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BOT_Francis and the "forum manager team"

Hi~~ we all knew that IMC likes to respond to our report tickets by auto-reply bots or some kind of similar program. But, these respond on bot-report channel has pushed it to limit

You can check out these fake post made by a botter himself to revenge people who report him:

Alright, if you are lazy to read, here is the TLDR:

  • All youtube links called “evidence” are all empty link, it lead to…no where. The only valid one is also a wrong evidence, which lead to a totally unrelated video.

It won’t be a problem since the community already known that the reporter is a clown trying to cause some drama…but here is him, the “forum manager” named @GM_Francis respond

Those are just “normal” respond from Francis, but they are on a totally wrong-evidence reports, it prove that Francis himself was not even reading the context, nor watching the evidence at all

Not to mention, he also ignore this post

And also these post that directly report him

That’s all i want to tell, i know it has been happening for quite long about tickets and stuffs, but this push it above “Acceptable” line of their “forum manager” job

Our monney spent for TP are used to pay for this useless slacking guy.

Why i didn’t post in bot-report channel you might ask ? CAUSE WE POSTED THERE GOD DAMN 4 TIMES AND NONE OF THE STAFF EVEN GIVE A F*K

@STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Amy and most important, SIR 200 years of collective forum managing skill @GM_Francis


So. I did become a good citizen and flagged his posts instead coz sure, Let’s give their “System” a try. so here’s what happens:

Bruh, They removed my post that had a GIF faster than this clown show :joy:

:joy: Imagine you report botters and get a respond made by another botter

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it’s my case :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

holy crap this is awful :sad:

Well said, sir

20 character limit.

:haha: it is so weird that even when i pinged the staffs and Francis on a shitpost about themself, the post still stay alive for that long :tired: what are they even doing

I wouldnt waste much time on this topic or problem, I too made the same mistake in the early days of thinking they cared, I personally spent about 4 months hounding multiple GMs to get 3 of the most notorious bots in Klai. history banned.

It took me about 40 forum reports/threads and spamming GM Francis in game any time I saw him in shout to get the bots removed. With the new changes to silver being removed they are not going to enforce botting in any way, you are just screaming into a pillow posting here.

Trust me, these are from me in 2016, its 2020 and nothing has changed, save your breath and sanity.

you are jhcsc32’s 3rd account?

Almost a week now and the gm or any of the staff are no where in sight. At this point, I doubt even burning the forum up in chaos and mass false reporting will even get their attention.

Hey guys, a strange thing going on, yesterday I wrote a comment here said that we should email kTos team and complain, I’m very sure that I dont delete it, my comment gone, and also my topic capture my email send to kTos deleted too, what happen, my post dont even be flagged.

Hmm, yeah I remember reading your post too. It’s supposed to come before my last comment. Dang, @GM_Francis is fighting back.

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Bot_Francis got big update.

Something’s fishy here… hope GM’s are not hacked or wut, maybe they resigned? that’s
why only scripted bot replies are working. Because if they are working for real… they will do the job
properly. If you noticed all “we will investigate this report shortly blah blah” replies… it takes years but no action right?

posted Oct 1, 2018…
a little too outdated for a new doomsday

season server bots got reported by some ppl week ago,provided with evidence, and todayi still see them botting accross maps

i ve come into conclusion
they just dont care, and probably wont
especially when the bots loaded with tp stuff like growth package at minimum,things that can be channeled
they should kill the free-rider bots first, but given they still dont care about them too means this free-rider bots also plays important role to make the server look “alive”
killing them first will also show that they protect the p2w, even when they botting

i still appreciate the no silver drop update, but its still feel like a lazy solution by sacrificing core aspect of open world game, making the game more instance-neous style game. like how i previously disappointed about free stat distribution changes and crafting mats drop

this game isnt loaded with many players, especially players who actually pay
when they kill this p2w players they slowly kill the game too because of losing profitable player
but when they dont they still also losing players who rage of staff incompetency of handling rule violatior or just envy due to inability to bot
though they lost more if they kill the botters
their choices are like

1.ignore bots, ignore who care, minor rage quit,game got some extra life support [profit]

2.ban bots, less life-support, game dies faster [lost]

3.ignore bots, huge mass rage quit, bots got nobody to show off/to sell, bots eventually leave, but the game is dead as well [lost]

[there could be more choice, solutions that looks good on paper but when its costly they just wont do it so i wont even bother to write it down]

only by huge massive rage quit the bot will find it pointless to botting anymore, then the bot will leave, but then will those rage quiters back too? lol

so in the end with this imc attitude against rule violator why dont you just bot if you have the chance
if you dont, or cant, the salt remains and thats when you feel like the need of report