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<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen

Hi everyone. Today I want to start this thread to initiate a healthy and meaningful discussion for those who want to play 2H bow archers with the build: Ranger-Falconer-Mergen.

In line with upcoming rebuild, and having seen other threads alike, I simply want to ask what you guys have in mind and the reasoning why.

I do know it is early to speculate/theory craft but I am just curious what those ideas are that may help others make decisions of their own, and vice versa.

Also, please refrain from saying to switch to another class, as this will be about those who choose to remain as 2H bow archers nevertheless.

Thanks and have a nice day you all

Updated as of 17th of August 2019

Guide updated as more and more players are doing this build in episode 11.


  • extra skill points left can be put to Multi Shot simply for AoE, or Leap (but players have reported it bugs on higher levels)

  • we now put atleast 1 point in Oblique Shot for the slow debuff, increasing dmg for Barrage and Spiral arrow

edit Atm, there must be atleast lv1 in both Multi Shot and Leap. The new upcoming bow effects lets your Multishot CD reset at a very high rate. Also, Leap has an ARTS that gives additional +missile damage%. Keep an eye out for future updates.


You may choose to put remaining points to Spiral Shot, mobs and bosses in late game have high defenses and this is when Spiral shot becomes useful

Or you can put it in High Anchoring simply because it has high SFR dmg (skill factor rating) and high innate AoE attack ratio. Perfect with your Falconer build

  • we may now put atleast 1 point for Bounce shot for the slow debuff


As I’ve stated in other threads, may max Circling and Aiming as they are great utility not just for yourself but for party play as well.

edit Now I max everything and get those points from Circling. I have very high AAR (aoe attack ratio) of 23, (26 with aor potions that I stacked from long ago). And even Circling is down the difference isn’t as noticeable

People mainly get lv5 Sonic Strike for the debuff attribute. Tomahawk left at 1 because while it actually gives more dmg than Pheasant, CD is longer and you have to wait for the burn debuff tics to see the dmg


Spread shot is a spammable level 1 wonder

Triple Shot maxed even after its nerf. Still strong with explosions under aiming circling

Downfall for bossing dmg

Homing arrow is debatable. Many people hate it, I personally love it. I have a total of 23 aoe attack ratio and I screen wipe a wave of CM mobs easily until stage 5.

edit Currently on hold, I was made aware that Mergen is getting some juicy buffs especially to HOMING ARROW and Triple Arrow. Keep an eye out for them.

For gearing:

  • please aim for legendary set, either solmiki or velcoffer as they scale better.

edit with the recent leather set buffs, you may prioritize going for leather set as it now gives +15% phy dmg**

  • prioritize, for example, velcoffer bow atleast +6

edit now try to get savinose +11 bow. This equates to a +16 velcoffer bow in dmg**

  • lv6 gems atleast

edit pls use lv7 gems now atleast

  • I use red gems on bow, yellows on top + bottom, green gems for gloves + boots

  • don’t worry about enhance attributes too much. The difference is there, but as a start I will rather invest silver for better weapon first (weapon dmg > trans > anvil > attributes) I think in this order

  • look for ways to stack aoe attack ratio

  • some game tip mechanics: use triple arrow only when circling + aiming are up. Huge difference.

  • circling has a 20s downtime, as well as aiming (15s) even at max levels. There are skills you can use that do not scale with aoe attack ratio during this: bounce shot, pheasant, spread shot, jump shot, arrow sprinkle and zenith.

Some will like the build, some may hate it. Honestly though, unless you’re min-maxing I wouldn’t stress too much. A lot of people may disagree with what I prioritize in skills, all I can say is that I played this build solely for such a very long time that I know what works based on genuine experience and not just what “I think” is strong.

Like always, I do disclaim this being the best build out there for ranger falco mergen. I am aware this distribution is different to what majority of ktos players use, but this works for me.

I would like to take this opportunity to give credits to:

@Battle_Forged for pointing out how powerful homing arrow is

@Ennislol for showing the great nuke of Tomahawk

and for @greyhiem for sharing that lv1 fillers is still the way to go as dps (as long as you manage your sp).

If any suggestions or questions, please feel free to ask so we can make this build even greater for everyone who wishes to play ranger falconer mergen!


To start with, my current build is:


Currently, this build suits my playstyle and have satisfied me ever since. However due to changes such as Rogue being gone in archer tree, and Falco changes (no more falco auto attacking), plus camp not extending buff duration anymore, I feel dropping this build.


This is the closest build that I feel will still fit the 2H bow role, still keep thematic gameplay of the class, and dish nice dps.

Also with the auto stat system, iirc Ranger, Fletcher and Mergen gets the top highest bonus for STR per level (aside from Cannoneer), and again iirc every 10 str will give +5% phy dmg…?


still waiting for QS block&shoot testing, if it works as described it may replace sneak hit.
I am more worried with how to distribute 45 point of mergen, because downfall now max at 15 and spread shot has 100% ricochet

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Sorry can you tell me more about the QS block and shoot and how you think it is worth a rank?

