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[SUBMIT]Schoki's self-introduction! :3

Server: Fedimian
Teamname: Loredi


Loredi RL picture: get!

lmao Sei :tired:

Hmm… can’t tell who is the cutest on these pics…

…but man… I’m shook… now that I know there is a vampire bunny in town … :heeey:

Maybe she has visited you already :hey: - hide your hay and newspaper! -

You deleted it, but I saw it…
Your cat is exactly equal to mine: the face shape, the color eyes and the way it lies down and is also a female cat.
But I live in Brazil, what means you kidnapped my cat and crossed the ocean!
Oh no, nevermind, its here, hehe my mistake haha

I posted it in the wrong place, now she has a post of her own… and I won’t give her back :joy: