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All Card Effects + Drop List V.2


List of all cards and their effects.
There will have the drops and videos showing the boss attacks that can be summoned.

[List] Boss Cards and Effects [Discontinued]
Monster Card info
Help me with Cards
[info] Legendary Card level up + Boss Locations
[List] Boss Cards and Effects [Discontinued]
Card catalog (modified)
A total new player

Doc updated with new ktest cards! (may contain errors). They will be circled in red.


Hi TK_Magnus, please have the descriptions of the new cards:

----New Cards added
Red card: Froster Lord
Blue card: Woodspirit card, Armaos card
Green card: Stone froster card (frostgolem card), rafene card, Lavenzard card, Gorkas card
Purple card: succubus card

Drop locations:
Red types are added to the red card album, blue types to the blue card album, green types to the green card album, purple to the purple card album.

Catacombs Mercenary mission: Frost lord added to the random bosses.
Siaulai Merc mission: woodspirit, armaos added
Seven valley mission: stone froster, rafene, lavenzard, gorkas added.
Crystal mine mission: succubus added.

Froster Lord card (red): your attacks have a (STAR/2)% chance to inflict Freeze on the enemy for 4s.
Can be summoned by Sorcerer.

Woodspirit card (blue): when you are hit, you have a 10% chance to recover (STAR x 70) HP.

Armaos card (blue): when you are hit, you have a 10% chance to activate a shield for 10s. Shield HP = (STAR x 100).
If you stack multiple card procs, the duration and shield will stack.

Stone froster card (green): when you use a HP potion, for 10 seconds you will gain CON +(STAR x 1.5).

Rafene card (green): Increases your STR, CON, INT, SPR, DEX by (STAR/3).

Lavenzard card (green): when you use SP potions, for 10 seconds you will gain SPR +(STAR x 1.5).
Can be summoned by sorcerer.

Gorkas card (green): Loot chance +(STAR x 5).

Succubus card (purple): when attacking, you have a chance to decrease Aggro by (STAR)%
Can be summoned by sorcerer.

Card UI is updated.
51 card descriptions are updated.

Card effect change: gazing golem card, stone whale card, velpede card.
Change: when the card is procced, the effect will NOT refresh until the previous proc duration has finished.

(full patch info on pastebin: )


Thanks, I will update it.


Is this loot = drop rate or meant something else? Just to clarify


Yes, loot = drop rate


Velpede is garbo now?



Armaos card (blue): when you are hit, you have a 10% chance to activate a shield for 10s. Shield HP = (STAR x 100).
If you stack multiple card procs, the duration and shield will stack.

I am calling it now before people get the chance to say anything lol and I don’t mind sharing it because I might get a nerf.Zealot having that card with your self damage skills will proc that card like there is no tomorrow,10 % is so small and your continuously getting damage.Plus if you PVP it would be much more effective with a Zealot C2.

You may not neglect the self damage from the Zealot skills but imagine having a 3 k HP shield in PVE or PVP constantly With Healing Factor on.


Still no card that increase damage against burned target. rip pyro


Anyone know what stacking wood spirit will do? Different card = different cd?


Think shared CD. The HP recovery of all 3 cards will proc at the same time if the effect is triggered.

Other test: armaos card
1 armaos card = 30s shield.
2 cards = 30s shield.
3 cards = 30s shield.

1 armaos card = 10% to proc shield.
2 cards = 10% to proc shield (shield value is 1+1 cards).
3 cards = 10% to proc shield (shield value is 1+1+1 cards).

Working as intended.


What do you mean by +1 shield value?


shield value is the shield strength.
Example with maxed cards.
1 card 10% chance of 1000 shield for 30s,
2 cards 10% chance of 2000 shield for 30s,
3 cards 10% chance of 3000 shield for 30s.

The % chance to get a shield does not stack.

The effect is displayed as an extra dark bar.
Card can activate whenever you get a hit, even if you Block it. view here


Hmm I wonder if it worth it for PvP … sucks that duration doesn’t stack.


can somebody please give me a link to how cards are stacked specially the red and purple ones? thank you


New Summon notes:
Gorkas great AoE hitbox on normal attack. Riding skills are average.
Succubus splash auto attack but small hitbox. Riding skills are bad.
Froster Lord all attacks are magic, auto attack multihit on big targets. Riding skills are very strong.
Lavenzard auto attack is ranged, magic and inflicts massive knockback. Bad for mobbing. Riding skills are bad.

Rafene cards give best value with 3 cards (+50 stats total), but it will only be useful for all-stat classes (hybrid clerics).

Without card:

With card:

@Sandwichman New KR card interface will show how card effects stack. I will not type it because it is a lot. Please wait for itos to receive this feature and try it.



Red: AoE attack ratio + [6] (3 x centaurus 10 star)

Blue: 10% chance when being hit to activate a [3000] HP shield for 10s (3 x armaos 10 star)

Purple: when hit by medium-sized enemies, have a [10]% chance to recover 2% HP (1 x 10 star canceril card) +
when hit, have a [20]% chance to activate level 1 pain barrier (2 x 10 star gazing golem card)

Green: CON +[20] (2 x 10 star Blut card)


Regarding centaur card, does it drop from any boss in catacombs mission or only in the last one ?


It only drops from the centaurus boss.



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