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The First GM Playdate!

GM Grape, here! And I brought with me
GM Peach.
And GM Guava ~
We decided it was time to share our thoughts about the last GM Playdate!
But first! What is a GM Playdate!? A GM Playdate is–
I think they know–
An excuse for us to take a break from answering questions and just having fun!

Correct Guava! But we aren’t heartless. We did answer player questions didn’t we?
Of course!
What were the most popular questions?
Where’s the new content?
When is Rank 9?
Bring back PvP!

Can we get another free character slot!?
Balance xxx Skill! Balance xxx Class.

And how did we answer them!?
Well we had a big surprise for them, didn’t we? The Makeover Season announcement!
The news came out the second day of the GM Playdate, didn’t it?
Correct. The first day we gave a lot of hints, but tried not to ruin the surprise.
It was great the second day to see everyone’s reactions towards the news!

And about skill and class balancing, we had a lot of updates on the dev blog.
I hope everyone checked them out!
Were there any suggestions that stood out to you two?
Someone asked for an iTOS test server?
Oh yeah! We don’t have any plans yet but I like the idea.
A user wanted to see our personal Class builds.
I remember a few players called me the cutest GM.

… So later, we summoned some monsters to battle. What monsters did you summon, Peach?
Dullahan and Demon Blord Nuaele.
Oh me too!!! I also summoned them and Demon Lord Blut! But they were super strong…

Well I’m sure our saviors handled it well. What did you do afterwards?
If there was time we also played Hide and Seek.

You know what? I think we should do another one.
Maybe later. That Playdate tired me out.
Ohhh poor Peach~~ You already know we’ll be doing it again! hehehe


Case1: Issue regarding latest patch from IMC

Case2: Concern and Inquiry about latest MAJOR reward by IMC again.(I thought this is hottest topic recently??)

and LOTS of reports regards to the LATEST HALLOWEEN EVENT by IMC. DID @GM_Francis and @Staff reply any of them? DON’T SHOW HOW PASSION AND GOOD IS YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE :slight_smile:


I’ll leave this here. :tired:

They should also fix bokor mackangdal in tbl. When the round is over it kills the bokor and does not revive him for the next round.

Also: guild mission’s Demon lord Hauberk has perma magnetic force debuff on players. Fix that.



i thought bs is bullsht


inb4 mysteriously flagged

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A playdate is an expression primarily used in the US for an arranged appointment for children to get together for a few hours to play.
Says a lot about what IMC thinks of their player base.


You surely remember this little thing about guild titles/positions we talked about, don’t you?

No change yet!

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but WHEN will be this event? cuz i dont see a date her or im blind ._.

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why … was my PEPE thread destroyed from the face of Earth


I want iiiit… if it is to play with bugs, make it a test server…o.o

So the questions got ignored? When is the next character slot?

Oh noo! i missed the play date D: darn working + forgetfulness. How was it guys?