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[Class] Kabbalist Overview

Kabbalist is defense oriented support that relies heavily on skill management to be effective. They are by far the most underwhelming class of the current Rank 8 patch. Despite this fact, Kabbalist does have some useful abilities within the kit.

Change Log
[8.19.2016] - Ver. 3 Rewrite
[8.23.2016] - Circle 2 WIP
[9.5.2016] - Inquisitor & Taoist, R7 damage formula.
[10.12.2016] - Kabbalist C2, Rank 8 Info dump, & observations of Lv 330 content.
[4.3.2017] - General updates

##Class Abilities

Revenged Sevenfold - The next time you would take damage, reduce the damage to 1 and return x7 damage back to the Attacker.
Circle: 1
Ability Type: Offensive
Effect Duration: 60 Seconds or until triggered
Cooldown: 40 Seconds
Damage: 7 times the damage received + additional 10% per Ability Level

  • Revenged Sevenfold: Duration (Max 5) - +1 Second per Attribute Level on the Effect Duration.

  • Revenged Sevenfold: Curse (Max 3) - 10% per Attribute Level Chance of inflicting Curse for 4 seconds.

Ability Notes:

  • Revenged Sevenfold Calculation:
    R7 Damage = (Damage Taken + [{10% per R7 Level} x Damage Taken] x 7 hits.

Example; Assume Level 5 R7, 100 Damage taken total. R7 Damage = (100 + [{50%} x 100] x 7 hits = 1050 Damage Total

  • RS applies to the closest Allies, including Pets, Merkabah Wheels, Corsair Flags, Sorcerer Summons, Necromancer Summons, Diev Statues, etc.

  • Keep in mind, Knock backs and Status Effects will still effect you because you didn’t negate the hit like with Safety Zone, Block or Dodge.

  • Fun Fact: If you are under the affect of Mackangdal (Bokor 2) & use RS before it goes off. All of the accumulated damage will be sent to you seven times over. Yay! self-induced suicide!

Ein Sof - Places a tile on the ground, when you or an Ally walks into the title increasing Maximum HP for the duration.
Circle: 1
Ability Type: Support
Tile Duration: 20 + 3 Seconds per Ability Level
Cooldown: 60 Seconds

  • Ein Sof: SP Recovery (Max 1) - Converts half of the Maximum HP into SP Restoration instead

  • Ein Sof: Maintain Time (Max 5) - +1 Second per Attribute Level to the Tile Duration

  • Ein Sof: Stacked Healing (Max 1) - Double the Amount recovered by Heal & Mass Heal. Double the amount of HP recovered. Both effects do not stack.

Ability Notes:

  • You only need Lv. 3 to get the SP Restoration Attribute

  • Extremely good for any Kabbalist Build, literally ANY build

  • Warning: Ein Sof can be consumed by any Unit that you can Heal. Meaning, Corsair Flags & Sorcerer Cats, Sorcerer Summons, Warlock Spirits, etc.

  • Does not work with… Spiritual Chain (Linker2), Out of Body (Sadhu)

Merkabah - AoE Magical Damage Ability. After a Cast Bar and a short delay, the Wheels travel to a specified area and deal Holy Damage. Riding them deals Double Damage.
Circle: 1
Ability Type: Offensive
Cooldown: 45 Seconds
Damage: 765 + 175.39 Damage per Wheel. 1 Wheel per Ability Level

  • Merkabah: Enhance (Max 100) - Increase Merkabah Damage by 1% per Attribute Level.

  • Merkabah: Petrification (Max 1) - Inflicts Petrification for 3 seconds on enemies inflicted by Curse

  • Merkabah: Decrease Movement Speed (Max 1) - C2; Reduces Merkabah’s movement speed.

  • Merkabah: Divine Protection (Max 1) - C2; Nullify either Physical Damage or Magical Damage when near Merkabah and gain 10% additional holy property damage

  • Merkabah: Increase Magic Defense (Max 20) - C2; Increase Magic Defense by 10 per attribute level when near Merkabah.

  • Merkabah: Enhanced Durability (Max 5) - C2; Reduces all incoming damage the Wheel would take to 1. Increase Wheel HP by attribute level.

Ability Notes:

  • There is a Cast Time & Animation Delay

  • Merkabah travels in a line towards specified area before doing AoE Magical Damage. Merkabah can be destroyed by damaging attacks.

  • The Petrification attribute is extremely difficult to pull off with just the base kit. Bokor makes this easier with Hexing.

  • With Circle 2 Attributes: Merkabah Increases MDEF and Damage when standing next to the wheel. The Extra Holy Damage is 10% of the damage dealt as an extra line of damage, which triggers on Skills including those of your allies.

  • How to Ride Merkabah: Simply walk up to a Merkabah and input the same command to Mount. You cannot mount Merkabah if you are already Mounted. If you grab the Slow Attribute, riding Merkabah isn’t very viable.

  • Obstacles vs Merkabah: Merkabah will travel along an Walls, Obstacles, and Terrain before exploding. Even if Merkabah doesn’t visually arrive to it’s destination it will still deal damage to targets in the targeted area.

Gematria - Calculates a number based on the enemy’s full name.
Circle: 1
Ability Type: Support
Effect: Applies to Ability Level + 1 Targets
Cooldown: 10 Seconds

Notarikon - Calculates a number based on the first and last letter of the enemy’s name.
Circle: 1
Ability Type: Support
Effect: Applies to Ability Level + 1 Targets
Cooldown: 10 Seconds

Attributes for Gematria & Notarikon:

  • Enhanced Defense Formation: Saved Time (Max 1) - C2; calculate Gematria & Notarikon faster.

  • Enhanced Defense Formation: Target Increased (Max 3) - C2; affect 1 additional target per attribute level with Gematria & Notarikon

Ability Notes:

  • Use Gematria or Notarikon to activate Reduce Level, Double Chance, or Clone
  • Increasing the Skill’s Level only increases the number of mobs that are effected by these skills.
  • Very short range, frontal cone area.

Reduce Level - Decreases the level of the enemy based on the calculated number from Gematria or Notarikon.
Circle: 1
Ability Type: Support
Effect: Reduces Enemy’s level based on Gematria or Notarikon +1 additional level based on Ability Level.
Duration: 10 + 1 Second per Ability Level
Cooldown: 35 Seconds
Ability Notes:

  • Reducing the level of the enemy reduces it’s overall stats for a duration.
  • Requires a Number produced by Gematria or Notarikon to be activated.
  • Works on Boss Monsters
  • You can repeatedly use Reduce Level on the same mob, however the duration is shorter than the ability cooldown

Double Chance - Places a Debuff on the enemy effected by Gematria or Notarikon. The next time they would take damage reduce the damage, then deal the number calculated hits to the target.
Circle: 2
Ability Type Offensive
Effect: Based on the number derived from selected targets, gains a chance to perform Repeated Hits. The attacked target gains damage according to the Repeated Hits chance.
Damage Reduced to: 10% per Skill Level
Cooldown: 42 Seconds
Ability Notes:

  • Requires a Number produced by Gematria or Notarikon to be applied, but effects all targets under the effect of Gema/Nota.

  • Double Chance Calculation:
    Double Chance Damage = (Damage Dealt x [10% per Double Chance Level]) x (Gematria or Notarikon Number) Hits.

Example-1; Gema/Nota = 5, Double Chance Level 1, & Damage Dealt = 100
(100 x [10%]) x (5) Hits = 50 Damage split over 5 Hits.

  • Possibly the worst description for this skill.

  • The Damage you or an Ally would do is REDUCED to the % listed on the skill, then MULTIPLIED by Gema/Nota’s Number. Meaning at Level 1 the Skill is a DPS Loss unless you are able to reliably calculate a number of 10+.

  • As more skill points are invested into Double Chance the damage potential increases. Below is Example-2 with Double Chance Level 5

Example-2; Gema/Nota = 5, Double Chance Level 5, & Damage Dealt 100
(100 x [50%]) x (5) Hits = 250 Damage split over 5 Hits.

