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Returning Player, Need a Build

Hello everyone,

So I’m returning after a very long time. I finally figured out that my items were in the market retrieval tab and all of my characters have been reset to their base classes. However, my old main was a Schwarzer Reiter which it seems is now under the scout class, not the archer. My old gear was pretty basic, but at the time was the best I could get, and being an SR, it was dual pistols, and eastern leather… may be showing the account age there.

I’m trying to figure out a build that will be relatively easy to gear for. Now I don’t remember this part, but my archer is level 330. Not sure if there was some kind of boost or if I actually grinded that in eastern leather, but now my weapons say faded and I’m utterly lost. Also, can’t equip the pistols anyway as archer base class so I’m using a purple crossbow for now. Any help on a build and gearing would be greatly appreciated. Until then I’m trying to follow the summoner guide for my old summoner that’s 320 and at least has gear that I can use.

At level 330 you don’t need much. All “faded” items are actually pretty good and usually way better than their random counterparts, so keep them for leveling your chars.

Common build for archer is ranger/falco/mergen. Check the topic here: <Re:build> Falconer-Mergen

Note: if you’re a returning player and didn’t log in for more than 30 days, you should find a NPC to the west of the warp statue in Klaipeda just below the Onmyoji master which would allow you to switch your base class. I would consider switching that old SR to scout and keep a build based on pistol. SR is still fine, or you could switch to Bullet Marker.

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