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Banned for the use of addons, I used no "Abusive" addon

cxscanner was an addon to scan the auctionhouse and record all prices so you could always tell the min and max price of an item. I’m not sure it really did anything illegal. I think it was just kept private because Fiote didn’t want everyone to have something that keeps track of market prices. It probably also displayed current market price when you picked up an item, that’s what that line probably does anyway.

It’s not a threat, just a statement. I’m sure others would do the same thing. It’s like anything in life. You receive a product and it doesn’t live up to what you were told and you return said product, the only difference here is that I paid for something I no longer have.

Is there any problems to continue using excrulon’s addons?

Addons were never a white list in the first place. We used it, we know the risk of using it and now just deal with it. You’re just wasting your time here tbh.

Quality of life addons are not concerned by the ban hammer from the news. But some mistake can happen and that’s maybe what happened to the author of the topic.

Automaticly scanning prices of the auction house prices and automatically getting item prices when picking up items could be considered illegal, since it automates the auction house allows you to see auction house prices without accessing the auction house NPC.

I found this so far:

EDIT : Also this

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It probably also displayed current market price when you picked up an item, that’s what that line probably does anyway.

And that would be an issue as it basically means indirect access to the market from anywhere.

That’s all I need to know. Not interested in addons that dilute my gameplay anyway, cheers!

Thank you very much, that will reassure some people. :slight_smile:

Depending how it works. If it only scanned while you’re at the AH and used those numbers and you had to go there to update it, it’s probably fine. But I feel like that’s not how it worked, in any case, I didn’t use it.

Exactly. I remember the staff clearly saying that they are AGAINST add-ons that would, quote, “Give players an unfair advantage over others.”

This would definitely do that.

It scans the market and saves it as a log file for you to view anytime you want, anywhere you are at. I’m not entirely sure IMC would be okay with that.

However the line of code just checks if cxScanner exists. It’s basically completely disabled unless you have cxScanner installed (as in the computer ignores that line of code completely) so I’m not entirely sure if IMC would have banned this mod… unless they looked at the source code themselves, saw that cxScanner was there and hit the ban just by association.

Edit - One thing I would like to note here is that the fact cxScanner is even inside this cwFarmed add-on, to be perfectly honest, is worrisome and if I were you guys I would remove this mod completely.

I’m fairly certain they can’t even tell what addons we have installed, just how they interact with the server. Like if you repaired from somewhere there was no repair npc for instance.

Lol banned for using a addon just for the sake of tracking kill counts.

You guys are a freaking joke.

i dont think this is the case, because i am using that addon and i havent been banned

I’ve been using cwFarmed to pace myself silver farming, I’m still playing.

Didn’t use cwCleric, cwMarket, cwSet, cwRepair or cwShakeness

I’ve talked to people who have used every single one of the addons I’ve used. I’ve even talked to some people who have and are still using cxanywhere and are not banned. So really, it sounds like they just randomly guessed who is using something and banned without real investigation :frowning:

Edit: btw, cxanywhere still works, according to them anyway.

A friend of mine use the same add on as me, she still plays normally and I got banned 2 weeks ago!

To clarify: the newer version, that has the mob count kill, the calculator, the map viewer, etc, any of those change something in game like mentioned?

I’m still looking through all the code fiote has on github to try to find anything that might lead to a false ban but like…

I dunno. On a side note I just double checked and apparently I have been using cwFarmed so I guess that’s not it.

I’m about to just uninstall all the mods and live without them until IMC removes the grey area.

Probably the best idea tbh.

So I got my response, and this is what it said.


Thank you for contacting us.

Please be informed that your account has been found to have violated the terms of service and EULA of the game and we have sufficient evidence of this infraction.

Due to this, we have restricted your game access for 30 days.

Tree of Savior Support Team"

No reason as to why I was banned. None of said evidence displayed or even offered. No ability to respond after this, ticket simply closed. IMC you need better communication with your player base or you will not have a player base!