Circle: 2
Ability Type: Support
Effect: Clone a selected monster based on the number calculated from the formula. Clone monsters will not yield EXP items can be dropped. Furthermore, the original and the copy cannot be further cloned.
Cooldown: 73 Seconds
Ability Notes:

  • These clones last a set duration and grant Silver and Items as the original.

  • You cannot clone Elite Mobs and Bosses

  • Cloning Blue/White/Yellow/Red Mobs does not copy the buff, just the mob itself


  • STR - It will help early on with Auto Attacks, but falls off later on as you don’t have anything that really scales off this stat.

  • CON - All Classes & Builds require this stat to some degree. I would say 70 to 100 is a good range to shoot for, or however much Total HP you feel comfortable with. Headgear enchantments can increase your HP by upwards of 6k+ HP as well.

  • INT - Only effects Merkabah’s Damage from the Kabbalist kit. This also affects other Magical Damage Abilities and Heal. The only Stat you need for the meta Diev/Miko build atm.

  • SPR - Increases Maximum SP, SP Recovery, and Debuff Resistance. Most Buffs scale off of this Stat. Kabbalist does not benefit much from this Stat, except for the Debuff Resistance.

  • DEX - Determines Accuracy and Criticals. Great for Physical Damage builds. Useless for Magical Damage builds as whole.

Class Synergies

Cleric 2 - Circle 2 is the recommended for most builds. You’ll want to grab Heal, Safety Zone, & Divine Might as priority. A single point in Cure, Deprotect Zone & Fade is enough for most builds.

Priest 1 - Circle 1 is very beneficial for Resurrection alone. Monstrance is one of the few DEX buffs in the game and Aspersion is pretty great. Blessing is OK, but Pardoners should be very affordable and common as most pack level 15 to 16 Blessing. Anything beyond Priest 1 is a waste as Buff Count Limits and poor skill scaling are large issues with this Class.

Krivis 1 - Great 1 Circle class Diano increase Buff Count Limit, which is extremely valuable late game. Zalciai increases Critical Attack & reduces Critical Resistance of enemies, the Attribute grants Magic Amp. Aukuras is OK, great if you need an extra Debuff for Plague Doctor and the shortened HP Recovery time is decent as well. Zaibas is an excellent early-game damage ability, but will fall off as early as Rank 5.

Bokor 3 - Great for an option for an INT-Kabbalist. The Zombies are not notable until Circle 2 when you can start manipulating them more. But Hexing, Effigy, Samediveve & Mackangdal are what you would grab from this class. Bokor is ideal for PvP as they are very hard to kill and can easily pick off enemies. Lastly they have a lot of good synergy with Kabbalist with Petrify Attributed Merkabah and Attributed Ein Sof to refill their SP after Effigy spamming.

  • Bokor’s Hexing: Bokor’s Hexing acts as Curse for the sake of Kabbalist’s Petrifaction Attribute on Merkabah.

  • Bokor’s Mackangdal & Revenged Sevenfold: While under the effect of Mackangdal you are invincible for a set duration, when the effect wears off you receive all damage you negated at once. If Revenged Sevenfold triggers off of Mackangdal’s Damage, you receive 7 times of the accumulated damage. This occurs because Revenged Sevenfold registers Mackangdal’s damage source as you and not the enemies that hit you. So be very careful!

Dievdirby 3 - The strongest Cleric Class hands down. The Statues are both AoE Buffs and Debuffs zones. Carve Attack can help you in the early stages of leveling as the damage is fairly high even without STR. Circle 2 will get you Carve Owl which is the main source of damage from this Class. Ausrine makes you immune to damage for a good while. Excellent choice if you are unsure of your Cleric Build due to the utility of the kit.

Sadhu 3 - Magical Damage Auto Attacks while Out of Body. Astral Body Explosion is also a notable AoE ability. Circle 2 will get you Possession which is a channeled Immoblize & Holy Damage ability. Can also debuff enemies and transfer Stats to Allies as well. This is a nice alternative to Bokor in a INT-Kabbalist build. However, the class is known to be very gimmicky at times. Good pair with Kabbalist as most of the Sadhu abilities have relatively short Cooldowns.

