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<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen

Oh, thank you for that info…

Then +1 for Appraiser :o

Better change this way. Since Enchanter is with Scout now and they use Swords/Pistols. And Archers getting + to mainhand for their bows/cannons/muskets/etc.

Now that they almost doubled weapon damages, I am thinking if a couple of enhancements bonus will be significant…

I kinda read somewhere enhance isnt as impactful in rebuild as it is now. Someone correct me if im wrong

Ranger Pied Piper Mergen

Ranger + Mergen for the obvious buffs from Ranger, and Pied Piper because… I like this job :tired:.

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@adrian.agulto.rn your profile pic is falconer. I think you would enjoy keeping falconer together with mergen.
Therefore I will discuss two obvious re:builds with falcon + mergen so I can reduce my text (discussing all mergen builds takes very long):

Ranger - falcon - mergen
Ranger’s steady aim still gains x1.5 value on 2-handed Bows, so mergen is a good choice.
Ranger’s Barrage cooldown (25s) now reduces when you use High Anchoring. And High anchoring still reduces spiral arrow & bounce shot cooldowns. Mobbing + circling + High anchoring = reset barrage, bounce shot, spiral arrow easily.
Barrage & High anchoring are affected by AoE attack ratio. Great during Circling.
Barrage shotguns all mobs with aiming. And bosses too.
Spiral arrow is strong vs bosses. +50% crit rate (not crit chance) and 20% physical def-ignore.
The ranger distribution I recommend:
-high anchoring’s scaling is bad. The only useful scaling is the AoE-Attack ratio. However this is solved by circling + AoE gear.
-critical shot still provides the stacking buff, so level 1 is needed.
-Offensive skills maxed: barrage for boss & mobs, bounce shot for mobs, spiral arrow for mobs.
-Steady aim is must max of course.

Fletcher - falcon - mergen
Magic arrow is still great damage, especially on bosses. Cooldown still 5s. Caps at 5 levels so that’s great. Saves skill points.
Special synergy effect between Divine Explosion Arrow + Burn debuff: +50% divine explosion damage on burned enemies. Falconer’s Tomahawk inflicts 6s Burn.
Aiming + crossfire great AoE.
Bodkin point reduces def. Good for bossing.
Broadhead is very strong vs bosses. Special synergy effect: Broadhead on already Bleeding enemies inflicts Massive-Bleeding.
Fletcher options: focus-AoE (divine arrow) or focus-boss (broadhead max)

-Lacks skillpoints, so you must decide yourself which skills you enjoy. Some skills have high cooldowns. Skills with bad cooldown: zenith & arrow sprinkle.
-Excels at mobbing during circling + AoE gear.
Great during circling: triple arrow, homing arrow, zenith. Triple arrow includes 50% chance to explode to deal more AoE damage. Homing arrow charge-up cannot be interrupted by damage only by crowd control. Zenith is still best used when you hug mobs.
Tough targets (boss): downfall.
Usually 1 pointers: spread shot, arrow sprinkle
True Aoe: jump shot
Example, but you could leave out a few skills to reduce Piano-playstyle. Overall damage is higher with few lvl1 skills mixed in but sp cost higher and more piano-play:

Note: mergen skills are still Bow-only, even though the simulator shows Crossbow too.

-Circling & Aiming are obvious.
Circling higher = +duration. The attribute changed and provides you +3 AoE during circling’s duration. So higher circling = longer duration +3 AoE attack ratio.
Aiming higher = purple circle size bigger.
-Sonic strike(4 AoE?) and Tomahawk(20 AoE) use AoE-Atk ratio
-Pheasant is a true 15-target skill and auto-bounces + knockdowns all mobs towards the pheasant during impact
Pheasant’s 5-hit attribute increases skill damage by x2.5, so pheasant is stronger than sonic strike.
-Roost makes falcon sit for 5s, then all your falconer cooldowns reset.
-Tomahawk hits a fixed distance in front of you. The skill misses all mobs which are too close. If you have played the wizard class Onmyouji with Ying-yang skill, you will understand. Tomahawk burns enemies for 6s. The cooldown is long but fits circling’s cooldown.