Yeah tricky, now that downfall will have it’s attribute aoe. However with Spreadshot, did they fix how buggy this skill is? And it is not affected by aoe attack ratio that is why before I chose to level Homing Arrow than Spread Shot…

I would go with archer-ranger-falconer-mergen.

I understand your reasons for dropping falconer. My reason to keep falconer is simple: circling. Having high AoE attack ratio for yourself and having low AoE defense ratio for enemies are quite important for mergen.

Another minor reason for me to go falconer is because falconer is more like a support role. I won’t have too many offensive skills to manage.

and you dont even have to equip shield to use that skill, like pavise.
+100% block (survivability)
+next attack guaranteed critical strike
+duration 300 second

i cant found any new spread shot video yet

@gexmnlin13 if only they make the hawk automatically circling 2-3 steps in front of you, not directly above you, it will save time for nuking preparation.

I do love falco for the reasons you have stated, indeed circling and aiming are probably 2 of the most all around OP skills im the archer tree, especially with Mergen!

Wait holy mother of dragons?! If that is indeed the skill, that is a 50% reduction of all incoming phy and magical dmg, on top of that all attacks will crit? Wtf sounds too OP! Nerf hammer incoming with that I feel haha

Wow didnt see those buffs to Spread and Triple arrow. They sound better in rebuild

100% of 0 is still 0. Isn’t it still the case that you’d have 0 block if you’re not wearing any shield?


I’ve been following pretty closely on the rebuild Ktest.

Currently I am Archer1-QS3-R1-Falconer3-Merg2.

I am definitely going Archer-Ranger-Falc-Merg in rebuild. Circling, aiming are just too good with Mergen. If you go Fletcher, I feel there’s just way too many skills to use effectively. All the newest changes and buffs to Mergen make it harder to pick skills too, not sure what to go. For sure maxing Zenith. With spreadshot getting a big buff too, there’s just not enough skill points. I’m also a huge fan of Downfall:broaden.

There are some interesting things with block and shoot though. But it’s weird, you’d have to use cross+shield? I’m not sure if the dmg loss from going xbow over 2h bow is enough to make up for just guaranteeing crit.

welp, i thought we can stack block from nonshield item, but i guess it wont be as high&simple as equipping shield…

this is a thread about block&shoot
i dont understand korean but it seems bad news

With reset before I did try fletcher mergen and I was complaining how it was a piano build.

I sinced played with ranger rogue mergen and boi was this build more piano, if you are trying to execute combos of this build right.

You’ve got:

  1. keeping crit shot buff stack
  2. feint+barrage
  3. pheasant+roost+high anchoring combo
  4. falcon autoattack+sonic strike
  5. bounce shot then high anchoring to lower cd
  6. arrow sprinkle+capture
  7. sp pot rotation if using glass mole cards

The rest of my time for fillers will be used by homing arrow > spread shot > multi shot

But yeah, I hope you are right with falco mergen. I mean, because it would mean keeping my build almost the same on rebuild. I think there are a few people I have read who wanna go that same path too… I just feel Falco is starting to lose it’s luster, given a couple of nerfs vs fletcher…

So far, we are only discussing 2 archer ranks given that:

  1. archer is our base tree
  2. mergen is the core rank

So contenders are:

  1. ranger
  2. falconer
  3. quarrel shooter
  4. fletcher
  5. appraiser
  6. pied piper

hunter is great candidate too

+5lv overestimate to main hand weapon
+devaluation debuff -15%pdefmdef enemy


Yeah Appraiser is interesting. I’m curious how they will flesh out and get more skills. Overestimate and Deval are pretty good in their own rights.

Hunter is an interesting choice. But if you have to use 3 slots for 1 char, thats rough.

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even piper has new sinergy with mergen
+2 AAR for mergen skills

so in the end it depends in what role of mergen you want to make, support-semi-DPS

Aiming is extremely important, but at the moment in kTEST falconer has so many issues that it’s useless. Simply can’t test how well it can assist in soloing CM.

  • Aiming duration is not what it is described, leaving you with huge downtime
  • The longlasting bug of all Falconer’s skills (except Roost) occassionally becoming unable to use after using Sonic Strike is still not fixed. You can fix this by using Roost, but the issue is that Roost CD is increased significantly to 90 seconds.
  • Aiming causes errors with many skills (errors shown in chat messages), in those cases, the skill simply won’t do damage
  • Tomahawk is useless in the famous Spell Tome CM spot. You can’t control its distance and it will simply dive too far away from the area. This skill seriously need some mechanic changes.

There goes another stab to me heart for my beloved falco </3

Though I think they will still fix those bugs, I am eager to see what ktest/ktos has built in terms of thematic role/support/dps for mergen

Interesting, I did not know that the new Appraise gives +level to mainhand on rebuild. Does it stack with Enchanter’s reinforce?

P.S. i am still salty about squire camp buff removal of extending duration.

The visual aide really helps!

Now with everybody’s suggestions, I feel I am more confused than before. Lol

Anyhow I wonder how we can narrow the list down further, or are they closely tied up in re:build that what matters is the gameplay each of us will prefer…?

Appraiser’s overestimate and Enchanter’s overreinforce skill have been switched. Enchanter now gives +5 to subweapon, so it won’t really be helpful for archers in general.