Paladin 1 - Restoration gives you significant HP & SP Recovery, which adds over time with grind parties, additionally your Heals become significantly stronger while Restoration is active (hidden passive). Resist Elements gives decent resistances, as well as a chance to negate and reduce nearby enemy resistances. You also get a filler Physical Skill. Not extremely useful overall as it scales poorly and Circle 2 lackluster as well.

Monk 2 - If you are considering Monk, go for Rank 2 for Energy Blast. Double Punch will let you consume the Stamina you aren’t using anyways. Kabbalist is an OK single rank dip before going into Inquisitor for Ein Sof & R7. But it would probably be better to go Monk 3 than Kabbalist

Pardoner 1 - You get access to the one of the few Magic Defense Buffs in the game. Discerning Evil extends the duration of Debuffs on a target. Additionally you can craft ‘Dispellers’ cleanses status effects, great for PvP. Indulgentia is one of the few counters to major hard CC. Simony allows you to craft Spell Scrolls which is great if you went Priest or Krivis before. Not the best class to pick with Kabbalist as it has very little synergy.

Chaplain - Just don’t. Think of it as Priest Circle 4. It was designed to help people level or at least do some damage with a full SPR Priest 3 build. The problem, however, is Chaplain actually makes the problems with Priest 3 worst. The Damage severely falls off once you get into the Rank 7 and the support kit is poorly designed. IMC needs to either pull this class or rework it to be viable.

Oracle 1 - Arcane Energy increases your party’s Max SP & Stamina. You can manipulate item drops with Resetting which is very unique. You also have access to Counter Spell and Prophecy which is great for PvP and GvG. This class is heavy utility and it is an ideal 1 Rank dip along with Kabbalist.

Druid 1 - Gives you another source of AoE damage with the Chortasmata & Carnivory. If you pair this with Krivis, Sadhu, or Bokor, you can become a self-sustaining Mage as you will have access to SP recovery with Ein Sof. However Druid 3 makes Druid a very strong DPS Cleric. Making Kabbalist not such a good choice.

Miko - Best Hidden Class in the game. The kit gives you everything you were missing and more. Most effective after going Diev 3 as you can maintain the Statutes way beyond their Duration. Has an Holy Damage AoE that hits flying enemies and generally scales well into Rank 8 content. Must take if you are doing Diev 3.

Inquisitor 1 - Physical Melee Cleric class with an array of AoE offensive skills. Malleus Maleficarum is a large AoE that Silences Monsters and drains SP on Players, it also reduces INT & SPR. Pear of Anguish is an Anti-Magic ability that homes in on nearby enemies that cast magic abilities, great as the 280+ Mobs begin to cast a lot of Magic. Overall they seemed to be designed for Monk & other STR/DEX builds to either make up or modify their offensive kits.

Taoist 1 - Magical Cleric using Charms to grant buffs to allies and deal damage to enemies. These Charms can be remotely detonated for damage and can be used for zoning; similar to how Diev makes creates Debuff zones. Storm Calling is most notable one as it increases Lightning Property Damage by a large amount but also has an attribute that increases Melee attacks on enemies by 50%. Kabbalist becomes a good 1 Rank dip.

Build Considerations:

Current Meta
Cleric 2 > Dievdirby 3 > Miko > Kabbalist 1 > Inquisitor

Cleric 3 > Sadhu 3 > Kabbalist 2
Cleric 2 > Priest 1/Krivis 1 > Bokor 3/Sadhu 3 > Kabbalist 2


Kabbalists have long Cooldowns with fairly powerful abilities.

Kabbalist 1 makes an excellent 1 Rank dip as Ein Sof’s SP recovery & Stacked Healing attributes are easily accessible. R7 is an excellent Defensive Cooldown. Merkabah is an extra damage that can be utilized.

