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where to get frosterlord card?


U can only get it in ktos/ktest


oh still not available in itos. but when it come to itos? is it a world boss? like marnox?


Its not a world boss, it appears in mercenary post and fantasy library dg (i think)
Do not have any date for when it comes.


New Legendary cards added!


Doc updated!..


Does Froster Lord card drop from the Froster Lord at the Former Fantasy Library dungeon? Merc post too unpredictable.


Got the same question. I saw many cards in the market and I think maybe people are getting from there. @greyhiem do you know if froster lord card can be dropped in former fantasy library dungeon?


It’s way easier to drop the cards with Card Album events, and for what i saw in the kr topic, it does not drop from library.


So the question is, what’s the easiest way to get a red card album… without buying it on the market?


Farm in low level HG? Rates are pretty terrible though.


Ugh. :tired: 1 red boss out of 41 is terrible RNG…


Even if u buy from the market, the chances of getting a rare card is pretty high, so u can sell it and get back all the money spent or even more.


That’s true. Centaurus is a hefty 10m in the SEA market.


5 millions in SA , Freezing card I saw reaching 10 ~30 millions


I wonder how prices will change after the merge…

@Tk_Magnus btw, you were right. card album much better. Had a card album opening session with my guildies earlier. First red one we opened, boom, frosty came out. :stuck_out_tongue:


Doc updated with the new Legendary cards info on iToS!


Sorry for reviving the thread but I have a question about froster card and also Element damage cards … can wizard class skills proc said effect? or are those for AA only like froster card effect?


All damage sources can proc Froster lord effect (or any other similar), like AA, skills, bleeding, poison etc…


Thanks, it seems a good card to use ( froster, I mean )