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Stance on addons?

Not gonna lie, I’ll probably make a dps meter once the english version launches and if something in their lua api exposes combat numbers. It’s super useful. There are bad things that can come of it, sure, but I don’t think they’re a big deal. You already have the problem of certain classes not being wanted.


About the DPS meters… They’re handled in FFXIV as something that isn’t tracked. But! if you ever bad mouth someone and directly state DPS or DPS numbers it can result in action against you.

Basically they turn a blind eye unless you’re using it as a way to put others down… Which I’ve always thought was a good way to handle DPS meters… FFXIV has a large gap between casual and hardcore players for DPS. But I always felt like being a better player didn’t give you the right to shove DPS numbers in someones face or just be a bastard to them. You can find more constructive ways to get your newbies to perform better then pulling out numbers and telling them they suck.

Edit: welp whatever it’s linked to reply to the wrong person but i can’t figure out how to fix it.

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you can’t fix it, once the answer belongs to me, it’s forever mine U_U BWAHAHA

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Whoops… My bad… It seems that my answer got a few people confused :stuck_out_tongue:

What I was saying is that the EXP meter is fine.
It doesn’t interfere with other people’s gaming experience or exploit the system.
However, we may not allow other addons if we deem them exploitative or harming to the gaming environment.

Hope that was more simple to understand.

TLDR: Addons will be considered on a case to case basis, but EXP meter is okay.


By harming the gaming environment, do you mean in a community-level? E.g., if said DPS meter would induce players into quarrels and discrimination between classes, would it be disallowed?

Good to hear. Thanks!

I know it’s kinda offtopic but if we manage to run ToS Steam client on Wine (Linux) would it be allowed?

Sure, I don’t see why not!


It’s good to have an official answer (before messing with things like this one, lol)


The new terms of service just posted essentially says these mods aren’t allowed. I don’t know what to believe now. What are your thoughts?

  • Unpacking the data and resources included in the distributed client and repackaging them to make separate files.
  • Altering the contents of the files in the distributed client.


I think that has more to do with hacking and exploiting the game, than addon related :\

i think it’s more like:

“we don’t care if you do it, even if we said that it’s not allowed, because it’s harmless, but tecnically we could punish you for breaking the rules, so don’t go too far on it”

Oh, the client just works without a problem at least until login screen :3

As @DrRM said, it has more to do with hacking, exploiting, and excessive data mining etc. The stance on addons is still as mentioned above.

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haha, i still remember that. well, they will find something different this time with random party system.

You’re not supposed to get past the login screen yet :wink:


but if i suposedly do, and create my character

Would i keep my team names?

or are you guys testing in a completely different server, that will not be on the server list?



I kinda know. Is it the login from iOBT because of the old files?

But the game didn’t changed that much internally so it wouldn’t run on Wine or did it? I guess the engine being the same and so we’ll still be possible to run it fine o:

@Tomazelli I guess it’s a different/test server since it’s running a Windows on that end.

We just wanted to let you view the fine art in the background. :stuck_out_tongue:
As you mentioned, there were no big changes in the engines etc.
So if you could play the iCBT2 version, I don’t think there will be any problems playing the iOBT.


@Excrulon, I mailed you regarding your addon and some questions.