Kabbalist 2 fleshes out the kit more with a Double Chance making Notarikon & Gematria actually useful. Merkabah’s new attributes also boost overall DPS by 10% so long as allies are within the Area.

PvP: Team Battle League & GvG

Team Battle League: R7 is your best ability. Most opponents will kill themselves trying to burst you down. Merkabah can be used for Zoning and the AoE radius can clip Cloaked or Hidden enemies, but turn off the Decreased Movement attribute. The Petrification Attribute should be turned on if you have access to Hexing as it can provide follow up CC. Ein Sof is situational, the HP boost can help early in the match in case you get CC chained. You can probably get away with turning off the SP attribute.

GvG: Kabbalists are versatile as they excel at both Offensive and Defense. Offensively, Merkabah’s addition tick of damage can help rip apart Towers quickly and the wheels can eat up charges of ground AoEs. Defensively, R7 is still the best defensive skill in the game as you can create picks with the reflect. Ein Sof in combination with Patron Orb gives an insane boost to HP for a single person.

Watch for: R7 breaks easily against multi-hit moves, and usually smarter players will find ways to get around it. Ein Sof only boosts your Maximum HP, so you are really only using it has a Healing steroid. Merkabah with the new attributes are much more predictable and easily dealt with.

##Final Thoughts
Kabbalist fall solidly into a Tank-Support like role as, they themselves cannot do very much damage, but boosts other player’s damage significantly. Kabbalists are on the last frontier of Full Support classes that can survive Tree’s current game state. I would venture to say, IMC probably won’t be introducing a Full-Support or Tank-Support in Ranks 9 & 10 with the way the game is scaling.

One main concern is Kabbalist lacks a direct HP heal or Anti-Debuff ability. Making it conceptually confusing versus Plague Doctor which has a very obvious synergy. Circle 2, finally gave Kabbalist a little bit more of a fleshed out Buff, Defense & Survival kit, which is a good direction to go in. However the class still pales in comparison to other Class of the same or higher Rank. Circle 3 will need to really need to amp up the kit for Kabbalist at least stand on par with the other classes.


Is Sacrament Lv.10 really a must have?

Nice overview! i like it.

Im working on a kabbalist involving sadhu right now and i had no idea what those last 3 skills did. now i know they are pretty useless.

As for ein sof, does that mean if you gain 10k max hp without the attribute, then with the attribute you would gain 5k max hp and recover 5k SP?

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It depends. If you are going Priest 3 > Chaplain, Sacrament 5’s duration matches with Last Rites and the damage increase for Level 10 isn’t significant because the main source of damage in Chaplain is Aspergillum. As such Aspersion is a bit higher for the damage scaling.

If you are going Priest 3 in any of the builds. Sacrament 10 will last longer and grant you a bit more damage. It’s mostly to maximize one of your few damage buffs. But of course, if you feel 10 is too much, feel free to drop points for something else, 10 is just a suggestion in the builds.

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Thank you

This is how Ein Sof’s Attribute reads…

So, Yes. It does read like that for the SP recovery. It’s also difficult to see as most classes that do run out of SP don’t have large SP pools to start with so it’s difficult to tell the exact number.

Any idea or does anyone have any inputs on how reduce level will improve party’s dps against bosses(if it works)?

Well, any kabal here even bothered investing skills on the other questionable skills and done a little experimenting on them?

I get a feeling that Reduce Level won’t work on bosses, but there isn’t any info either way. I’ll probably try it once I get there.

I haven’t checked out Kabbalist yet but isnt Revenged Sevenfold only lasts 1 hit?

Really nice to have a Kabbalist thread :3. This class has been overshadowed by the popular plague doctor class.

Am working on the Cleric2->Dievdirby2->Paladin1->Dievdirby3->Kabbalist build. Hopefully it works as what I think it to be :3.

I’m thinking about combinating bokor 2 with kabbalist. I feel like there is a hilariously efficient combo using mackangdal and revenged sevenfold.

Indeed. Everyone is like “omg Plague Doctor” but I think Kabbalist looks more fun.

