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[Plague Doctor] Pandemic Experiments

Edit : Changed title to be more relevant

Note that both skills at level 1. I also yet to reset my skill to my original build so, if you have some skill test request, feel free to ask.

You’ll notice Mostrance also isnt spreaded by Pandemic. Not sure if bug or intended.

Pandemic spreads these debuffs

  • Hexing (Bokor)
  • Freeze (Cyromancer)
  • Sleep (Wizard)

Pandemic does not spread these debuffs

  • Incineration (Plague Doctor)
  • Bleed (Monk)
  • Bleed (Fletcher)
  • Armor Break (Monk)
  • Deprotected Zone (Cleric)
  • Monstrance (Priest)
  • Shock (Fletcher -Divine Machine Arrow-)
  • Zalciai (Krivis)
  • Pole of Agony (Warlock)
  • Exorcise (Priest)
  • Lethargy (Wizard)
  • Stun (Cleric)

Yet to test everything.


Can you test if cleric mace stun can be spread by pandemic, please?

Other videos I saw used pandemic ‘before’ the debuffs. might want to try that too

Stun isnt spreaded by Pandemic, before and after stun.

Tested it (Debuffs>Pandemic>Incineration). Still does not spread Incinerate.

Thanks for the answer

So, pandemic do not spread all kinds of debuffs… Well… That’s not a good hidden feature to discover xD
Going this way, it’ll not spread freeze or sleep debuff aswell, I’m right? (I don’t know if you have a cryo friend to test this, but if you can it will be a good information to have)

I have a cyro friend to test it but he yet to online. I’ll post results for Freeze and Sleep when he gets on.

How about conviction debuff? Zalciai? You might not have these skills, but maybe team up with another player to test it?

Conversion? I doubt this one would work.

if you in Orsha server and have the class to test, you can PM me in game currently.

Some update, Zalciai can’t spread through Pandemic.
Hexing works with Pandemic.

I assume tile-based debuff does not work with Pandemic, which is same case with Monstrance. Needs more debuffs to test around.

So does it only work with Bokor?

If you knew some monk to see if the monk debuffs work with it, that’d be awesome. Just laying it out there :slight_smile:

I’m yet to test everything so far. I just assume that direct-target debuffs works atm for Pandemic.

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nice to know.

say, do you know what ‘applies x times’ in pandemic description means? (ie what leveling the skill does)

Number of enemy amount for debuffs to spread in AoE range. Example level 1 is max 5 enemy.

Another update, Monk’s Bleed and Armor break can’t spread through Pandemic,

serious? that’s a bit of a surprise… tried before or after the debuffs?



you mean tried both ways? well i figure you know how it works now since you managed it with other skills…

well that’s news, might make some people think twice about going PD from monk.
thanks for testing .

I tried both ways. One being debuffs first, then pandemic, other is Pandemic first, then debuff. Both doesn’t trigger Pandemic effect.

I still having a bit difficulty to test out various other debuffs since our guild isnt exactly big. Megaphone doesn’t really help either :v

Sometimes I just want to see party messages, and megaphone msgs take up the whole room. Do I just not know how to deal with the chat? Or is everyone having trouble with that stuff.