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The Level Up announcement pretty much says theyre going to be in charge of translations now. So I d asume, yes, the GitHub project is likely to be archived. :confused:

However, you guys could try to contact someone from there (Level Up) and foward what was already done.


That’s good news! Thank you IMC :grinning:

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Inês Brasil rs


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, don’t be mean Isis.

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We are grateful for attention and decide to be responsible for server administration instead of LUG!
We hope anxiously time to open the server .

my only concern is the ping, where will be located the BR server ?

@lobokalir About the GitHub translation project, unfortunately yes, we do expect to archive it soon.

@Nirimetus I’m IMC staff, just like the other staff members you see around the forums :wink:

@isis100veu Hahah close but not quite :sweat_smile:


Welcome aboard girl, see you around these forums. :slightly_smiling:

my only concern is the ping, where will be located the BR server ? ²


I’m really concerned about it :sweat:

LUG is famous about making games become p2w…

This partenership sounds confusing:

1 - there

They say about exclusive news about BR servers, what do they mean? Tournments? Itens? Nothing at all?

(I really don’t wanna ser exclusive itens, specially if they’ll be mananged by LUG…)

2 - they also say that we will be able to choose between a standalone client and Steam client…

That mean we will be able to play the same servers in both clients?

3 - how will the accounts be shared? We will have to link our Steam account to our level up account?

4 - how will bans be shared? I was really hoping for VAC-secure bans in ToS, but that would only be possible via Steam…

5 - what will LUG have from this partnership? It seems like IMC will be taking care of everything and lug will only sell cash…

Will the itens in cash shop become more expensive so both companies share the profit?

So far from what i understand, they are some sort of portal for the game, the server will be handled by IMC, but if i am not wrong, the server (physical machine) is from LUG, the only thing that is not clear yet for me is:

1. Will IMC or LUG manage the Cash Shop?

2. Will the game be monetized to our region or will just be converted from the International values to your currency?

3. Will the servers be separated or you still can log with the Steam client on the BR server? (as @Tomazelli asked).

Will the monetization model/cash shop be consistent across all the servers regardless of the publisher?

[quote=“Tomazelli, post:16, topic:138574”]
2 - they also say that we will be able to choose between a standalone client and Steam client…

That mean we will be able to play the same servers in both clients?
[/quote]I also would like to know that @STAFF_Ines.

It’s a bit confusing by the way they worded it. Will we have a specific localized server that can be accessed by both steam and lug clients, or will it be a stand alone server? (meaning if we want to play the steam version we will have high ping…)

Steam servers are far from BR, so the ping will be high, but the specific server for BR will probably be here on the country, which mean the ping will be lower, the question indeed is, will be an isolated server from Steam client?
Tbh, i don’t see a necessity for a LUG client, but since they seem to be take on the translation of the game client i will leave as it is.

Some bits of information I managed to gather. It should be enough to keep some hearts at ease (the following is a translation from Brazilian Portuguese to English, read at your own risk!):


Level Up! Games
We’re always trying to improve our support, because we know that in the past we weren’t doing a good job, but that’s the past, we’re trying our best to improve and bring a better service for us, to experience unique and unforgettable moments together. :heart:

Server Location:

Level Up! Games
Hi folks, just a better explaination here.
It will not be necessarily a BR server, but a South American server, the location was not disclosed yet. The server you choose to play will directly influence the “ping” that you will have whilst playing, this is something that might interfere with your gameplay and experience. Again, it’s worth to remember that the server will not be ours (Level Up), but IMCs.

Cash/Credit Sales (Republic credits? D:):

Level Up! Games
What we’re offering is just the purchase of game credits to facilitate national payment and support for customer service, we cherish to offer our customers a great service.


Level Up! Games
Normally, our credit prices follow close to or even lower than the values found outside our country, we cherish to provide fair prices, but it’s not fully determined yet, so it’s important to keep an open mind about price possibilities. :slight_smile:


Level Up! Games
We have no connections with server or game administration, IMC will be totally in change, any change made in the game will not be on our behalf. :wink:

Source: Level Up! Games Official FB page.


I guess they meant in-game (to use on the Cash Shop) credit/coin (KR counterpart would be the Tokens).

That is not necessary true, not only for LUG but for some publishers out there also, but its ok, i don’t intent to depend on them for this, except if its problems on purchasing tokens or w/e it will be called.

I do hope IMC get on a concordance about that, if we get regional pricing that would be very helpful, i just hope that if i buy credits/tokens/coins from LUG i am able to use on the International servers (through Steam) also.

And this took off one of the doubts also, so if its IMC’s side then i don’t get why LUG would bother doing that, if it is just for promotional side and grab more potential customers for their other games, i think its a huge gamble.

Then again, if they get the purchases to our currency at good prices that is a + for them.

It was a nice find there, lots of missing info from their own site.

Just to clarify, the Republic credits thing was a joke, because in SWTOR, thats the in-game general currency. lol


Hahahahaha, i thought you where saying about the Republic as the country, we are a republic.

Oh, youre a damn Pub! D: Here on, the :gb:Empire is at war with you! :boom::gun:

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