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AFK necro/sorc/bokor is apparently back


I even see them in the 370 hunting ground, even players from the top guilds are doing it. As if silver isn’t inflated enough already.


So does no one care that Melody is botting/AFKing with Nekro Bokor Sorcs in the 370 Hunting Ground?


If IMC cared they would do something about it, just like they let this go when it was a thing before, despite this being way more egregious. But IMC doesn’t have the balls to ban players for abusing exploits, they’re too afraid about people quitting after their friends get banned, let alone how much income they lose from a big guild that buys cubes. They obviously don’t care about all the players who quit because of perceived botting and a trashed economy, just like they didn’t when this was so prominent in 2016/2017.

But do the math. You make 2m silver in an hour in HG. People doing this net probably almost 20m overnight, every day. It’s already been going on for several days. It took 2 years for IMC to crack down on afk farming before. HG farming is considerably slowed down as a result, the economy is already starting to be completely ■■■■■■, and we’re in for another long haul of apathy from IMC over the same handful of people who do something this egregious at least once every couple months.


They didn’t ban people that exploited DLC (boleto) nor people that exploited GVG for free TP nor a guy that did admit to buy silver (and @STAFF_Amy did even talk to him like nothing happened).

Those are just some examples,you’d realize that they simply don’t care.


Wow, I never think i would hear things like that coming from you


Because clearly I have not called them weak on exploiters before. u wot


A great ideia to IMC is implement solve captcha on chars that stay in same area for long time, this will solve afk necro and bot problem a little bit, solve captcha scripts are complicated to make.
Or like other games that you need to enter captcha every few hours.


Don’t be mad honey :kissing_heart:


Don’t summons stop attacking periodically or is there one that slipped through the cracks? I think you’d have to actually be botting to afk farm nowadays unless Bokor zombies last for hours and I just don’t know it.


Summons stop attacking, but is simple to make a macro that just press “z” every 30 seconds.
Like, most of mouse softwares can do it.


I checked you can do it “legit” with just Bokor zombies since they apply the zombify debuff to enemies hit which means you get new zombies constantly if you’re strong enough but there was a Melody player botting to recast summon Marnox/skeletons.


Way too naive Simony
Melody just uses autohotkey macros to keep resummoning their demons, this has been going on for weeks
They dont care that its botting or not “legit” because they know IMC wont do anything about it


Another problem, is when you are on top of that pillar in baubas cave, mobs cant hit you.


Yeah I’m not saying they aren’t a bunch of cheating tools just saying you can do it without macroing in theory.


Yes, I’m definitely re-summoning while sitting. Great screenshot. Your brain must be very large and without defects. There’s a reason it’s bokor only, try putting a little more brainpower and/or testing like Simony before clicking on forums. Try posting videos for this so called ‘botting.’

You can be sure that Crevox has already reported me personally to IMC for this so called exploit. I’m sure that since I saw him trying to knock me off the pole so monsters would attack me, that probably didn’t go very well.

However, I will not be banned or punished. AFK farming was never punishable. No rules or terms of service were broken. Have a nice day with your large brains.


Don’t get your panties twisted up, I dont care that you dont personally do it
That’s just a screenshot I found that others have posted its not really related to the content of my post, but I spend most of my limited ToS online time in Baubas cave and have seen other Harmony members using demons so I was discussing that

Everyone knows you will not be banned or punished, the point of this thread is to address this problem to IMCs attention so they can fix the pillars or something


Yeah man, keep screaming: “I’am an afk farmer, and ■■■■ you, because IMC will not ban me! :distinguished:


IMC does not punish players who do not break rules. They’re barely starting to punish players who do break rules. I don’t know what you’re expecting.


Yeah, IMC dont ban ppl, lets do cancer plays


no this thing again, IMC will not punish for this annoying “feature” until they get nerfed because is not macro or something else and is legit until that

instead of crying in forum about people afk farming u should report true problems ingame like “UI” bug that isn’t letting players do something ingame even if they don’t had addons installed or fix the lag