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AFK necro/sorc/bokor is apparently back


I already have a good idea of how to fix all bot and afk problems TOS will ever have, just waiting for chinese new years to end so IMC staff is actually back


I’m not hispanic or BR or whatever you want to call it. And dont care about SA servers.

Posting fast cause also playing this game now.


The only people in this thread claiming that Melody isnt full of scumbags are the people actually in Melody, the rest of the NA Server is already in agreement that they should be deported to Silute with the rest of the exploiters and hook64ers.


(Sudden flashback to the silver hack incident last year and the spam of threads, especially from a certain server, screaming for compensation or leave to MS2 threats)

Just send a ticket and wait it out, they don’t do anything during no maintenance weeks like this. Why is this even blowing up that much, AFK farming has existed since the beginning of ToS. All this can be fixed by the whims of IMC, nothing on the banter of this thread lel.


Nice lies. Or do you have anything to prove that.


Because it was killed by IMC for good and I think most people agree that this was a good move, now that its back again people are obviously mad.

We can all agree that it was pretty good for a long while now without afk farmers.


nice argument, oh wait, name all of them if u can or just all guild who agreement that? u can? with evidence? you are like the rest just throw the rock without knowing nothing


screenshot_20190208_00001 screenshot_20190208_00005 !

You just skip over the screenshots from the other top guilds also afk farming?

So it’s ok for the other guilds to do scummy things as long as they don’t defend it or as openly?

As far as I know, no one is actually botting or scripting or macro’ing. They are literally just afk with their stupid bokor mechanic.


True, just means that as players, we can’t do anything about it.

Only IMC can fix it and they aren’t around at all during no-maintenance weeks like this. Same thing happened with the silver hack incident last year, players spammed threads on forums to no avail during no-maintenance week, and IMC only addressed it the next maintenance.

IMC has addressed these things before, that shows their stance towards AFK farming. They will do something about it if its not within their designed purpose, so really, just wait it out. Just report players if they are seen doing disruptive activities, and wait if IMC feels like abusers deserve some sort of punishment.

This thread is just rolling down further and further into player and guild shaming, really.


that is the point just and only that


Spam harder melody, and really, you found 1 Impetus guy doing it, to what, like your 17, gtfo, seriously.

Then again you guys probally have all night to type b/c god knows you guys arent actually at keyoard in game right, LoL.


So its all about us and not the actual afk “botting”. :roll_eyes:


Dude you keep just pulling numbers out of your ass.

But if you’re just focused on the amount per guild that do it…fine, pack it up Melody, we can only have as many afkers as Impetus or Forbidden. Then people will be ok with it.

You can keep moving your goalpost if you want. But either you are against it all entirely or not, if you’re against it as your posts are lending toward, then start calling out everyone from every guild that does it.


You are my #1 fan. If you knew anything about the history you claim to remember from over 2 years ago, then you should know better than to believe slander. How could I be “Jace’s #1 Lackey” if he accused me of doing this so-called druid channel crashing bug in the first place? HE started the rumor to make me look bad because I was in Desu. You’re so pathetic to make Melody look bad that you’re bringing up ■■■■ from server launch that didn’t even exist, and IF it did, the silver would be worthless now with all the inflation. Usually I just lurk here, but you made me have to call you out with this pathetic slander. If it was true, I would probably be banned, kind of like your history of being banned.

@STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Letitia Can any of you remove this slander for trying to destroy my name over a rumor?

Just to clarify, the only druid bug I got famous for was Spectra transform. It allows you to be invulnerable to damage. There were multiple KTOS youtube videos on it, and that’s how I found out. There was even people SELLING the mob to transform into(using Oracle).


who will believe 1 irrelevant alpha member


I’m going around doing checks, so if you’re farming rn you best be on your best behavior. :thonk:



Any Melody players in this thread, please tell your friend to stop scripting. They’re running resummon on a macro.

It’s very obvious and they’re unresponsive.


Imagine being this racist and this tilted over something that occurs an obscure weeb game. It doesn’t even effect you. Are you like, dying? Get a bloody life and grow up.


What what whaaaat.

AFK farming was never fixed. Before Re:Build almost all 300+ maps were flooded with afk necro-sorcs.


those were bots though