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[SUBMIT] The miniature goat brothers

Team Name - Pup
Server - Klaipeda
Description -
Kevin and Greg are a pair of Nigerian dwarf goats, who not only provide cuteness while prancing along behind you, but utility as they clear your path eating anything that may come in your way. While not eating, they are vocalizing their constant need of attention with loud bleats and forcing their way into your lap.

I could not just submit one as it would hurt the other’s feelings, they are very competitive and always head butting one another over food and attention.

Greg and Kevin respectively, who is the cutest brother?

Sleeping in my mother’s lap

Greg and I riding in the car, with synchronized posing

And finally, a good example of how forceful these mini goats can be when they are out to get your pets and attention.
- here is a bonus video showing that they really do follow right behind you like any proper ToS companion should.


so cute! my Mom used to have 1 as pet too. cool! :grinning:

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