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Druid has many strange glitches?

  1. Chortasmata doesn’t change the monster to plant type? (maybe it does, but at the very least it doesn’t allow shape shifting into the monster)
  2. Carnivory doesn’t work on grass that isn’t Chortasmata?

Use the search function next time :+1:

actually… “1. SKILL - Bug: Druid’s Shapeshifting
We are fully aware of the Druid’s Shapeshifting skill being able to get the unattainable skills from the monsters. We are in the process of fixing that issue” isn’t the issue I’m talking about…

you didn’t read the whole thread or search?

I did find and didn’t find a shapeshift, chortasmata nor carnivory doe…

Alright I read the entire thread but didn’t find it. Please tell me where it is.

I see. Thanks. It doesn’t resolve my chortasmata and shape shift though.

I dont think shapeshifting on type-changed (to plant from whatever) should work, so whats wrong with it not working?

well… when everything is devil you can’t shape shift at all.