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Taoist doesn’t work as a Thundermancer for me, I’d really like a class to complete the trio, with a fancy lightning-mage costume and all. Wonder what skills it would have to work as counterparts to PYro Cryo skills…

Sad that they can’t be up to date on this stuff it just is causing confusing. =.=

You would now go Onymoji just for the Fire damage buff the Fox provides (+95% crit rate).

Honestly, make it so you can craft food and sell it in a shop as well. Food table and Base Camp provide longer duration and higher boosts to strengthen group play.

Won’t it be relevant anyway with the increased damage we take, longer fights and harder modes?

Haha! My bad, guess my English isn’t good enough but at least its delicious. =P

Well, do you want to achieve with your combination?

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How Pardoner’s new Indulgentia regenerates HP?
It seems interesting.

Did google translated this right??
– The probability of a spell hit is raised to 100% .?? That means no magic evasion then?

I think it’s a base value. Something like " Spells had 70% base hit value. Now it’s 100% ".
Like pokemon moves. Water gun has 100% accuracy but does not mean it always hit!

(That’s what I understand. I might as well be wrong!)

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-Many skills can no longer be cancelled during casting by taking damage. (Please see the list.)


-Swift Step movement speed bonus while attacking was increased.
-Decreased hitstop after hitting with a dagger basic attack.
-Spread Shot implicit AoE Attack Ratio increased (1 -> 3).
-Spread Shot chance of ricocheting to nearby enemies increased to 100%.
-Fixed a bug with Spread Shot that caused it to sometimes not work properly.
-Increased chance of Triple Arrow explosions to 50%.
-Zenith implicit AoE Attack Ratio increased (1 -> 3).
-Heal cooldown decreased (15 -> 10 seconds).
-Heal overheat increased (1 -> 2).
-Healing Factor duration increased (10 -> 45 seconds).

Many skills had their cooldown and Skill Factor adjusted. (Please see the list.)

Guild Skill Adjustments
-Summon Guild Member now available through guild master UI in the guild window.
-Warp To Guild Member now available through guild master UI in the guild window.
-Reduce Crafting Time now available with a level 3 guild at your Guild Tower.
-Guild Hideout now available with a level 2 guild instead of 5 at your Guild Tower.

Item Changes
-Potion weight reduced by 35%.
-Potion cooldowns reduced by 50%.
-Glass Mole and Chapparition Cards adjusted to now provide % increase to damage rather than Attack stat.

Fixed many bugs with Re:Build.


I guess the base Hit is 100% and that gets reduces by evasion as well as you can block spells now as well.

That makes combustion coupled with pass sound spicy and spamy.

Can someone translate the greenwood shikigami hidden syngery that is marked with a star, please? It makes no sense with google translate in any language.

Yup! Just like that!

I am seeing them buffing Heal a lot and even giving it Overheat. Was it that bad in KTest?

Very restrictive to use. You can only heal one person every 15 seconds and they have to be in your party. It was potent as a heal on one person but a lot of people complaining that it’s too limiting/hard to use.

No. It’s talking about Spread Shot.

Ah okay that makes sense. Though a target Heal for 1 Person is great in group content and I believe Priest provides the AoE Heal.

I guess Attributes are the solution.

It would be a bit tricky, because these potions need to be sold on the market. How would the system determine the difference between a regular lv 15 potion and one with attributes? It would require a new system to track the strength of alchemist potions, or named potions, just like they were in RO.

Personally I would love named potions back.

OMFG more wizard nerfs LMAO
C’mon Tree of Scouts

I don’t really see cooldowns being lowered as nerfs. Yes the skill factors are going down as well, but more spam = more dps I’m sure.

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Pretty much
15 second micro dimension CD sounds ■■■■■■■ amazing

also rip in piece glass mole / chappa cards

How are those nerfs lol

If the cooldowns go down you can use it more often, thus they have to adjust the damage
But in most of them cooldown went down by 30-50% but damage went down by only 10-25%

Take Demon Scratch for example: They halved the cooldown, but only reduced like 30% of the damage.

Let’s clarify even more:
Demon Scratch before
40s CD 315% base damage (without lvl modifier)
2 Uses: 630% damage in 1m 20 seconds

Demon Scratch after:
20s CD 255% base damage (without lvl modifier)
1m 20 seconds = 4 uses = 1020% damage

They almost doubled the damage you can deal in the same time
Just because you see numbers going doing doesn’t mean it’s a nerf

By the way, having 15sec cd micro-dimension is amazing THANKS IMC


They really want people to use Micro Dimension and possibly copy stuff with it. Not that it doesn’t already do decent damage as well.

I am sure that would be fairly easy, doubt that is the problem. I think they simply don’t see it, don’t care or whatever else.

Wish they would make more attributes that cancel each other out and have to choose. You skill the base skill and then the attributes modify the skill and give you different ways to play the class.
Like, Pyro has direct damage and a way to play focused on burn debuff. There are so many things you could do.

I think some older cards may become more popular and expensive now with the change to stats and things like the Elementalist Self-Buff. You can’t freely pick your stats anymore thus stats from other sources should rise in importance to get what you want.

Kinda have to laugh at them buffing mostly the skills of higher ranked classes, just look at the list which skills they buff. Meanwhile Prominence 1 min CD and no overheat. XD
Well, some of the skills still needed it. Warlock already got gutted quite a bit. Still would like to see increases in the lower classes.

It is worthless if stuff can’t be copied. Can’t copy Frost Pillar anymore. Can’t copy sorc’s bats. Can copy ice wall, but for what?
The only useful things you may copy are that owl statue and Fireball. I will try a pyro-sage to see if is viable or not, but my hopes aren’t that high.