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[SUBMIT] Hedgehog Companion

I brought to you my quills, you gave me your love”.

Hi everyone, meet my little buddy “IO”. Named after my favorite hero on DotA, where actually he looks like Bristleback, but he’s really a hedgehog. haha

He’s super cute and adorable, especially when he’s in circle form like in the photo below.

Idea(s) for companion:
Colors can be Salt and Pepper, Albino, Apricot, Cinnamon, Champagne, Snowflakes, Pinto and etc.

PS: Low quality cam. And don’t mind my face please, just for the sake of humanity. haha



Go Hedgehogs! <3 :four_leaf_clover:


Gotta go fast!!!

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I support this !! support this so much !


I was hoping for a hedgehog submission! :sad:


Im thinking what if the hedgehog companion is like in idle mode, he/she is rolling beside the character, that would be adorable.

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It will be painful to ride on it v.v


I was also hoping on a hedgehog companion ;w; Thank you for having one !
I don’t have any as a pet, just a random female one who comes at night sometimes to steal my dog’s food hehehe
They’re so adorable ;w;

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sneaking thru the backdoor? mind to adopt them?

Hedgehog is way better than dogs and cats for companions.
As we already have tons of birds, I’m against yet another bird and guinea pig is also ingame so no hamster or rat please.

The only conclusion is either a reptile (snake,monitor lizard,crocodile[a gavial would be awesome],frilled-necked lizard [where are you Australians when you’re needed…],horned frog,some tortoise/snapping turtle) or an arthropod [spiders,scorpions,beetles,roaches or whatever else is kept as a pet]

or this hedgehog…

I still believe that all these MMORPGs that feature just birds and mammals as pets are pretty generic, TOS could tread new land by having a nice non-generic companion. The hedgehog could be the first step in that direction xD


i’m sold if they have cute big ears

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Thanks man for breaking the list down. Yes I think we need new set of companions.