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Lvl170 - 2H vs. Xbow + Mana-mana - Current BIS


Thanks to @Lyralei as he provide the complete list of the possible end-game bow:

EDITED: (with Bandit)

Take Note:
Lolopanther weapon equips does not exist right now as you need to finish 20F of the Earth Tower in order to get the materials for crafting (No one ever finished this fcking tower, even in KTOS 13F or 15F farthest I think?), so this will be the current possible BIS that we have right now.

Xbow + Mana-mana is better than 2Hand Bow
2Hand Bow is for Flying

BIS Crossbow:
Didel Grand Cross (untradable and can be obtain in Lvl240 Saalus Convent Dungeon)
SKC + Briquetting (Weapon Buff) - budget friendly crossbow

If you have more than 60% Critical Rate use:
DGC is the best (Didel Grand Cross)

If you have less than 60% Critical Rate use
SKC (Superior Kracked Crossbow) + Briquetting

Depending on your personal Choice:
Karacha Crossbow - which gives you +1 movespeed, good to offset the -1 from Agvara Cannon

Other related comparisons:

Old data:

with different scenarios:

SKC vs. KarachaCrossbow comparison (discussing the +crit damage from Karacha)

Some glimpse on Lolopanther weapons:

Please free to post if you have any clarifications suggestions and questions.

Original old post below:

This is pure theory-crafting

I will just compare Maga Bow vs. Catacombs Shooter + Mana-mana, IMO these are the best weapon on lvl 170

Weapon Description

Maga Bow
Attack : 312~468
AoE Atk Ratio +1
Evasion +24
HP +1020
Attack on Large Target +184

Catacombs Shooter
Attack : 276~305
Phy Atk +31
HP Recov +50
Attack on Leather Target +80
Ice Resist +43

AoE Atk Ratio +1
Crit Rate +35
Movespeed +1
Lightning Attack +278

Doing the math:

Maga bow
Average Atk = (312+468)/2 = 390 on Normal -> lowest damage
If target is Large Monster = 390+194 = 574 on Large

Catac Shooter + Mana-mana
Avg Atk = (276+305)/2 = 290.5 ~ 290

Phy Atk +31 = 290 + 31 = 321

Additional Lightning Damage:
Fire/Poison/Holy/Dark = 321+278 = 599
Lightning/Earth = 312+ (278/2) = 460 -> lowest damage
Ice = 312+ (278*2) = 738

Leather Target
Fire/Poison/Holy/Dark = 599 +80 = 679
Lightning/Earth = 460 + 80 = 540
Ice = 738 + 80 = 818

Lowest Damage Possible of Maga Bow is 320, while Catac+Mana is 470

PROs Maga Bow
-> +1020 HP
-> +24 Evasion
-> +100% on flying (Attribute)

PROs Catac Shooter + Mana-mana
-> +35 Crit Rate
-> +1 Move Speed
-> 50 HP Recov
-> 43 Ice Resist
-> Ignores 25% of target’s defense (attribute)

-> More expensive

IMO, Xbow + Mana-mana really outplays the Maga Bow. So maybe for me this is the end game before Lolopanther Equips for Archers (since I have already looked on Lvl220 equips)

If Fletchers skills can be used on Xbow+Pistol/Dagger, then it is also good for them (unless switch to Viper when Casting DoT skills? or really not necessary).

Please correct me if I missed something.



Really want to know the answer to this as well. Thankss

Yes, but I’m waiting for someone who has the silver power to buy both of these and do some damage test and confirm to us. haha lol :wink:

Personally Id prefer a Magas shooter + Mana-Mana.

IMO Viper is better than Maga bow in terms of damage. But most of the damage is poison property and you take bonus poison damage so its not exactly the best in some situations.

Where the Catacombs 2H Bow at?

Already did computation on Viper and Khasi/Catacombs Bow.

I will revise again later. I just need to teach my team members. BRB @ work


Karacha Crossbow not included either ?

being Bias on Rogues >: ) haha not fun of. but for you babe, i will include

Well if you guys want to get Magas bow in Telsiai SEA server can PM me in game.

Character name: Ducky
Team name: Banana89

Can anyone confirm this?
Catacombs Crossbow + Mana-mana are better than Viper for Wugushi? Does the lightning damage from Mana-mana will be added to the Wugushi skills like the poison damage from Viper?

You do understand, that elemental damage adds ontop of crit? So it’s only phys damage gets 1.5 multiplier on crit, and viper/mana-mana will add its elemental damage on top? So If we’re comparing with Maga bow for example:
Maga bow
(312+468/)2*1.5 = 585 average damage on crit(not factoring your innate phys attack)
((97+145)/2)*1.5+346 = 467 average damage on crit.
So, on heavy DEX builds Maga will easily pull ahead of Viper, not factoring poison resistant mobs and other.
OP’s also didn’t use crit in his calculations at all.


Viper or maga for best DPS still confusing <3

Lol smell market price gonna jump up lol

This. And am I missing something, but why isn’t Arde/Karacha Dagger up there?

But there is also a DEF that is deducted from damage before crit mod. Its not easy to estimate real damage as 2x2, formula is pretty big and complicated.

Also for Wugushi - I haven’t tested one personally, but as I know its DoTs can’t crit at all, so they have a bit different calculations.

Because Arde and Karacha dagger are much worse than Mana-mana I guess.

However Karacha Crossbow is an interesting one, it easily could be better than Catacombs Shooter because of Critical Attack +150. And there are also some good alternatives like Morto (lvl 170), Bandit (lvl 220) and Didel Grand Cross (lvl 220).

This figures are just computed based on Weapon Damage (with Elemental Effect) itself, there’s no innae PhyAtk (from Str) and defense etc.

@Beresta true, that changes the “best offensive Crossbow” +150 Crit Attack but as per computation:
Karacha Xbow Avg Atk = 249
Catacombs = 290 + 31 = 321
they had 72 attack difference but i’m not sure if 1 PhyAtk = 1Crit Atk during Critical hits

not to mention +1 Move Speed <3

@trindynasty that’s why i think twice posting this, haven’t got my mana-mana :frowning: already got Catac Shooter Recipe

@thai.mocktrial sorry not a fan of Rogue, but I will prepare also for this one.

@munsayacmlj afaik, the 346 poison damage in Viper ticks in every DoT damage such as poison, burn from crossfire, additional atk, bleed from Broadhead.

Sorry, im grinding tonight. haha i’ll update if i have time.

Ofc, but DEF is also deducted from non-cirt damage, i’ve just commented for a fact that for a high-crit archer(any archer that is not wugushi basicaly), you shoud also implement crits to determine weapon choice.Viper is better for wugu, as far as i know.

As a person who has enough money to buy both 2HBow and Xbow+Manana i can confirm that Catashooter+Manana Out DMG in any situation (It traget not a flying type) tested on AA and skill (Im a Flectcher)