It hurts me to see zenith not even being the top skill within mergen tree
that c3 skill is why i played mergen pre rebuild :frowning:

Wow never expected to see you reply here! Thanks for your time! So High Anchoring basically a skill that reduces a lot of otger skills’ CD… Pretty good since I spam it very often for its attribute (-crit def). A few inquiries though:

  1. that is exactly how I would put my skill allocation for mergen3. So Zenith is just1 pointer?

  2. sonic strike now also a 1 pointer as a filler skill? Unlike now we use ro max it for PES

Oh and yeah because I like Falconer in this current version, especially PES. I feel like without it wont be the same falconer I chose to play before… That is why I want to know next to a ranger falco mergen, what could be my next best build. :slight_smile:

T10 velco vs T10 +16 primus
this pic show that enhance contribute less after rebuild because of the difference between rarity’s base stats
equipment priority:

  1. rarity
  2. transcend
  3. enhance

but that glowing effect from +15 onward is very tempting to have (7deadly sins:PRIDE+GREED+ENVY)


Wow. That velco only on trans but still higher than the +16 t10 pistol. So it is indeed better to have rarer equip as much as possible…

Yeh that glow… Omg I hope I can atleast grabe myself a +16 velco bow haha

Have you guys considered the possibility of going for something like, Ranger > Fletcher > Mergen?
Even if Falconer issues were solved, i don’t thing it will increase your dps any higher than you would with the Ranger > Fletcher combinations in your build. If you plan to clear content at least, on things like boss fights aiming won’t be that much of a necessity as many of the skills within this build are single target. Have in mind that Fletcher now has some of the higher SFR in the archer tree with the lowest cooldown and highest overheat values available. And with Ranger changes Spiral Arrow is somewhat more manageable than before and with Steady Aim still being one of the best dps buffs for bow based classes. Remember one of the biggest gameplay changes in the Re:Build update is the focus on party play, so as long as you got a Falconer in your party there’s nothing else to worry about.


This exactly are my thoughts as of lately. :frowning:

aiming max lv in action! really big purple

No ranger? I coz it is a battle between fletcher and falco for me… I feel like Ranger is a must but am I wrong?

Holy crap that new Spread Shot actually looks like it is starting to live up to its name. I thought it was falconer PES! Also like how Triple Shot can be more spammable now, like the rest of Mergen’s kit

as you can see here, triple arrow explosion is nerfed 50% chance

here is a demo of your preferred build

IMO, falco vs fletcher

+better AOE DPS for self and party
+easier to get party
-redundant if teamed with another falconer

+higher single target DPS than falco
-need falconer friend to unleash your full potential
-hectic piano gameplay


I would bet on falco in almost any archer build on RE, honestly. Aiming is just too OP to skip it. Especially if you prefer to play alone / with random parties.

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For me atleast PES was the fun about falco, i for sure will drop falco in RE… that being said i am tempted to test some builds.

  • ranger > piper > mergen (need to be tested, i 'm wondering if the CC plus buffs is enough to compensate the lack of DPS)

  • ranger > sapper > mergen (new sapper looks good, but needs to be tested in some contents)

  • ranger > fletcher > mergen (if all else fails).

Sorry for my bad english, its not my first language.

Spreadshot looking really nice.

As crazy as it sounds, do you guys think Zenith is no longer worth investing into?

Mergen skills are awfully crowded.


Thanks guys! Even if it sounds I am leaning towards fletcher mergen, I am quite happy to be proven that falco is still better overall in fact.

Which means I get to just keep my current build, which is the best case scenario for me :slight_smile:

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2h bow archer here but i main falco instead of mergen

i dun have any other choice but to be ranger > falco > mergen for my playstyle,
from all rounder piano pve build a1 r3 fl2 fal3 merg1

aiming is very efficient and ranger buff is hard to let go too, and mergen can synergy well with the previous two classes


tos:re is a huge setback to some old players imo, theory-crafted for a long time until you get your own favorite build and gear it up on the process but only to found out a rework will come soon

tfw your existing build will be gone soon, gud days will be remembered :3

it can’t be helped but need to adopt again for the upcoming rebuild.

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You sir have said it very well indeed… I feel exactly the same too… I wont deny the synergy between mergen falco + ranger. Though we got hit by nerf (like other builds anyway) we just have to adapt and continue.

Btw great vid! Didnt know 21f are flying mobs. Great for mergens :slight_smile: