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[Plague Doctor] Pandemic Experiments

On your chat panel :

Just highlight Party one to just enable party member messages. A is All Chat.

Yes I did that, select party, and sometimes dont even see any of the msgs from my party, or see megaphone ones all over. Maybe it’s a bug, dunno, or I’m missing something else ;/

quote: “Bleed is not spread, but the main power is one-inch punch, was it tested if it spreads?”

My monk guildmate isnt Rank 2 in Monk yet, so I can’t find anyone to test it so far.

Rennakirisame, thank you for testing. Your information is pretty appreciated for all clerics who play this game xD

It will really help us to understand the class and the limitations. Well, I’m waiting to see wizard debuffs results =D

Updated for Freeze, Sleep, Lethargy, Exorcise and Pole of Agony DoT.

Edit : Misplaced Lethargy, moved to non-work section.


TY for your testing.

Very helpful.

Please try one inch punch! I’m currently monk c2 and I dont think going monk c3 is good since golden bell shield really sucks for a “DPS” class. If bleed, armor break and one inch punch cant be spread, I would have less aoe potential as monk PD.

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I don’t have a friend with Monk 2. If you in Orsha, you can drag me to test it if you got One Inch Punch.

Im playing in Telsiai. So sad, I really wanna know! Anyway if you do get to test it, please post it here! It would be really helpful :slight_smile:

Will do.


Others you can test is:
Blind - can be done by effigy from bokor attribute
Zombify - bokor
Divine Stigma - Krivis C2
Resist Elements - Paladin
Conviction - Paladin C3
Telepath - Druid
Death Sentence - Oracle C2
Skew - Archers full draw debuff
slow debuff
Time Bomb Arrow - Ranger C2 (not sure if this is a debuff)
Coursing - Hunter (its attribute debuffs as well)
Retrieve - Hunter
Collar Bomb - Sapper

And many more ( to lazy to go through them all)

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So the research is over? :slight_smile:

Ah sorry for the no updates. Its not over yet, just been a little busy lately. I will keep updating it once I have time and forum not derpy :v

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thank you sir! it is highly appreciated

so only 3 debuff that Pandemic can spread… is it worth even 1 point?

… the experiment has already been done long ago.
Pandemic spreads:
Resist elements, fire ball attribute, vashita, sonic strike, bleeding, world tree, smoke bomb, needle poison, gu pot, poison confusion, hexing, kurdaitcha, bone shot, targe smash, dark theurge debuff, freeze, dog growling, dirty pole, flesh cannon attribute, stone curse, merkabah attribute, sleep, crown, conviction.

You sure about the bleeding, he just said above that bleeding doesn’t spread. You know about one inch punch though?

Only dragoon serpentine bleeding and hoplite Pierce bleeding will spread.
One inch punch silence canNOT be spread.