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Looking for a filler: Ranger - ? - Mergen

This is a standard skill build.

Adjust a few points here and there if you want.

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And… how is the rotation? Are there any skills that should be used before another?

Aiming only increases your range? Is there another buff?

Falconer’s damage skills are “standalone”? By that I mean if there isn’t any skill that amplifies them.

Is there an optimal way to time Roost with Aiming and Circling?

is it worth drop falconer?
I am thinking of putting fletcher or pied piper instead of the falconer.finished my char slots, and was wanting to create one more
but the hawk occupies 1 slot …
Is it worth dropping the class and delete the pet?
I have some troubles with skill allocation and rotation too.
if u guys can help me with that, I really appreciate <3

if you drop falconer: your mergen skills cant hit a lot of enemies without falconer’s circling

hm but it is worth drop it? I can do CM or solo dungeons with ranger - piedpier/fletcher - mergen?

Guys, pretty much in rebuild you can do CM runs with many builds… However in the case of Mergen, Falconer offers unrivaled utility to Mergen’s kit with Aiming + Circling.

You see, if you hit 1m dmg to one monster vs hitting 500k dmg but to 5 monsters, in which scenario will you have a faster pace clearing content like CM?

In line with this for beginners I would actually recommend maxing Aiming and Circling until the time you can manage your rotation well (meaning knowing which skills that rely and do not rely on AoE attack ratio) when Circling is down (yes it is not 100% uptime)

Take out points in Tomawak you can leave it at 1. Sonic strike can be lv5 mainly for the debuff attribute

And as always, please max Triple Arrow and Homing Arrow and use them under Aiming and Circling. Stack attack ratio with camp food, circling attribute, headgear and gears

if you have another falconer best friend who always partying with you, yes drop it

can u give me a link to this build in tosguru or img? I’m a little lost with skill points distribution (especially with mergen) thanks.
is worth put points into spread shot?
how do I get “camp food”?

how it is the skill distribution on fletcher? or Pied Piper is better? I’m planing do both contents, but mainly PVE.
I’m pretty much in doubt about this, whether I drop or not. after watching this video:
If you guys have any problems understanding what I wrote, blame Google Translate hahahhah

i prefer pied over fletcher. Pied is less stressful and has (+3 AOE attack ratio to all mergen skills) synergy

I not get it, how Pied gives +3 AOE atk?
I still do not understand how the AOE atk ratio system works. and how i can get more AOE? excluding falconer, obviously.

Hi. I have updated my thread which you can find here <Re:build> Falconer-Mergen. Hope you find it useful cheers!


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You can bet that I found it very useful. THANKS

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Do you guys think circling should be maxed? Honestly I don’t feel like the falcon offense skills are powerful enough to max. Might as well treat falconer mainly for circling and aiming.

Circling aint just for falcon skills. Mergen’s kit rely heavily on Circling with a good stack of aoe attack ratio.

Homing arrow
Triple Arrow
Zenith (kinda unsure)

High Anchoring

Sonic Strike
Pre emp

Multi shot

It may not feel useful, but for example you start having so many mobs on the screen you cannot one shot anymore, you will be grateful to having longer Circling (based on my exp) so your skills will hit harder and more mobs

Edit: i keep forgetting I always talk in the context of CM farming. If bossing build, or not farming CM, Circling has no use ofcourse.

Oh I know circling is not only for falcon’s skills, that’s why I was thinking of maxing circling, plus I think sonic strike and tomahawk is not that great…

Is ranger-falcon-mergen naturally weaker at bossing? I find it harder to get first place as a mergen-falc in bossing.

I strugling to kill some boss too with this build, maybe I just bad, I’m playing just a couple of weeks, I still have not decided what my main char will be.

Oh my bad xd

Yeah it is weak bossing build

Post rebuild it is kinda a choice… You can have a good bossing build or a good pve build. Having both makes you half baked

Turn back and become a scout main :haha: lol just kidding. Scouts are very fun though, in my opinion.

With the Bernice changes and the changes to CM,

It’s probably better to go back to a more aoe centric build. Maxing triple and homing is a must now I think.

I also max aiming and circling just fyi. Sonic strike uses has basically gone downhill.

yup, it certainly is. I already have 1 shinobi, and 1 BM, I was asking if it was worth dropping falconer just to get another scout.
but no matter the class, I always end up dying or with low dps.
I even made a post in scout discussions to see if I could get some tips, but only had one answer :v