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Halloween '17: Final Week Changes

We’re applying a few changes to the Halloween dungeon starting this week. Click here to find out more.

Because of this, we have considered how to properly deal with the rewards in a way that would satisfy our players. We have decided that not handing out or changing the Certified Trick-or-Treater rank prizes would go against the promise we made in the initial event announcement and this would be unfair to our player base. However, since we wish to ensure that the rewards received in the fairest way, we have decided to change the event’s ranking system.

This means still giving out solmiki prizes?

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But… the twelve players thing does not solve the problem… It only rewards those that bugged in the first week, hack the event and abused the channels with parties… And it destroys people that had an amazing run on the first week like me. Thanks IMC


the top 12 teams with the most Odd Candies exchanged during the 4 week period

What about those who’ve had good runs and stopped doing the event after the first or second week in hopes of getting the cube? :tired: You’re just rewarding the hackers and abusers for their consistency.


We have decided that not handing out or changing the Certified Trick-or-Treater rank prizes would go against the promise we made in the initial event announcement and this would be unfair to our player base.

Disappointing. This never should have happened in the first place, but regardless of it being fair or not, it’s still not the right thing to do. Handing out the best equipment, for current, and future content is wrong, especially through an event, even more so because this event is broken.

What should have happened was an apology and correction by the time of the next maintenance after implementation, and preferably just a removal of the rewards, but if it was deemed necessary, then changing the rewards into Lolopanther or similar. What makes this worse was TWTOS handled it perfectly, they listened to reason, they listened to the community and they corrected their mistake.

The community was so overwhelming clear. Even without the communities thoughts’ the best course of action would have been never having this in the first place, or a redaction, even if it were last minute. I hope this never happens again, I hope IMC is quicker to respond, and I hope they realized this just further damaged community feeling rather than help it.


After exiting you will receive (50+30) x3 = 150 pieces of Odd Candy.

Imc = BN


Greetings Saviors,

We would like to make an official announcement regarding the Halloween '17 events.

Our goal was to create new, light-hearted and easily enjoyable PvP content. We then decided to try out this new content with the season of Halloween in mind and created Creepy Klaipeda. However, as the event progressed, it was clear that the Halloween Dungeon contained systematic issues and a lack of balance. Therefore, after taking into consideration our players’ thoughts, we worked to improve the dungeon during maintenance each week.

After the scheduled maintenance on October, 14, 2017, we will be moving into the fourth and final week of the Halloween Event Dungeon.

When you realize it’s copy-pasted because October is in the text although the text is bolded in the original post and it’s already November.
14th of October wasn’t even a Tuesday, it was a Saturday…

Also,this one is gold, too:

EDITED Scheduled Maintenance for November 13, 2017

You edited it and the date is still wrong in the headline?
13th of November is today, not tomorrow.





I also belong to players, which stopped doing the event after second week. I created a support ticket, will see what they will answer. Guess nothing, but still.


sh1t logic as always

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12 cheaters ON ALL SERVERS to receive rewards for all their hacks during 3 weeks and 1 week to play nicely…thanks for giving them a headsup with your announcement that there is a anticheat system going on for the last week… well paid IMC


I was expecting the prizes to be canceled, I’ve tried hard since the beggining of the event, did all 3 times all days till now and still think it’s unfair with all the bugs and exploits/hacks that happened before, you choose to keep the pontuation of the last weeks, really disapointing.

And this line isn’t even clear:

selecting “the top 12 teams with the most Odd Candies exchanged during the 4 week period." as our Certified Trick-or-Treaters from all servers.

That means only 12 teams across all six servers will win or that 12 of EACH server will win?

If you really want to give away these solmiki boxes, the least you can do is restart the event and reset all the odd candies exchange points. Do not need to extend, one week is enough.

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Unfair is to give Solmiki for players who abused of bugs and cheats!!!

Everthing you made is say “IF YOU BUG YOU WILL BE REWARDS”


meanwhile the players who’ve participated fairly are slowly leaving the game since YOU GUYS UP THERE DO NOT LISTEN CLOSELY TO YOUR COMMUNITY… last week big update but major screw up again…

at least with the weekly 3 player per week the fair players get at least % to obtain rank since cheaters are either saving it for a certain week or just spending it yolo… now that youre gonna count all their candies spendings, us who get 150ish candies per run and spend on a specific week won’t ever get a chance, slow clap

we demand reset the event this week and all start from 0 candy rank tomorrow


No new content, still giving solmiki weapons to unfair players, another extend in new players event(the economy still sucks), playerbase is so lower now, no one can even sell anything. Ok, well done, i am out till the new content appears!

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LOL im here grinning like an idiot because i quit on first week and already given up for that x2 10 (1,000) points and then they giving everyone 2000 candies and i was like. YESSS BOI 20M FREEE POOOOINTSUUU. and yeah i dont fcking care about solmiki and sht im not a fan of drama and whales and while horses and white knights and umm about this (50+30) x3 = 150 that written here. i dont care about that. ciao!!

TOP 12 of 4 week is all hacker

Good job IMC

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The only way to give solmiki and not insult the decent players are if the ranking is only for the last week, when the changes was applyed, but if is only the speed hack is prevented and the “invisible exploit” players still will happen (because is an issue of the game engine and not an external program like the spped hackers) this still will be an unfair prize, I only see 1 time an speed hack user and the exploiters was in every match every day.

At least if any of the reported players in the forum was in the top rank instead of give a solmiki box it have to receive a Ban.



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F R E A K I N G S H I T, my strategy was to be top 3 in week 2 then I stopped doing this stupid event after week 2.

Now you change the rules at the last week, F U C K Y O U i stopped after week 2 so now there is no way for me to win.

I was first one to buy the bear hat and got some attributes box, even thought I had some bad runs, I did pretty good during the first 2 weeks.Maybe I had a chance for solmiki box.

Im super mad now, I just want to quit this sh it managed game

I played for about more than a month and I understand why people say IMC’ed and why people leave this game