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[COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance & Patch Notes - April 5th, 2016

Greetings Saviors!

As previously announced, the servers will be undergoing some maintenance and we would like to let you know what is to be patched during the maintenance period. We also wish to apologize and compensate for the recent issue where users were unable to access dungeons through the party matchmaking system.

  • Maintenance Period : 01:00~05:00 AM (EDT) April 5th, 2016

  • Patch Notes

    • Instance Instability Compensation : Instanced Dungeon Reset Voucher (x5)

    • The compensation message and items attached will last until 1 AM (EDT) April 9th, 2016.

    • The message will be deleted after that time making it impossible to retrieve the items.

    • Monster Respawn Rate : 50% increase on all field zones

    • Megaphones : Addition of a Lv. 40 restriction to usage

We apologize for any and all inconveniences that you may have experienced. Please note that we were not able to include some of the more major tweaks since they are still being stabilized. They will be fixed and patched as soon as possible.

Another important thing to note is that we are still in the process of tackling the big elephant in the room, ‘server stability’, and would like to apologize for the connection issues that many of you experienced during launch week.

Thank you for all of your patience and understanding. We will strive to provide service that is worthy of your enthusiasm and support.

IMC Staff

[Minor Update]
There seems to have been a small hiccup in the file sync between us, AWS and Steam. Please restart the client and it should show proper text instead of $NoData$.


YES! At least some people who spam those megaphone will stop :).


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I’m gonna cry, u listened to us…

God i’m happy now, i think no one will QQ after this.
Thank you.


Keep the Good Work IMC Staff. Congratz!


It is a item? Example: i can use this 5x and do 15 dungeons (vip) ??? O.O

South American players NEED a LA SERVER like europeans and asians…


10/10 thank you :smiley: imc


Thanks for dealing with the issues, and listening to your players. Hopefully everyone will be able to calm down and enjoy the game more once they have all been sorted out. These alterations will definitely help. And the free stuff to help cope is very much appreciated!

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I know we will have a compensation but there is no word on fixing dungeons oO
Are you guys trying to make dungeons work on this maintenance or it’s postponed? @STAFF_Ethan

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This Lv 40 restriction is quite useful but it will no effect much if you did not ban them (gold seller)

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Well @LucianoShaman I guess is this. Reset the dungeon 3 times x 5 then 15 Dungeons.

can the staff explain the deep meaning of 50% increase on all field zones?

is it the same like all mobs spawn together after the server check or individual checking for individual respawning?

really hard for the low level players to finish their quest on killing elite monster or getting an item from elite monster or interacting with an elite monster (tenet chapel, im looking at you)

They probably working on otherwise the reset scrolls would be pointless.

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I like the lvl 40 megaphone, awesome awesome.


Nice play IMC.

I’am glady because some itens already going on, and they really listen the comunity. I hope in the future (not so long) we can have our LA server.


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I got really excited when I read this,

but then a sudden feeling of disappointment swept over me when it wasn’t follow by, “the trade restrictions”… :cry: