AFK necro/sorc/bokor is apparently back


I would say that those were not bots. Just macro-users. Or even turbo-joystic with auto-mode users.


So cute that they have resorted to editing my posts to pull half of a sentence out to suit their point.

Im so irrelevant yet they continue to rabidly defend themselves and change the topic whenever possible or just resort back to name calling when I type anything.

Keep that spam coming.


Yes, we can see from this thread that apparently this is a common theme from you.

I am not quite sure what being hispanic has to do with anything, Mr. ‘hardly biased.’ I’m also not hispanic at all, in fact, and many other members are also non-hispanic. Do you, perhaps, have racist tendencies? Did you happen to vote for the current president of the United States? Make America less hispanic again with a wall maybe? Yikes. Ignore last part if from Canada land (but I don’t think so).

Wow! It is a good thing that everything you have said here has been completely solid and trustworthy and has not come completely out of your ass. Otherwise, you would have sounded like a complete idiot.

Yep. Not sure what other defense is necessary. Yeah, stop the salt. Your kids need you. Get off this forum. Stop hitting them.

Literally in what world would that happen?

Good God. I think we can actually agree that we also want nothing to do with you. Hallelujah. I surprised myself by even replying to you because I was losing brain cells just reading your posts. But these last few have been something special and you might consider seeking some professional help. Or don’t and continue living your delusions?


Unrelated to all that’s been said.

Bhikku I’m just gonna say those gifs are cancer and make you look like a normie, please stop.


Aww they had to run and get daddy.


This is the kind of quality content from the leader of Melody in response to me trolling them, their guild master resorts to accusing me of neglecting and then hitting my children in rl b/c his feelings are hurt over a video game thread.

Whos salty now?


Hes not the leader tho. You are a pretty bad fanboy


maybe i’m a normie if i don’t think normie is an insult. leave me and my cool gifs alone. i don’t know who you are sorry but would you like to identify yourself


we should ban the snow mexicans aka half of melody and lotus, clearly, including me, a snow mexican


Chief, I’m just saying normie gifs=bad.

They’re buzzfeed-tier, but your Trump comment makes me guess you have a low testosterone level.


Can you send eachother dic pics in PMs please? We do not need even more offtopic spam here


Yes please stay on topic where Melody resorts to insulting my real life children on a video game thread forum to prove they are the mature ones, thanks.


that sounds like a very scientific way of measuring that. have a good day, miss


He was shittalking (the thing you do in nearly all posts) you, not your kids. We do not know them, at all.
And he did that, not a guild.


honestly this thread is just a dumpster fire i think no one learned anything at the end of the day beyond “oh IMC is in fact, ■■■■, and will not do ■■■■”

thanks for coming to my ted talk


Damn if only MS2 had content :frowning:


Kinda makes me wonder where those people who threatened IMC on forums for compensation due to the silver hack, or abused the silver hack, and left for MS2 are doing now. Probably enjoying the heck out of MS2 I bet. :grin:


MS2 sucks ngl, I played both betas.

Classes are pewp


That’s not how that works lol


I’ve also seen this player botting but they’re one of the butt buddies of the people in Melody so good luck.