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Any GM can look this new MoD?

Correct, it just takes 2-3x as long, which is obviously quite a disadvantage as time is a precious resource. I never said the mods were so unbelievably broken that they needed to be banned forever, merely that they gave a huge advantage, which they do.

I think they want us to wait and see when vac stars it’s ban wave.
And just then they can tell themselves if it was okay or not.

How often are VAC waves anyways? I’ve never cheated on a Steam game, so it’s never been a concern before.

2-3x as long?? It’ll take you the same amount of time to explore the map. The only difference is that you can grab the quest before spending however long walking around the map for that 100%. So yeah, you save a little time, but there’s no way it would save you that much time.

according to some google restults it’s not really a fixed time, it can be days or even weeks till all accounts that have been flagged to this time will be banned at the same time.

So it’s not immediately so that people will not be able to tell for sure what got them banned and do something against it for the next time.

Right, I understand the nature of wave bans; it’s the best course of action for Steam to take. It’s typically only a few weeks though it sounds like. I wasn’t sure if it was perhaps every 4-6 months, weeks, or days. It could really be any of those. As I said, I’ve never really looked into VAC bans before.

Still looking forward to an official public statement regarding this addon.

It needs to be public so everyone can see it. I have heard rumors saying iIMC responded to tickets saying this addon is not legal. But it`s not enough for me, nor should it be for anyone that goes looking for information about this issue. If they are going to do this case by case analysis regarding addons, public statements on the forum are probably the way to go.

Tell me yes or no and I’ll gladly begin/stop using the addon.

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Ooo nice to see this.
I play MMOs for the quests so I’d love to see a yes/no official statement :slight_smile:

Disadvantage to those who DOESN’T use.
That is why we ask for the confirmation of the GM if this is okay.

Well, if you don’t want to use it… then you are just disadvantaging yourself.

and it is really easy to install.

I’m assuming you didn’t fully read this thread.

I just said that so i can bump the thread

Fair. I am still waiting on a reply from the direct message I sent as well.

I would also like to know whether this addon is allowed.
@imc @STAFF_Ethan @Staff_Julie

For the time being I use it because…

as this addon is neither over-intrusive nor interfers with other players.
All betterquest does is getting rid of alt+tab to tosbase.


Oh! something that I’m not going to use since It’ll defeat the purpose of “exploring” in the game

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Please answer us! We know you are overcharged, but its a simple MoD. It shows the available quests for the chars.

From the addon itself i dont see any serious problem in modify the game, its just a features add-on to make the game-play better…
We only kill bots and gold-seller but some friendly modding stuffs will make the game look polish…

Anyway if this kind of mods cant be use then we should see some announcement from IMC warning so we can prepare to remove if its needed…

IMC staff please answer this seriously please

IMC staff please answer

What’s odd about this comment is it aligns itself with the camp that thinks grinding mobs from lvl 1 is how the game is supposed to be players, aka = no exploring, do no quests whatsoever, grind…the same group of people who are totally fine with the EXP viewer which shows exp/hour, per monster, etc…

They are literally serve the same function (efficiency and/or completeness), one for each camp, and only the grind-heads are stupid enough to prescribe to one and not the other…

you misunderstood me I guess. and grinding has nothing to do with it.