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Player MOE from Merchant guild BOTTING

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kindly post a valid link to evidence, otherwise refrain from defaming us.

also for anyone else reading this, the above two accounts are probably Nima’s alt trying to defame us.

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smh, merchant guild actually a botter guild who knew ):

Sirvah, come back to us. We need your guidance now more than ever. T T

Reclaim your place as our master.

We’ll kill chip for you if he refused to step down.

I actually logged the other day to buy some of the new cat costumes, and had a small talk with chips, from what i see u guys are doing pretty great :slight_smile: im quite proud and impressed with wut uve guys done… wierd how im seeing this botting accusations though, probably my fault for sheltering botters when i founded the guild :upside_down_face: might play again once the new arts drop, but for the time being im to busy with work :stuck_out_tongue:

Really makes you think.

Hello @sinfulken,

We will investigate the reported players activity. Thank you

lol you didnt even bother to check if the video was legit. it’s just a random url you idiot


GM Francis is a bot.

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broken link evidence boi, need new one

Merchant Guild is not a botting guild. We will never be a botting guild. We are a fun, social, chill and very active guild who helps a lot of people especially newbies like you before. We have strict protocols against botting. Please Nima if you are trying to discredit our guild, your former guild where we helped you so much, you are making a huge mistake.

Moe is not a botter. You are. You dont have a shred of evidence. We do not harbor botters. I have been warning you ever since.

Merchant Guild does not tolerate botters, hackers and cheaters.

When is GM going to take action?

he bait gm with random link. this mean gm not even bother to click the link…

get a life and something better to do for ur own sake.

TOS a game with bot GM’s long live free boters