, 2017

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I got dc after this … everytimes

Joke…can’t even reload tp hue

i get 302 by this Event and get DC are you kidding me!

your event just a joke imc

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Even after the sun explodes and our descendants will leave the galaxy, people will still comment about a game made during the 21st century…

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Can you explain this <If you happen to be kicked out of the dungeon due to an error, your Sugar Treats will reset but the entry will not count towards your daily maximum.>

1st enter I got 300 Sugar Treats and finished. Everythign was good.
Next hour I had 300 and got DC 2 min before time end.
3rd hour I entered I got again 300 Sugar Treats and got DC 1 min before time is over.
4th hour I got again 300 Sugar Treats and it was fine and I had it.
5th hour I was trying to enter and it said I am 3/3 but Success runs I had only 2. So I had chance to have 900/900 daily Odd Candies but because of your DCs I got only 600. So who is gonna take solmiki weapon? Random players who didn’t get DC?
I never entered again inside after I DC. So when I had DC, I just skip a hour for next one. No idea why once I had luck and didn’t lose 1 entry and 2nd one entry was counted. ALso I read forum, not only me with same problem.
How you going to compensate this? What I have to do now? What hardcore players have to do? Pray?
Hope on understanding. Please, answer.

known issues:
some players always 1hitkill you in the event dungeon&have more HP and larger AoE than you. What the heck? How is this fair if you tickle others and they onehit you all the time and steal all your freakin candies?

This is an event for griefplayers,hackers and retards. I’m not going to participate in this bull ever again and I’m never gonna charge TP again.
Who cares if the game goes bancrupt or not.
I don’t want to be forced to PVP against hackers/cheaters/griefplayers who abuse bugs and loading time/lag to respawn camp&kill you till they got the 300 candies and thus become invincible.


Because remember, this event is for only the most hardcore of the hardcore players!!!

Cancel the event already! :t_rex:

what about TBL i remember some patch ago which says def will be boost and attack will be nerfed in pvp but I enter to tbl and get one shot again (if I get wrong let me know)

def was doubled for most if not all peices of armour if im not wrong. What gear were you earing when you got 1 shotted?

sometimes it just doesn’t matter depending on the enemy, even full solmiki people can get one shot

1: Not resolved, as latest random disconnection happened 3 Hours ago /Klaipeda server.
2. This bug/desync/invisibility has been around since CBT. (Easily noted by doing lvl 80 Dungeon)