I like that build. It’s like an “Aura” support build with actual damage.

Tell me how that goes! Because I’ve always thought Mackangdal was an underwhelming skill, but if it works with Revenged Sevenfold then just be amazing.

Well, I just noticed that the skill revenged sevenfold prevents you from ONE hit and mirrors that dmg to the attacker.

Mackangdal works like, you cast it and after 15 sec (on lvl5) you get all the dmg you received at once via ONE hit.

Thats the deal. I feel like this could become OP and nobody thought about it, always thinking about plaque doctor here and plaque doctor there bla bla

…maybe I should better had kept that idea for myself, I wanna have a unique build >.<


Just as everyone know, we already have 2 discussion regarding this class

Now, im just waiting whether this one will end up like the other two and be forgotten by the entire clerics and overwhelmed by Pdocs fanboys.

I think the real strength of the Kab is going to be taking it to rank 9.

Ein Sof is a decent skill at level 5 where it can either double your HP, or increase it by 50% and give you the rest in SP, but a level 15 Ein Sof either quadruples your HP or x2.5s it and well…maxes your SP bar.

I mean quadrupling someone’s HP is probably the strongest healing buff in the game. It basically turns a level 10 Mass Heal from 28% of your max HP into 112% of your original max HP.

Heal gets changed from 5% of your mac HP per cell into 20% of your original HP per cell.

Another perk is that with a 4x HP buff you might not even have to put points into Con in the first place unlike other builds and will be able to dump those extra points into more relevant stats (though you still might still want to).

Not to mention the synergy it can bring with Last Rites at higher ranks. With a level 15 Ein Sof quadrupling your HP you can drop a level 8 Mass Cure healing for 24% and change and still likely be under the 50% threshold for Last Rights to be active.

Kab may not be as popular as PD right now, but a level 3 Kab has a more than decent chance of being stronger than 3 PD.

Of course they’re not popular. Every cleric turned “go go ga ga” at PDocs

I want to see this cl.ass full potential and hopefully c2 kabal will prove that matter.

And yes, im str cleric going for kabal because I want the level down ability

That first one is mine. I just had a derp moment and forgot that I was signed into a different account. I’ll probably erase it in a moment here and link it to this one.[quote=“Huerin, post:17, topic:212234, full:true”]
Of course they’re not popular. Every cleric turned “go go ga ga” at PDocs

I want to see this cl.ass full potential and hopefully c2 kabal will prove that matter.

And yes, im str cleric going for kabal because I want the level down ability

Nice! let me know how the skills play out once get more than a single level in the calculation skills.

Grinding is gonna be hard.

Still thinking if I should focus on ein sof for the SP recovery or get straight the number skills.

Still, riding the flaming wheel is awesome

This is just a little theorycrafting/daydreaming by me about Kabbalist… That I rly wanted to share in a topic.I hope no one minds… X)

So I dunno why but a little bit I’m expecting a physical skill for Kabbalist. Because we already have classes that has both and not on the same rank.

…and not too long ago when somebody posted this pic in the Oracle c3 topic I started to wondering about the first icon.
It was quite long ago when the pic first appeared but as I remember we still don’t know what skill is that and I think it is not in the game but I think we assumed back then it is for Kabbalist because it has those capital letters like Reduce Level.

Reduce Level also starts with a letter G here(GRL)…maybe that indicates Gematria… so it could be a physical attack that relies on that? Maybe I’m totally wrong and someone who remembers more can prove me worng. Also it could be a skill that IMC totally dropped…or maybe it is for another class…but I still hope and excited that we will get it haha.

BTW there were other 2 skills for Kabbalist for sure that we didn’t see/get yet. Nachash and Double Chance. I dunno anything about double chance…

On the other hand Nachash is definitely an attack because the attributes indicated it back then. If you google the name it turns out it means serpent in hebrew…what seems more magical so I don’t think that’s GCMH…but who knows.

Not too much info but I looked for and found the Nachash attributes if someone else like to daydream about what we can expect too btw: link